Lucifer part 1

by Jannie


Is this Satan’s name?

The Hebrew name for the “light-bringer” (“shining one”) in Is 14:12 is translated as “Lucifer” in the Latin Vulgate.  Is this the name of Satan, the devil, or is it a mistake?  If you accept Scripture over the doctrines of man, you will probably find Satan is not who you thought (was told) he was!  Test your faith in God’s Word [Scripture explain Scripture], and dare to prayerfully read on. A wonderful revelation will soon free you – in Jesus’ Name!

Man was supposed to subdue all that is in- and on the earth since the beginning. This authority [dominion] was given by our Creator-Father to us, not Satan.  Satan can only get authority from a human on earth or God.  If a human is ignorant enough to let himself be deceived by lies of distrust in God [man’s inheritance/relationship to/with God], man is to blame.  Amazingly, people have this unbelievable self-destructing nature and then wanting to shift their own blame [responsibility] to someone/something else “bigger than themselves” – this is of course nothing short of an utter lie (to get approval or pity or sympathy?).  No, try the throne of Grace to get mercy and righteousness from God:  confess and repent [renew your mind]!  This is not what saves you, but brings you to your Savior, and your righteousness, Jesus Christ.

Note that man can be [a] devil – Jn 6:70; 8:44; Mk 8:33; Lk 4:8; Acts 13:10; 26:18 (Acts 5:3; Lk 22:3; Jn 13:27); hence Scriptures such as Rom 12:1-2 and 2 Cor 10:3-5. A devil [seed, followers of Satan] lines up with the carnality of the world and is opposed to the Holy Spirit of God (Rom 8:6-8).

The revelation to be discovered is that the self is the problem; we can blame no one else.  God did not design us with a flaw, it is us that are so overly consumed with ourselves that we insist on making the wrong choices – and then try to rationalize it – with a free will God [Love] gave us – to satisfy ourselves, and basically through lust and greed.  As we progress, we begin to understand that we can only be tempted by what we crave (Rom 12:9).  We must first grasp the formula of a correct response + ability = authority in Christ.  The devil himself has absolutely nothing on us when we are in Christ (Js 4:7; Lk 4:1-15; Jn 14:30; 15:5; and 12:48-50; 16:23,33; Rom 8:29-39; 2 Cor 5:17-21; 1 Pet 1:18-25)! The meditations by this author hope to help with this revelation (Phil 3:9; Gal 5:4,18; Rom 8:14; Col 1:11-20; 2:15)… study these Scriptures… and be blessed.

Note at Is 14:12.  The use of the word “Lucifer” in the King James Version in Is 14:12 instead of the word “daystar” is an erroneous transliteration from the Latin Vulgate that ensured its continued popularity among English speakers. Most modern English versions (NIV, NRSV, NASB, NJB, ESV) render the Hebrew word as “day star”, “morning star” or something similar, and never as “Lucifer”, a word that in English is now anyway very rarely used in the original Hebrew sense (Morning Star).  In Latin “Lucifer” was a literal transliteration.  Despite a long and confident teaching that Lucifer is the name of the devil, is it erroneous and an unscriptural teaching.  This application of the name Lucifer only existed since the 3rd century A.D., and is based on the supposition that Lk 10:18 is an explanation of Is 14:12, which, we shall soon see, is very unlikely to be true.  Let us shed True Light on this apparent enigma of this supposed “bearer of Light”.

Lucifer (“the light-bringer”) is the Latin equivalent of the Greek word “phōsphoros” (G5459).  This “light-bringer” is, (from phōs meaning “light” and pherō̄ meaning “to carry”), used as a title of Christ in 2 Pet 1:19 and corresponds to the name “radiant and brilliant Morning Star” in Rev 22:16 – a name Jesus called Himself.  “Lucifer” was derived when some scholars somehow interpreted this “light bringer” or “daystar” or “morning star” in Is 14:12 as an analogical referral to the devil, so they imported ideas not stated in Scripture. Does the passage in Is 14:12 only apply to the king of Babylon, or is it scriptural correct to also interpret something fundamental that happened in the spiritual realm?  Has an archangel accused God (“devil” means “slanderer”, “accuser”) as not being fit to be ruler of His universe? Was Satan an archangel?  Did Satan basically accuse God of having an ego-problem and then fell because of this transgression?  Not according to Is 45:7 and 54:16, and 1 Jn 3:8 or Rom 5:12!  Satan was made by God a destroyer to destroy [bad!] from the beginning!  The devil today falsely (!) accuses man (1 Jn 3:20)!!

Christian writers as early as Tertullian and Origen (~200AD) had put forward this passage with an assumed idea that became accepted and applied to describe [the origin of] Satan in the English language – transliterating “Morning Star” (Venus). So, the word “Lucifer” became treated as a proper name.  It was also round about this period that works such as “The Second Book of Enoch” and “The Life of Adam and Eve” were written, both depicting Satan as being one of the archangels before being cast out of Heaven.  These literatures [novels, fables] by men are unlikely to be inspired by God and are possibly part of a series of errors that laid the basis for [also] the Islamic viewpoint concerning the origin of Satan as found in the Qur’an (~800AD). What should be a very obvious reference to the king of Babylon apparent from Isaiah 14 verses 4 and 16 alone and especially the whole of Daniel chapter 4 had become the main supporting scripture for those Christian scholars arguing Lucifer was a fallen angel. A similar passage in Ez 28:11–19 regarding the “king of Tyre” was also applied to the devil, this along with Lk 10:18 and Rev 12.  This will be examined further in this meditation.

Before going any further, refer to Job (one of the most ancient stories in the Bible, probably dating pre-flood[1]).  Job 1:6 says, “there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord”.  The Amplified Bible put in brackets here: (the angels).  Is this accurate?  Not if you read Heb 1!  Especially Heb 1:5 that seems to say no angel is called a child (son) of God; also does verse 14 say that “all angels are ministering servants [and messengers] sent out in service…”  We [in Christ] are sons of God [if Rom 8:14; Jn 4:24], and in an assembly we “present us to Him”, do we not?  And God is there in our midst.  Adam was also called a son of God (Lk 3:38).  This meeting in Job was very likely righteous men, not angels.  The Bible does not say where this meeting took place.  Satan also nowhere said he was in heaven at any stage, but only going to and fro on the earth.

Using Ez 28:13,14 to say that this is a teaching about Satan, is totally out of context in an attempt to confirm an erroneous pre-conceived idea that Satan is a fallen angel.  It is also illogical.  Read the whole Ezekiel 27 and 28, with other Scriptures such as Ez 31.  Is 23:8 tells us the merchants (men trading) of Tyre were called princes.  Now read the whole of Is 23.  The following will become clear:

