The Lord’s Prayer

by Jannie

A possible message of The Lord’s Prayer

(The puzzling Mt 6:13.  A translation mistake (failed hermeneutics) or misunderstanding Jesus?)

God hates religion and falsity (Ps 101; Prov 8:17 with Prov 16:5 and Rom 12:9), He wants a personal relationship – faithfulness and commitment.  The Word of God is about His Righteousness [Jesus Christ] versus our futile attempts at self-righteousness (Phil 3:9).  First we have to get closer, so walk with Jesus through His conversation in Mt 6.

Note that the prayer in Mt 6:9-13 (LK 11:1-4), is actually not “The Lord’s Prayer” but rather an example of what elements to address in prayer.  Jesus never intended for us to recite rhymes or chants mindlessly – like other/false religious systems do.  Therefore, it is probably more accurate to rather refer to the prayer of Jesus prior to His crucifixion (Jn 17), as the “Lord’s Prayer”.

People possibly refer to Mt 6:9-13 (Lk 11:1-4) as “The Lord’s Prayer” because they miss what Jesus came to demonstrate and provide…  for us. They also fail to see the connection between Lk 6:11 and v 46-49.  Mt 6 is preceded by Mt 5.  Jesus says hypocrites love to pray (Mt 6:5)!  Jesus was not saying that any of the play-acting religious talked with Him, He said they loved their rituals, ceremonies and traditions [seen, assessed by men].  (Mt 7:15-23; 15:8-9; Mk 7:13; 12:24)  Today, little has [yet] changed.

Jesus Christ has this magnificent way of revealing hypocrites in their externalism they so love.  Without exemption they will always be at a loss to satisfactorily and accurately explain some of Jesus’ words [teachings] and instead talk after other scholars in parrot-like fashion to try and impress ignorant and lost sheep.  Good examples are Lk 16:1-18, and Mt 6:13.  Lk 16 is discussed in the meditation “ABC Myths, legends, lies” and “Apparent Controversies in the Bible, example # 26”; so we will for the purpose of this brief meditation, look at Jesus’ prayer in Mt 6.

Our Father.  Jesus was reiterating[1] Jn 1:12; 14:6; 17:15-26; Heb 2:8-18; Eph 2:4-8; Rom 8:1-4,14-19,29-39; and so on.  Apply Heb 12:2 and grasp Jn 10:10 and live Jn 8:33,36!… Take also note that “our” does not automatically include all humans on earth – Rom 8:14; Gal 5:4,18; Heb 10:39; Prov 8:17; 1 Sam 2:30; even Ps 91:14 with Heb 13:5!!!

Who is in heaven.   Heb 12:1; Jn 14:23-27; Lk 12:32; 17:21; Mt 21:42

Hallowed be Your Name.  Dt 4:7,31; Ps 145:17,18; Phil 2:9; Jn 14:7; Is 62:2; Rev 2:17; 21:7 (Gal 3:28,29).  Do you apply Jesus’ Words in Mt 6:33; or Phil 4:6-9?

Your kingdom come.  Again, Lk 11:20; 12:32; 17:20-21; Heb 2:8… (Rom 8:11,19-21).  Not the empires of little popes [or the pope] and religious people with religious followers; but the kingdom of God where Jesus Christ is Lord!  Do we know 1 Cor 4:20; Heb 6:1-3? Take special note of Mt 12:25 with Gal 5:4,18-20 – divisions are not of God (Eph 4:4-5)!!!

Your will be done.  Contemplate the meditation “The Will” by the author, if you will.  God’s will for us is to [really] trust Him fully and unconditionally (1 Thess 5:18-25!!!…) – now on earth!

On earth as it is in heaven.  Here and now – we – until Jesus returns (Jn 11:26, and above)!!!

Give us this day. Jm 4:2-5; Jn 6:37-50!!!…

Our daily Bread.  Rom 8:11, Jn 6:32,33,48-51,63-68.  Christ, His Spirit [of Life, Rom 8:2], is supposed to dwell [stay] within us… An example is found in 2 Cor 4:16-18.  But, for a fuller revelation there is a startling possibility. See here the meditation “The Testimony” by this author as well, if you will… there might be just be more here than meets the eye (2 Cor 4:12,18; Heb 10:38; 11:1) – for us – than we realize yet!

And forgive us our debts. Rom 3:24-28; 8:29-39; Heb 4:15-16…

As we also have forgiven our debtors.  Note the past tense [remitted, let go, no resentment or offense, already].  Remember Jesus was talking as “we…”  Think what would have happened if Jesus was not true (Lk 23:34)?!  Think about Eph 4:22-28; Col 3:13; 1 Jn 2:12; Jn 20:21-23 (Mt 16:17-19; Lk 5:18-25).  Do we really fully grasp – and heed – Mt 15:6-11?  This one thing Jesus demonstrated over and over again:  Let God’s Spirit permanently and continually dwell within you and you will hear and follow Him.  Still you can betray Him if you don’t act on His Words (Jm 2:15-26; consider the meditation called “The Last Supper”).

And lead us not into temptation!  Jm 1:13-23; Is 5:18; Jn 10:27?!  Note that 1 Cor 10:13 is followed by v 14-15.  Jesus is saying we should be where Father wants us to be:  not distracted by thieves, our own lust/greed and self-righteousness, or least of all the devil.  We successfully resist the enemy [wrong thoughts] only by focussing on Jesus Christ and His Spirit guiding us (Jn 4:24; 14:26), to stop wasting time and energy on reasoning that is not seeking, but that only reflect distrust in Jesus ChristWe should therefore not seek out places where He would need to lead us out of self-inflicted calamities (Is 5:18-21) and suspect Him of getting us there and then ask His protection – especially if we ignore what is confirmed in Heb 10:26-27,38-39!…  So, even if today, some scholars claim this statement of verse 13 was translated wrong, may it very well just have been understood wrong!  Refer to the meditations “Mixing Old and New” and “The Covenant and the Law”.

The reader might also want to contemplate the meditation “Prayer” and “Intercession” on this website.  At any rate, be blessed and live out Phil 4:13; 1 Thess 5:23!…


[1] 2 Tim 3:16,17

[1] 2 Tim 3:16,17