  1. There is a garden of Eden, mentioned in Gen 2:8-17; Is 51:3. There even was a place called cherub (Ezra 2:59; Neh 7:61), and is no reference to an angel.  Then there is a place that seems to have been a region conquered by the Assyrians, called Eden, and most probably the Eden referred to in 2 Kings 19:12; Is 37:12; Ez 27:23; and yes, Ez 28:13!
  2. Remember Ez 28 deals with a merchant [haughty man] who exalted himself (Ez 28:2,9)! Just like the Pharaoh and Egypt, did the king of Tyre exult himself (Ez 28:2,6,9,17) thinking he was God, covering everyone else like a tree of Eden (origin), or the wings of an archangel [anointed cherub?]. Note how many times in Ez 31 Pharaoh are likened to trees of Eden (note also vs. 2 and 18).  Egypt was not in that Eden!  Eden is speaking of a place of perfection, exaltation, and of power.  This is a place where these kings and princes – in their own minds – exalted themselves to.  And they fell. They died lost, as [wicked] men.  Why take one of them and think this was Satan?  To try and justify a pre-conceived dogma? Incidentally, this prince in Ez 28 (v13-14) was destroyed in vv. 18-19; and it is not a futuristic projection (Egypt was also likened to this Eden six times in Ez 31 and this was not a futuristic projection).  See also the appendix for some examples of prophecies in Isaiah and Ezekiel.
  3. Study Ps 82:6,7; Jn 10:32-36; 1 Jn 3:1-8 with Jn 8:42-47. Rethink Heb 2:8!
  4. As far as trees go, consider prayerfully the following: Mt 3:9-10; 7:16-23; 12:33-37; Jn 1:47-51; Mic 4:4; Zech 3:8; 1 Kings 4:25 with Lk 13:6-9 and Rev 6:13; Mt 21:19; Is 34:4; 36:16; Gen 3:17.
  5. Note that a “Cherub” is not an angel! Study the Hebrew word פרףב. (Strongs # 3742). kerûwb. It is of uncertain derivation, but describes an imaginary or symbolical creature manifesting God’s invisible Shecaniah presence and symbolizing His action, even a place in Babylon! Since the devil is not an imaginary or symbolical creature, the prince in Tyre (Ez 28:14,16) must have been not referring to Satan (the devil) but himself exalted in Babylonian style with the sign of a beast (lust + greed:, discussed on p.7 in the meditation “Rapture raptured”)!  See Gen 3:24; Rev 4:6; Ex 25:17-20; 26:1,31; 1 Sam 4:4; 2 Sam 6:2; 1 Ki 6:23-35; 7:29-36; 8:6,7; 2 Ki 19:15; 1 Chr 13:6; 28:18; 2 Chr 3:7, 10-14; 5:7,8; Ps 18:10; 80:1; 99:1; Is 37:16; Ez 1:10,26,27; 10:1-9,14,15-22; 28:15,16; 41:18-25; Heb 9:5.
  6. Contemplate 1 Jn 3:8.  From Gen 1:1-4 alone it should be clear that (a) God created [is] Light (Jn 1:5), (b) that darkness and light cannot co-exist in the same place. It is opposing, separate things (Jn 1:5).  Note that the sun and moon were only later created (Gen 1:14)! Note also Col 1:16 and Is 45:6-9. It states that God created the destroyer “shâchath” (H7843) to destroy (Is 54:16). The devil seems to be the cleaner (!) removing the dust [carnality and self-righteous religious attitudes] of the earth[2]. But as for us, our heritage is righteousness (Col 1:13-17) and the devil has nothing on us when we are in Christ (Is 54:13-17; Js 4:7; 1 Jn 4:4; even Rom 8:31,39; and so on).
  7. Satan in charge of music? If Satan was supposedly this perfect being in heaven cast down to earth because of his iniquity, why does scripture say he was still good (so to speak) in Eden? This is contrary to Geneses chapter 3, even Ez 28:13.  At any rate, this doesn’t even remotely mention he was the “Archangel” in charge of music simply because Ez 28:13 (in the KJV) says, “… the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created”.  It astonishes how a single wild idea like this can become such a strong “church” dogma!

The partaking [mixing] of both good and evil, as the “bad twins, double-mindedness” is on the one side, and is apposed to the righteousness of God [Jesus Christ], on the other side [Christ continually inside of your thought-life].  Can you see the connection between Phil 3:9 and Gal 5:4,18?  Consider reading the meditations by the author called “The covenant and the Law”, “mixing Old and New”, and so on.  The Old system [promise, covenant] had fleeting/passing glories, while the New [a testament, inheritance, gift receivable only by faith/trust in God’s Word Jesus Christ] is supposed to offer us a lasting [permanent, remaining] glory.  But, alas, hear Jesus in Mk 7:13; 12:24; Mt 15:6-9…

It is not the worldly philosophical idea of “good versus bad”.  It is rather the attitude of serve versus self-serving [self-righteousness]. Be honest:  have thoughts ever entered your flesh [way of thinking] wondering why God need us to tell Him how “big” He is?  Why do you suppose, this is and where do you think do such blind (2 Cor 4:4) arrogant, distrusting thoughts come from [in probably all peoples minds at some time or another]?  This while even reason [logic] can deduct that the Creator knows more how omniscient and omnipresent He is, than we could ever tell Him!  His revelation to us shows that it is us that need praise and worship to Him, not He; and the more we focus on how big God is, the smaller our [perception of our] problems become. We loose our self-centredness and become God-centred.  Jesus remains a wonderful Servant that became [actually was born] King! He and His Father is one!  Even when God summoned that meeting in Job 1:6,7; and 2:2, we see that God did not ridicule the devil with a belittling announcement, no, instead God asked Satan [to announce himself].  And not that Satan was meant to be anything else than on earth, and evil from the beginning – and “nothing to do with Light (Jn 14:30)”.  Pretending to be light, yes.  The devil has been on earth since the beginning, and man can subdue all in-/on the earth!  Are you still scared (ignorant) of him?  Just hold on, Father-God is not god-father (Js 1:17)!

By the way, “consider” in Job 1:8 and 2:3 means that Satan was “targeting” Job and his household.  Note also, the successful fatherly [priestly] intercession of a head of a household in Job 1:5 and 1:10 [even if wrongly done in fear (unbelief, distrust) – Job 3:25,26].  Satan has absolutely no authority unless a human gives [allows] him that (Js 4:7)!  Here in Job, Satan reveals his destructive nature by asking God [Who is the uppermost Authority[3]] to take everything [He gave] from Job, thinking Job only loves God because of “bribes” [“love bought”].  Prostitutes (like many professing Christians – Js 4:4!) will tell you: no one can “buy” love – only lust.  Lust is blind, not Love.  God [Love] can never be blind! God [the Person] is Love.  He must indwell you and this is passed on to others like yourself…(Mt 22:36-39).  God reveals His nature by never taking what is good, but only eliminating bad, and only giving what is good (Job 1:12; 2:6,7); and eager to remove what is bad (2 Pet 3:9; Ex 23:25-28; Ps 23:6; Ps 55:23; Jn 1:29; and many more…).  Even providing a destroyer!!

Why is gossiping and the corresponding underhanded line of accusing [planting doubt on good morals] such a wrong activity?  (Prov 17:13,15; 24:24).  Is this what originated for mankind, when Satan asked “can it really be that God has said…?” in Gen 3:1?  This sounds like the same line of questioning [trying to cast doubt] that the Last Adam had to hear from the same source in His temptation in the desert.  This twister of God’s Word, the father of all lies, called the devil.  Contrast this to Dan 12:3 (Hab 3:4; Acts 26:13), and read around Job 31:26…  See Jn 1:4,5,9-13…  God is all about Life everlasting, while the devil mislead, steal, kill, destroy…

Study the Bible with the Gospel of Jesus [Life] in mind, and see the totally different picture of joy, peace, grace, sonship, authority and prosperity in a kingdom right here right now – in Christ.

The record of names given to this creature (Gen 3:1), as supplied by Rev 12:9, are:

  1. The devil: Greek diabolos, which means “slanderer”
  2. Satan: in Hebrew means “enemy”, “resister”, “opposer”
  3. The dragon: a monstrous, frightening creature [uses intimidation], actually just full of hot air (Ps 23:4; Is 41:13; Mk 5:36; Mt 10:28), and was slay (Col 2:15).
  4. The serpent of old: wily snake, forcing his way through [self-righteous] religion.

Man’s theology of Satan as a fallen archangel:  is it Scriptural?

The name Lucifer is not mentioned in Rev 12:9, neither “ex-archangel”.  If Satan held such a high position, it would have been mentioned here, or somewhere else in the Bible, clearly, not so?

See note 5 above on page 2 again.  A Cherub is not an angel.  Therefore, the description found in Ez 28:14,16 is obviously a symbolical reference of this prince (Ez 28:2,9) exalting himself.  The devil is not symbolical but a real creature created by God (Is 45:7; 54:16; Jn 1:1; Col 1:16-17; 1 Jn 3:8).

Note at Jude 1:8-9.   The archangel Michael, in contending with the devil when he disputed about the body of Moses, dared not bring against him a reviling (abusive or angrily abusive) accusation, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”  The context suggests that it relates to people who reject and speak evil of those who hold authority. Therefore it appears as if Michael is used here as an extreme example of not reviling against those who have (or used to have) some form of authority?  It is certain, however, that the devil no longer has this authority (Col 2:15); also, that this event would have most likely transpired not shortly after Moses’ death but sometime around the Lord’s crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension (Rev 12:8; Lk 11:14-20; Col 1:13-20; 2:15; 1 Cor 1:17-2:22).

In Ezekiel’s vision (Ez 10:1-20), he describes cherubim as compound figures unlike any real object in nature; artificial images of several animals (Ez 1:1-28; 10:1-22; 41:18-19).  Cherubim were symbolical to describe/represent spiritual existences in immediate contact with Jehovah.  The different opinions held by different scholars as to what exactly cherubim were/are is not necessary to dwell on for the scope and intent of this short meditation.  Suffice to say that they were symbolical and were as variable as their compound form; and nowhere used to describe the devil’s origin.  Refer to the meditation “The four Gospels” in; and consider the metaphorical description of God’s presence in Christ with Gen 3:22-24; Ez 1:10 and Rev 4:7; 22:14,19. Observe then, the allegorical depiction in the gospel Matthew of Christ being Lion-like; in Mark’s account, as Christ being Ox-like; in Luke’s as man-like and in John as eagle-like. Selah?

Some Scholars reasoned that Satan could have been meant to mean [be a] “Light-bearer”, in the sense that God wanted him to reflect God’s Light, but God lost him, and instead this creature supposedly originated the idea of rather trying to absorb [be himself] this Light, and so attempted to qualify to get all admiration, praise and worship. This comes from a fanciful theology built around the precious stones mentioned in Ez 28:13.  So this doctrine proposes that Satan lost it – his fellowship with God and his name [his original job].  Where does this idea come from?  Well, these scholars read into Ez 28:13,14 a fantastic “confirmation” of their pre-conceived idea that Satan was a fallen archangel.  And ignored Is 45:7; 54:15; 1 Jn 3:8, Col 1:13-17; Rom 5:12; Jn 1:1-3, to mention a few; as well as the very [symbolical] meaning of “cherub” in Ez 28:14,16.  No, the Scripture states clearly enough that the destroyer was created so from the beginning!  Don’t be scared that God cannot still stand!  God is bigger than most professing Christians believe.

This Source of Light was to be – and can eternally only be – Jesus Christ (Jn 1:7-12; 3:19-21); and most certainly not any creature made by Him (Jn 1:1-3,14; Col 1:13-17; Is 45:7) except those who, as His city/bride/church should reflect His Light to the world (Is 60:14; Mt 5:14). The self-centred [self!-] destroyer Satan is already judged [sentenced] – Jn 16:11. Why? Because he was made by God for a perfect and specific purpose, like a beast.  All evil will be destroyed. Jesus has [already, completely] paid for all sin that is confessed and now is loathed (Rom 12:9).  We cannot [truly] Love Jesus and tolerate [any] sin any longer (Jn 14:15; Heb 10:24-31; Prov 8:13; 11:20,21; 16:5; and so on).  We eat no more of that tree of good and evil [combined; law; self-righteousness], of blessing and calamity [mixed], but only of that Tree of Life:  Jesus Christ.  And then only once you realize that your enemy, the “beast” was you [without Holy Spirit], not the devil!  The devil is your accuser, causing your self-tormenting condemnation!

So God Himself – in Jesus Christ – is the true Light to the world.  He is the Truth that sets us free.  He the Person is love.  His name is Jesus Christ, He is God the Son.  God the Father is Love.  God the Son is Love and Truth and Light: God with us – Immanuel.  God the Holy Spirit is Love and reveals the Truth and Light as a Personal Guide residing inside of us, no set of rules (“map” or “steps”, law) required!  God alone gives eternal life. So when all is stripped away from you [by the defeated creature, Satan, or your own disbelief/distrusting God’s promises?], you will be left only with God, the Creator, the Giver, the Restorer, the Healer. You then know you need only Him. And you will subdue the loser [Satan] with what “is written”! This is when Your Father-God takes your hand and Jesus becomes your Friend.  When you accept Who He is…  and who you are [and is not] (Jn 15:5; 1:12). Then you’re mind has changed.  We see then, that Satan is evil [wicked] and God is omnipotent and [the Source of] goodness.  Jesus could indeed teach with authority as He did in Mt 13:24-30.  Time was created by God as well, and time is running out for the devil – his true nature is revealed…  by his own wickedness and God’s magnificent patience and wisdom!  When you read devil backwards, he is history – his end is announced by Jesus in John 16:11, and is written in Rev 12; 19; 20.  See Col 2:15,18; 2 Cor 6:14; 2 Pet 1:1– 13, don’t you elevate Satan, he is under your feet, and needs your approval [accepting his lies/deception], to get authority [from you].  Why insist Satan is to blame for your own immature Christianity (Js 1:13-18; Eph 4:11-15)?  Jesus is your righteousness, focus on Him!…  Why not accept the good advice of Heb 12:1-2; and Rom 12:1-3?

We see in Job 1:7-12 that the accusation Satan is making, is that God is not worthy of praise, worship and love; that the people [He originally created to His image] only love Him because of things [blessings, gifts] they get, and not because of Who God is.  The wisdom of God is foolishness to him, and vice versa.  The devil as a counterfeit, therefore, is behind all bribery and love of money [power, merit, self].  The devil does not love God, he lacks Love [God].  The devil cannot succeed because he lacks Love [God, that never fails].  The devil is cunning (Jn 16:11) but is without God [Love] and like a beast: blind to God [Holy Spirit, Jn 4:24.

Note at Mt 4:3,6. Some say it seemed the devil did truly not know whether Jesus was the prophesied Son of Man, the Messiah that is also the Son of God, probably because no miracles [supernatural signs] had manifested yet, apart from the fact of such survival in the desert to the physiological limits of a human’s endurance.  This must have gotten his attention.  However, the devil is not omniscient but was (i) possibly just unsure because he was likely to have been aware of the radical happenings and statements in Mt 3:7-17 and merely – by definition [of “the temptation”] and by his nature – wanted to see if signs of any self-righteousness and self-serving were there that would disqualify Jesus as the prophesied, for ages already, the perfect and only Messiah, the perfect ransom for all [saved] mankind [that would accept God’s once-of offer], and he probably was also aware [scared] of a coming revelation (Col 2:15); and, (ii) it had to be determined by tempting the self to determine if, when the cup passes, Jesus would say, “Not My will but Your will, Father”… It is obvious that, due to powerful manifestation of Jesus’ authority as [a] Son of God, we see unassisted identification later in Mt 8:27-29 (Mk 4:39-5:8; Lk 8:25-29).  For a better exegeses, also read the meditation “Who is Jesus Christ” in; together with the rest of “Lucifer 1-2” in its entirety.  Please read on.

Nothing in this universe is worse than man rejecting God [Love] as perfect to follow – even if you see His power and grace in nature (Rom 1:18-22 is to man).  Did this kill the [body of the] Man Jesus, on that cross – a broken heart from rejection (Mt 27:46; Jn 19:34)?  Jesus gave His Spirit, and for us suffered His physical death, He was made sin (our rejection) when our sin entered Him that had no sin.  And this is one of the exchanges that His blood paid for – our acceptance… our inheritance and authority in Him, the perfect Son of God and perfect Son of Man:  Jesus Christ.  No one else can be the Mediator (1 Tim 2:5). Rom 8:14,15!  No, Jesus gave His life for our redemption – Jesus Christ was not overcome, outmanoeuvred, won, killed… Jesus Christ gave Himself (Gal 1:3-5; Eph 2:4-13).  The Truth, however, is that when we are left with nothing but God, we only then [can] realize that He is in fact all we need.  Then we [for the first time] love Him for Who He is.  He [alone] is the great I AM for all eternity.  He is the Giver of Life: Himself in Jesus Christ.  He – the Person – is [your] eternal Life!  He gave Himself for us.  He is Love, and Love never manipulates (1 Cor13:1-13).  Love [God] never fails.  God never use calamity to force you closer to Him!

Bearing His fruit of Love produces fruit like Gal 5:22,23.  Inside fruit is seed (Mt 12:33,35-37; 15:11), Jesus asked a remarkable question in Mark 4:13 when He was referring to seed…  you will find in life that you can indeed eat your words (Prov 18:21; Gal 6:7; Dt  30:19).  Jesus is the Word (In Jn 6:53-65 these Jews, once again, had their minds limited to the physical realm, Rom. 8:5-7; 1 Cor 2:14). They thought that Jesus was speaking of cannibalism. However, as can be clearly seen by Jesus’ later explanation at the institution of the Lord’s Supper (Mt 26:26-28; Mk. 14:22-24; Lk. 22:19-20), Jesus was speaking of the spiritual man. Just as our physical man receives life from the food he eats, so the spiritual man receives life as he partakes of Jesus Christ, the life of men (Jn 1:4; 10:10; 14:6) or the “Bread of Life” (v. 48). Jesus stated plainly in verse 63 that the words He was speaking were spiritual – not physical.  Words are spirit, they “trigger” [activate] spiritual laws (Rom 8:1-3 with Mt 12:37; and so on).

Num 24:17; Jer 23:5 and Zech 9:9 points to Mt 2:2.

Read Jn 1:1-14 and 12:36.  Now read 2 Cor 11:14 (:13-15).

See Eph 5:8; Col 1:13 and why we must heed Eph 4:27! 2 Cor 6:14, with Acts 26:18 and Rom 13:12-14!  Watch Jn 3:19 and 1 Jn 2:8 (Eph 4:18 and Is 5:20!).

So even if some want Is 14:12 to ironically refer to 2 Cor 11:14 (Satan having attempted to absorb, instead of reflecting[4], the Light of God; having tried to be God [mimicking and trying to imitate Jesus as the Sun, and the moon as His bride – His body, His church, reflecting His light unto a dark(side) of His earth]), even so a more prudent choice would be to avoid the name Lucifer, in order to avoid the possibility of satisfying Satan’s attempts to twist the Rhema Word of God, to parade as our Lord Jesus Christ; or to elevate himself to a false former glory of an archangel.  Check the theology of implying Satan had a choice and chose what had not been: evil.

But the Scripture in Is 45:7 and 54:15 [with Jn 1:1-3; and Col 1:15-17) is clear: Satan was made by God.  Don’t be shocked [by a religious spirit], TRUST GOD!  He knows what He is doing, and He is fair!  Note how, in Gen 3:1 Satan is compared to animals, not humans or angels – also 1 Pet 5:8, where he roars like a lion. And if Jesus is referred to as the Lion of Judah (Rev 5:5), it is different – God made all animals, including Satan!  The devil is mimicking, not creating – he only roars “like” a lion, while Jesus is the lion of Judah!  Amazing how people now utter “shame, the poor devil!”  Just now, the devil has killed, destroyed and caused horrific tragedy, and Christians say “shame” as if God is sadistic and cruel??!

But above all, is Scripture, God’s Word.  And the Scripture says something different than many theologies that man came up with. Indeed Satan is disarmed (Col 2:15), and is doomed (Rev 21:8; Jn 16:11).  But more than this, does Scripture reveal that Satan did not fall from heaven, never was an angel, and was made “bad” by God from the beginning!  1 Jn 3:8 says the devil has sinned from the beginning (he did not fall into sin, became a sinner, fell for sin, or any other man-made excuse or idea to elevate Satan to something he was not.  The devil was/is not an angel, he is the devil). Rev 12:9 calls the devil “that age old serpent” because he was exactly that from the beginning!

Carefully read Jn 1:1-3; and Col 1:15-18.  Note that there is nothing in heaven and on earth, seen or unseen, that was not made by God [Jesus Christ].  So also says Is 45:5-7; 54:16!  And so says Genesis:  “In the beginning…” (vs 1-3 was “the beginning”…).  It does not say an angel changed into the devil!  Note that in verse four, only the Light was good.  Now also note in Gen 2:8,15, that “the Lord took the man and put him in the garden…”.  It is reasonable to deduct from this statement that man was made outside the garden, and that this garden had all these creatures in it that God had created in the [literal] two days prior (since day four).  Amongst them, things “that creeps on the earth”, and man was given dominion over all these things (vs 26-28).  The fact that God declared all “very good”, does not rule out the possibility that God was very satisfied with what He had made: good and evil!!!  See the meditation “The Will of God” page 9, by the author, if you will.

Note at Is 45:7.  This is a prime example of discovering where you are (Gen 2:9.  Note also that Adam declared not his position – that God knows – but his nakedness, like in Rom 13:14).  The point/revelation is that as long as you are in self-righteousness, will you expect God to explain Himself to you for His redemption!  (For example, “how could God allow my five year old to be killed by a drunk?”; or “How can God make evil and expect us to be victorious?”), all as if we would have been better at being God!  No, when you ask God a question without any accusation or distrust in His perfect character as Source of Righteousness and Love, will you immediately get your answer.  This author has experienced it many times.  This was my reply: “Jannie, I have designed/made Life, I have given man a free will, I have done it” [says the Lord]!  I could then instantly grasp that He is showing His absolute responsibility as a perfect Father!  And to what extend did He take that responsibility?  To the degree of Jn 3:16!  And to what degree do we believe that?  Not like He said it in Jn 8:51; or Jn 11:26; or Jn 12:50!  We are indeed of little faith.

See “The Testimony” by the author, if you dare say you unquestionably believe all Jesus said.

This really challenges our faith, our trust in a Sovereign and Omnipotent God that does not need our defences on how His creation functions best!  Let God be God and stop “defending” God’s handiwork!  It is not difficult to see that God [Who is Love, that does not manipulate], only wants those who wants Him by their own free choice.  But what if there was no choice? Men would be false and haughty in claiming [professing] to be God’s while they would choose darkness the moment they had the choice.  So God created a choice, Let God be God!  To not trust God is indeed a calamity (Heb 4:1 with Jn 14:1; Gen 2:9; Is 47:3; remembering 2 Pet 3:9).  Proclaim the Gospel [Good news] Truth of grace – not law (Gal 1:7,8; Rom 1:16)!  Proclaim God, not self, as Savior.

Remember here the very important statements in Js 1:12-18 and 1 Cor 10:13.  Also, that if sin first occurred in Adam’s lack of exercising authority (Js 4:7; Rom 5:12), then no angel could have sinned prior to Adam and because of it [sin, rebellion] “fall from heaven”.  In Lk 10:18 Jesus was most likely [merely] using an analogy of how He saw Satan fell, probably every time that His Light [from above] was brought to darkened minds.  Satan fell “like” or “as” lightning falls from heaven.  Don’t lose Col 2:15 out of sight (Rom 8:2,11,19,29-39; Col 1:12-19…).

Note at Mt 25:41.  Some conclude here that the devil did somehow rebel against his created nature and will be punished for it. The origin of the devil’s sinful nature is seen in 1 Joh 3:8. The Greek word for sin ‘hamartēma’ (G265) literally means “falling short” or “missing the mark” (Rom 3:23; 2 John 1:9) but ultimately as Jesus put it in Jn 16:9 (1 Jn 2:4)! In itself, it is no error to express a created design (nature), and the devil was clearly created by God for a purpose from the beginning (as seen above).  Looking at the context of Rev 12 and Lk 10 we have to understand that this indicates the devil’s loss of power and effectiveness that occurred during Christ’s ministry, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension (Lk 10:17-20). The disciples were rejoicing that they had been given power to cast out demons (power over the devil). Jesus’ response validates their observation and indicates that the devil’s power had been dramatically diminished.  Note also that Jesus envisioned the devil falling in a certain manner.  Thus was Jesus, in Lk 10:18, invoking a simile, a figure of comparative speech. The devil’s fall from power was as sudden and dramatic [conspicuous] as lightening falling from the sky, not necessarily meaning that the devil literally is lightening or that he fell from heaven. This passage is a referral to the devil’s loss of power, not his origin.  We will recall that up to this time, demons could apparently possess people and control them (Lk 4:33-41). This was a measure of power that the devil seemingly wielded at will, and it was the cessation of this power that indicated the devil’s fall (Lk 10:14-20) and only due to the Light [Life, authority in Christ] that came into the world.  Therefore, this “fall” could not refer to his original descent into evil and rebellion as it is applied to events occurring in about 30 A.D., not 4000 B.C.!  Refer to “Rapture raptured” by this author for a very plausible explanation why the “church” is mostly powerless today – it is waiting for events to occur that did over 2 000 years ago!

For a discussion on [misconceptions regarding] demons and devils, refer to the meditation “Counselling and deliverance ministries”

Proofs that God cannot tempt [sin] – as referred to in James 1:12-18.

  1. The nature of God.  Sin cannot penetrate the holiness of God.  Evil is no part of God, but Satan, the adversary (Lk 10:18; Rev 12:9; Jn 8:43-47; 10:10-11; 16:11; 1 Cor 7:5).  The combination of bad [sin] with good, blessing with calamity, has it’s origin in Satan – the “self”-proclaimer, the counterfeit (Gen 2:9; 1 Cor 2:14; 2 Cor 4:3-7).
  2. The nature of man[kind].  The enemy is within: the Adamic nature since the fall (Rom 5:12-14; 1 Cor 15:45-47), and set right – for those accepting it – by Jesus Christ (Rom 8:1-3; and so on).  Passion, the longing to be satisfied negatively, is called lust.
  3. The nature of lust.  Sin is not a single act [slip], but the end of a process that involves a sequence (Js 1:15).  This is what God “hates” (Ez 18:4; Prov 24:9).

Lust starts with desire [epothumia], a feeling of longing [misplaced longing for God – Love – designed to fill us] to be satisfied.  This feeling is emotion, as part of the soul, and is self-centred, self-conscious, completely unlike Love (God) that culminates His Love in Jesus Christ, the Servant-King, the One Who gave His sinless Life.  To lay your life down for someone [in commitment and faithfulness] is far superior to just dying for someone. But He was the sacrificial Lamb of God as well –to pay for us what we could not.  God gave us faith [the capacity, the mechanism, the grace – Rom 12:3].

Deception.  This lust takes the bait [trap] through the intellect that rationalise why it has a right to it.  This intellect [mind] is also part of the self-centred soul.  The fool misplaces and confuses the need for the gospel by seeking to gratify and deify the philosophies, dogma and ideas of self [mankind].  A wise man will realize [have ears to hear] that confusion is a state of mind, and therefore see that the mind cannot be trusted, but only the Word of God (Rom 10:17; Ps 95:10; Prov 4:23; 15:13; 16:123; 23:7: Mt 5:28 and so on).  The power is in the Spirit [of God, His resurrection Life] inside of you, not in your mind.

This thought [process] is then formed into a design by the will (another part of the self-conscious soul).  This becomes an action [conceived through, was fed by contemplation, and given birth to].  This process ends in sin, as a product of the un-renewed mind [soul] of someone yet to be re-born of God.

This sin is the disobedience ignoring [distrusting] God’s Love (Jesus Christ), not taking Him seriously.  This is haughtiness toward God (1 Pet 5:5).  Again, the fool thinks himself wise, while God knows his heart (1 Cor 1:18-21; 3:18-20; Rom 12:3).  Jesus summarised His mission [incarnation] in Jn 12:45-50. Also contemplate Heb 3:12-19; 1 Sam 15:22 – the need for a personal relationship.

  1. The nature of God’s gifts.  All that God gives, are for ultimate good only.  God gives nothing that is detrimental to mankind (Js 1:17), and this can never change (:17b; Heb 13:8).  His ultimate gift is Himself, to reconcile us with Him, and call us sons [like Jesus].
  2. The nature of our new birth.  Verse 18.  God is a Rescuer.  According to the laws of first fruits, Jesus demonstrated what to do with oneself… Remember Rom 8:5-14 – the mind of the flesh is sense and reason without Holy Spirit, is spiritual death.  God provided a new Life to cope with this life on earth – Jn 17:15; 16:13; Phil 4:13.  Contemplate 2 Cor 5:17-21; Col 3:1-3; with Jn 12:27-37.  Jesus saves, heals (body, soul, and spirit), and delivers.

Now note that God clearly and repeatedly says in Is 54:13-17, that the devil has nothing on anyone in Christ (Lk 8:28; Eph 1:2-23; 2:6-10; Col 1:11-22; 2:9,10; Heb 2:7-10).  Jn 17:17-21 says Jesus sends us into the world as He was sent (1 Jn 3:8b).  Does Jn 10:10 and 16:33 make more sense, and is it not more powerful (Hos 4:6)?

So, to harmonize these ideas the lesson, or point, is this:  whenever we try to take, and not give; whenever we want to hoard, and not hand out; whenever we curse instead of bless; whenever we serve self-interest instead of self-sacrificing forgiveness and service to glorify Jesus Christ; whenever we counter Mt 7:12; whenever we try to justify ourselves through following [the] law, are we following Satan [and his lies] and not [reflecting] the Creator-Father-God.  More serious, can we accuse God of what Satan did [took] – especially bitter, false accusations for “taking” loved ones (??).  Jesus [God] is the Beloved and we are His loved ones.  Yes, God will more than double make up for all the pain and suffering (Is 25:8; 38:5a; Rev 7:17; 21:4).  You can trust Him!  If you think God is too hard on you – try to grasp the enormity of Jn 3:16… for you…  God the Father is the only person in the universe Who has [ever] lost an innocent Son (Rom 5:13-15; Jn 19:11; Lk 23:46).  This Son is resurrected and brings Him many more [mature children].  Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God. 1 Cor 1:21-25; 2:2?

O yes, Father-God is always worthy of my worship, of me raising my holy hands and my voice to exalt and confess Who He is – and live it shamelessly!  He is more than worthy, and my life and signs following will show this to be true.  I will love You always, You are all I need.  You are my Love, Lord Jesus.  I live to know You more, I live to love You and to praise You, o Lord. Oh thank You Father, my Father!  Amen!

So even if a thousand-year-court case is coming up (is it necessary – Col 2:15; Jn 16:9,11?), all evidence will probably show that whenever Satan was allowed to have his “hands” on wind, destruction followed, then God [Love] had to move through those He indwells and bring His mercy and grace – not in a loss of initiative but as the Inspirer of good in us.  Whenever wind functioned as intended, it cooled some weary travellers face in a dessert somewhere, or brought the rain it was meant to do.  This is not a challenge to Ps 24:1; neither is it implying that control over nature alternates between God and Satan; but we can just imagine that whenever Satan had his way (wave!), destruction, death, heartache and disaster struck…  and strangely caused many to doubt God’s goodness, fairness and love!… In God’s hands, His creation [ecology] functions magnificently and produces the most awesome and beautiful living paintings in what we call nature [never “mother”!].  We don’t really know what causes horrible natural events but beware of trying to be clever with calling catastrophes “acts of God”!  See the document entitled “The Will” by the author, if you will…  Prayerfully study 2 Cor 2:2-8; 4:7-18; Heb 12:2… and remember that our post-flood world is evidently vastly different and nature much more violent and unsteady than what it was pre-flood (see the meditation called “The Flood”).

Fingerprints are left on what we touch.  God leaves His imprint on His creation too, and Satan leaves his trail of confusion, disaster, dread, disease, false doctrines, pain and suffering; but not for long and only on those who is ignorant of their inheritance in Christ Jesus. The end of also this era will come (Heb 10:13).  Jesus said this era will end, along with the reign of Satan as god of the world-system, also man’s ignorance of God’s Word (law ended already, Heb 9:26), when this good news of the kingdom [Gospel] on earth – here and now, not “after death”, but no death (Jn 11:26; Rom 8:1-3) – is preached as a testimony to all nations (Mt 24:14) and we are mature (1 Jn 3:2).  The Bridegroom is not coming for an immature minor, but the whole creation is waiting with labor-pains for mature sons of God to manifest (Rom 8:19; Eph 4:11-15)… God does not need to punish any person or nation today (Heb 7:25; 9:14-28) after all His wrath was poured out on Jesus Christ! (1 Thess 5:9-11; Mt 5:45… even Jn 3:17-21).

My friend, do you realize the second coming of Christ will only happen when we are more like Him (1 Jn 3)?  When will this happen? Yes, when all nations have heard His Gospel + Truth: that the sons and daughters of God have manifested themselves [matured; grown up, not wait defeated to “go up” at any moment].  That is, when even death [1 Cor 15:26; all enemies] are made a stool beneath His feet (Heb 1:13; 10:13) – then He will [physically] return!  So what do you suppose is Satan doing his level best to prevent?  Are you working for Satan or with Jesus Christ?  Are you hastening the end to all this misery and tragedy or actually delaying it [by seeding doubt on God’s perfect goodness, by not preaching the True Gospel of your inheritance in Christ Jesus to all you come across, with signs and miracles following]?  Can you see yourself in Gal 6:7 (Prov 14:9; 18:21; Rom 3:23)?.  But feel free to read beyond Rom 3:23, and capture verses 24-26!  Amen?

Ez 21:27 teaches that we have no rights [due to our own self-righteous doing, rebellion, self-inflated pride], we have privileges by the grace and love of God alone.  There is only One Who’s right it is:  Jesus Christ.  Let Him be God, and forget defending where Satan came from – God is not threatened by what He created (Jn 16:33).  Even in Is 54:15 God (Scripture) says Satan may stir up strife, but the Lord says, “…it is not from Me”.  Job 2:6 bears this fact out as well.  Let God be God!…  Help [be useful] in God’s kingdom and preach Life everlasting, not death!

God remains in control (Ps 24:1; 103:19; Rom 11:36).  For now, let God be God and stop trying to defend God with theologies on why bad exist (Mt 13:24-30).  God allows “bad” to happen so His fairness and Satan’s evil will cause all to have made their choice fairly [trust and reliance on Him and His promises].  God’s elect are those that choose [trusts in, and rely on, and cling to] Him.  The fairness of this will beyond any doubt be revealed in any (one thousand year) period of time it might take to show all the evidence for all the universe to see – Rev 20; Job 5:13; 1 Cor 3:19; Js 3:17 (1:5!); Col 2:3…  this is why only Jesus could perfectly reveal God’s true nature and character in a human body and simultaneously represent man perfect to God, whilst perfectly presenting God as a Son of God to man[kind] (1 Tim 2:5; Col 3; Rom 3:23; and so on).  He came to identify with us here, so we can identify with Him on the throne – Col 3:1-3; Eph 2:20; Heb 2:7-18; 4:16.

Your evidence will also be heard.  You will also be judged… by Jesus (Jn 5:21-23; Mt 13:37)… but in the sense of Jn 3:17-21!! It is self-inflicted (Is 5:18; 2 Cor 10:5…)!!  Again consider Jn 16:11.

Thank You, Jesus, for James 1:5 and 4:7 (and Is 11:2 with Jn 14:26).  Thank You, wonderful Jesus that You revealed (concerning Your then coming crucifixion):  “…  I will not talk with you much more, for the prince (evil genius, ruler) of the world (even the Jewish or Roman legal system, self-righteous mentality) is coming.  And he has no claim on Me. [he has nothing common with Me; there is nothing in Me that belongs to him, and he has no power over Me]. – John 14:30.  Also Matthew 28:18-20; Luke 10:18,19; and John 16:33.  Jesus, I confess:  Your Name is the name above all names, and You Jesus, my Savior-Servant-Man-God-Brother-King-Friend is Immanuel!  I fully and unquestionably trust Your wisdom. I love You always.  Maranatha!

Note at Rev 12.  We have to admit its symbolic language. John is seeing signs that represent truth (Rev 1:1; 12:1, 3). We should not interpret these signs as literal events, unless we are willing to accept that the devil really is a physical dragon with a tail that can literally knock down one third of our universe’s stars (Rev 12:12:3-4)! Clearly, this passage refers to the devil’s general efforts to thwart the fulfillment of the prophecy about Christ, Seed of a woman (a woman has eggs that are fertilized by a man’s seed), who would destroy the devil (Gen 3:1, 14-15; Gal 3:16). However, the male child, or Jesus, was eventually born. He succeeded in His mission and ascended back to reign at God’s right-hand (Dan 7:13-14; Acts 2:30-36; Heb 10:13).  We learn that the devil makes war in heaven. But this passage refers not to the devil’s origin and events that precede the creation of man!  It is an anachronism when we attempt to date the application of these verses before 4000 B.C., when the context places it after 30 A.D.! Incidentally, it is interesting that some will use this passage to prove that the devil seduced exactly one-third of the Lord’s angels. It is a strange hermeneutic that will literally interpret the phrase “one-third”, while figuratively interpreting the phrase “drew … stars of heaven” to refer to the angels, but then immediately again literally interpreting the phrase “threw them to the earth” to refer to their condemnation to roam the earth. Consistency, both with itself and the rest of Scripture, is an excellent test for any interpretation (or, absence of contradiction – Tit 1:2, 9). Either this passage is figurative or literal, or since it is clearly not literal, we have to try and understand the spiritual truths symbolized in this chapter. The fall recorded here, similar to the corrected interpretation of Lk 10:17-20, refers to the devil’s loss of power or authority. It is a loss of spiritual place or right against people in Christ, not physical proximity. In this passage, the devil’s place is linked to his continual practice of falsely accusing God’s people (Rom 8:29-39). It should be rather associated with God’s previous toleration of the devil’s slanderous accusations, which prompted events like those recorded in Job 1-2 or Zech 3:1-5.  Today God no longer tolerates the devil’s accusations. Why? The devil’s accusations regarding Joshua the High Priest concerned his sinfulness (Zech 3:1-5); and the accusations against Job pertained to his “protection” from sin (Job 1:8-11; 2:3-5). In each case, the devil was accusing God of injustice, demanding punishment and trial. However, after Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, justice was restored, God was vindicated in His perfect role as the last Adam (1 Cor 15:45), and His people so justified – demonstrably (Rom 3:24-26)! The devil’s accusations had been ultimately answered! There was no longer place for his accusations and therefore God tolerates them no more. God had “overcome when judged” (Rom 3:4).

Although we are given but a few passages concerning the origin of the devil, the many fables and myths concerning his origin have prompted a thorough examination of the commonly held beliefs. In closing, we see that we do not really know as much about the devil’s origin as many claim to know. The lesson could very well be that God does not think it important; otherwise He would have revealed it so.  Contemplate at this juncture Dt 29:29; 2 Pet 1:2-3; 2 Tim 3:16-17. The more important points to consider are the nature of the devil, his work, and his defeat and how we overcome in Jesus Christ!

 Note at Rev 22:10-21.  The Greek mythology places everything in one of two categories:  natural or supernatural.  The Bible [God’s] perspective is, on the other hand, revealing a Creator and His creatures and the interaction or relationship between Him and us and the rest of His creation on earth – He gave us authority to rule here and now over all on/in it that is bad.   Do it.

The point is this:  what do you see as reality, as natural, and where do you place Satan?  The Spiritual is actually more real than the physical (2 Pet 3:5-7).  If you view Satan according to human wisdom (1 Cor 3:19; Job 5:13), as supernatural, be careful not to place him on the side of God, making a god [out] of Satan that was a liar and destroyer from the beginning.  The Bible clearly teaches that Satan was created by God (Jn 1:1-5; Col 1:15-17; Heb 1:1-8; Is 45:7; 54:16).  God alone is omnipotent and omnipresent.  Do not make a [omnipotent] god of Satan by thinking (declaring, confessing!) that he is “riding your back all the time” – he can only be in one place at one time on this earth! The devil does not have invincible demons, other unbeatable powers and principalities, or other supreme agents [even unshakable false preachers] assisting him; for they are defeated together with Satan as the head of that whole army or organization (Col 2:15).  They are all under your feet, subdue them with God’s Word (1 Jn 4:4; Js 4:7). Know God’s Word, have that incorruptible Seed inside of you, but Satan himself is certainly limited [not omnipresent, not omnipotent] by God (Job 2:6,7).  What is more, Satan has absolutely no power over any man, as long as man resists.  And the ultimate way of resisting Satan, is to ignore him (Heb 12:2; Is 5:18-21)!!!  You have to take the dominium Jesus gave you and resist with “it is written”!  See Gal 3:29 with Gen 12:3.  Contemplate Is 54:13-17.  The devil has nothing on those [knowing their inheritance] in Christ.  The wavering might see a different view in fear.

Example.  If you get up late – even because electricity went out – causing the alarm not to sound, resulting in a whole chain of “unfavourable” events; be careful to elevate the devil to a place he does not deserve [claiming the devil caused all that].  Often [only] we are the cause.  You could have set your cellphone alarm, or whatever alternative means, as a wake-up call and the outcome would have been very different  Stop being a weakling that wants to blame someone (something) else “bigger than you” – be mature and response + able = responsible!  Be a kingly priest!

Note at Mk 5:8-9. From this we learn that there seems to be one [single] spirit [source, seed] that operates in the world (Job 1:7) that causes numerous problems for man.  Note that it only occurs when listening to [conforming to, or following the suggestions of] such spirit [thought entered] – for example, Js 4:7-10; Rom 12:9; 2 Cor 10:5; 1 Pet 5:8-9; Eph 4:27. The point is that no big theatrical show is required to get rid of [a] demon, or each individual demon, for demons manifests as bad [unholy] thoughts that are followed by choice! Refer to the meditation “Body, soul, spirit” for an exegesis on this subject. Contemplate even just Rom 8:29-39; 2 Cor 5:17 and 1 Pet 1:15-19 for provisional confirmation. Once the spirit that operates in the world is identified [revealed] we as Christians should remember and be able to demonstrate the reality of Col 2:15; Jn 19:30; Eph 1:3; 2 Pet 1:2-11 and Js 4:4-7! So as for this spirit [seed, source] operating in this “world”, even just the following gives a clue: Jn 1:10,29; 3:3,16-21; 8:15-16; 8:12,23-26; 12:25-26,31; 15:18-19; 17:13-26; Rom 12:1-2; 2 Pet 2:1-22.  So we see in Mk 5:2 that this pagan (verse 1 and 5 with 1 Ki 18:28) was apparently tormented by wanting to be free but tied up in error (Hos 4:6; Phil 3:9-10); he was up in the mountains (where pagans worship) but when he saw Jesus (Jn 14:6) he paid homage to Him (vv 6-7).  Jesus then commanded a single spirit to come out of the man (v 8) that admitted they are many (vv 9,13)! In v 15 we find the man in his right mind after, what was possibly a period of time longer than a few hours.  Jesus seemed to have spent time with this man, ministering to him, for the man was unlikely to clothe himself instantly; also, the hog feeders ran away first to tell people in the town and country about this meeting (v 14).  Observe that before God’s Spirit was poured out (Acts 2:1-4; 1 Cor 2:10-16), there was a dire need to prevent what was described in Mt 12:29, 43-45 (with v 25 read Js 1:6-8), and that the only protection was a renewed mind Rom 12:1-2 and verses in this paragraph above.  If we want to go further with this, there is in Lk 16:8 awaiting a shocking probability explained in the meditation “The Testimony” (p. 10/13).

A theory is deducted from Job 1:6-12 that Satan probably [also] had a task to report to God about people – and by observing people, then saw how easily ignorance could destroy those without Seed in them, so he specializes as a slanderer and an accuser (Rev 12:10; Job 1:9-11; Zech 3:1).  However, God does not need Satan’s report, humans place themselves where they spiritually are by their choice – either trusting God [and His Word], or themselves [or other humans words].  But rebellion, cynicism, self-centredness, depression, and accusing [slander] originated with Satan.  Most significant of all, the accusation that God is not fit to be the Ruler of His creation [including angels].  For this, the devil – who was on the earth from the beginning – and the “messengers” (not necessarily “angels”!) influenced by him.  So the “fallen angels” that was thrown out of heaven (Rev 12:7; Lk 10:18; Jude 6; 2 Pet 2:4), could be false teachers (Jn 10:1-10) listening to their father (of all lies).  In what “heaven” did this happen?  The third heaven [realm, dimension of Lk 17:20,21 and it happened on the cross of Jesus at Golgatha! See the meditation “heaven” by the author for a little better exegesis and for now contemplate Rev 11:15 with Lk 17:20,21; Eph 2:19 (vs.16-22); Heb 12:1.  You will also note that Rev 15:5,8; and Rev16:17 was written by the same John later who in Jn 19:30 reminded us that Jesus said “It is finished”; just like Matthew told us that the veil was rent and we now in Christ directly enter the throne of grace to obtain mercy; and mercy is for Life!  Satan is judged (Jn 16:11); and even those being misled by him [placing more trust in his twisted ideas (Jn 3:17-20)]. The devil was bad from the beginning (Gal 4:27, with v 1-5; and Jn 8:40-44, are those outside His Body, His Church).  Inside His Body, His Church, you were given control (Heb 2:8).  As long as you take thoughts captive for Christ, you are safe.  Whenever Satan (or any of his fallen hierarchy, fallen stars) tries to remind you of your past, you remind them of their future.  My prayer for you, as written by Peter in his second epistle – take this, meditate on it, make it your own.  Let this year be different, the best you have ever lived…  the choice is with you – choose life in ALL your situations that you may LIVE.  Then it becomes easy to obey Mt 10:8…

2 Pet 1:2-10: May grace (God’s favor) and peace (which is perfect well-being, all necessary good, all spiritual prosperity, and freedom from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts) be multiplied to you in [the full, personal, precise, and correct] knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. For His divine power has bestowed upon us all things that [are requisite and suited] to life and godliness, through the [full, personal] knowledge of Him Who called us by and to His own glory and excellence (virtue). By means of these He has bestowed on us His precious and exceedingly great promises, so that through them you may escape [by flight] from the moral decay (rottenness and corruption) that is in the world because of covetousness (lust and greed), and become sharers (partakers) of the divine nature. For this very reason, adding your diligence [to the divine promises], employ every effort in exercising your faith to develop virtue (excellence, resolution, Christian energy), and in [exercising] virtue [develop] knowledge (intelligence), and in [exercising] knowledge [develop] self-control, and in [exercising] self-control [develop] steadfastness (patience, endurance), and in [exercising] steadfastness [develop] godliness (piety),  and in [exercising] godliness [develop] brotherly affection, and in [ exercising] brotherly affection [develop] Christian love. For as these qualities are yours and increasingly abound in you, they will keep [you] from being idle or unfruitful unto the [full personal] knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One).  For whoever lacks these qualities is blind, [spiritually] shortsighted, seeing only what is near to him, and has become oblivious [to the fact] that he was cleansed from his old sins. Because of this, brethren, be all the more solicitous and eager to make sure (to ratify, to strengthen, to make steadfast) your calling and election; for if you do this, you will never stumble or fall.

Another point here, is to carefully think before falling for all the emotional (part of soul = self-focused) literature and confessions of people claiming to have been in hell, even taken there by Jesus, and then sent back to earth to warn everyone else how bad a place it is (to avoid it by all means and at all cost), and to do what?  Choose whatever other option there is?  Uh,… heaven?  Does this sound like God to you?  Is this self-centered or God-centered? So did God now create hell as a scare-tactic to scare you to Him [Love]?  So hell was – in effect – made for man (to help God)?  This is all contradicting the Word of God!  Isaiah 54:14 warns us to watch our [those received] thoughts!  Read verses 15 on to 17 as well, and ask Holy Spirit to enlighten you.  2 Cor 10: 5 Should tell you the same.  1 Peter 4:7; Dt 30:11-19; Rom 10:14-19; Heb 4:14; etc.  is applicable as well.  No human messenger is our Savior!

Let us translate this “scare tactic” into logical reasoning (Is 1:18), and examine Scripture for guidance:  so then, if God discovers (2000 years after the Day of the Lord, on the cross), He needs more help [than Jn 3:16-21] to get people to come to Him, because God [Love] is not quite capable [able] to draw enough souls to Him (Jn 6:44,65; 3:14; 8:28; 6:63-69) anymore, He now starts sending messengers from hell in “these end times”?  So God now needs the devil to help save mankind? Has God made a blunder? Carefully study Lk 16:19-31.  God is a God of the living (Mt 22:32,29)! This was not a parable, Jesus (amongst many other aspects), pointed out here this fact that the rich man still did not repent and acknowledged that Jesus is the Messiah – he wanted to act as savior (to his brothers still on earth).  No one is allowed to warn anyone on earth out of hell “to accept the other option” just because hell is a bad place to end up in (Heb 13:8).  God is love and therefore seeks an eternal relationship with those that choose to love Him back, have faith in His Word, not opt to be with Him because of fear of “hell”, neither for the self-gratification of any attraction that “heaven” holds for the “self”.  If it is not about the Person, you reject His Light, and you choose darkness, with no Light inside of you.  It is about the Person, not His things!  His city, the heavenly Jerusalem, Zion, is a people (Is 60:14) in whom He dwells (Eph 2:19-22; 1:8-14,18-23; Col 1:26-28; 1 Cor 3:16; Mt 5:14…).   God is absolutely right in what He foresaw.  This rich man in Lk 16 rejected the Messiah [Jesus Christ the Lord], as well as God’s Word, and those who bring God’s Word (v 29,30), even after ending up in “hell”, in utter self-destruct (Ps 6:5).  But you believe what you will, I suppose.  We thank God for His Grace, mercy, and His restoration power.

We bind the spirit of sickness, pain, disease, ignorance & death in your life.  Receive your healing and restoration and eternal, immortal Life in Jesus name!  We pray for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and wisdom and also for divine health in your life and that only the will of Father for your life will be made manifest.  Be His mature child here on earth and manifest His glory with His good works (miracles) so He be glorified!  Remember the Word of God says “For Promotion does not come from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But from God who is the Righteous Judge (2 Tim 4:8). So trust God for your promotion, favor and breakthrough in Jesus Name.

Be abundantly blessed and go for life until Jesus returns (1 Thess 5:23)!










In the books of Isaiah and Ezekiel the following verses under question are surrounded by prophetical and symbolic condemnations of other kings, and the earthly kingdoms, which they represented:

  • Is 8:1-10 – Judah overrun by Assyria
  • Is 10:5-19 – Fall of Assyria
  • Is 13:1-22 – Babylon destroyed by Medes
  • Is 14:1-21 – Disgraced king of Babylon, or the Devil?
  • Is 14:22-23 – Nation of Babylon judged and destroyed
  • Is 14:24-27 – Nation of Assyria judged and destroyed
  • Is 14:28-32 – Nation of Philistia judged and destroyed
  • Is 15:1-16:14 – Nation of Moab judged and destroyed
  • Is 17:1-14 – Nations of Syria (Damascus) and Israel judged and destroyed
  • Is 18:1-7 – Nation of Ethiopia judged and destroyed
  • Is 19:1-17 – Nation of Egypt judged and destroyed
  • Is 21:1-10 – Fall of Babylon
  • Is 21:11-17 – Fall of Edom
  • Is 23:1-18 – Fall of Tyre
  • Is 24:1-23 – God’s power and judgment over all earthly nations
  • Ez 25:1-7 – Judgment against the nation of Ammon
  • Ez 25:8-11 – Judgment against the nation of Moab
  • Ez 25:12-14 – Judgment against the nation of Edom
  • Ez 25:15-17 – Judgment against the nation of Philistia
  • Ez 26:1-28:19 – Judgment against the nation of Tyre, or the Devil?
  • Ez 28:20-24 – Judgment against Sidon
  • Ez 29:1-32:16 – Judgment against Egypt – very similar in form and length to Tyre
  • Ez 32:17-32 – All evil nations ultimately destroyed (Egypt, Assyria, Elam, Meshech, Tubal, Edom, Sidonians, etc.)

So, unless we are willing to interpret all of these prophecies as being allegorical depictions of the devil or other spiritual beings, a plea for consistency will discredit any attempt to single out Is 14:1-27 and Ez 28:1-19 as alone being interpreted allegorically in the midst of numerous other condemnations of evil world powers.

The end of Part 1

(… and our misconception about Satan?)



[1] Gen 6:2,4; read with Lk 3:38; and Jesus’ redemptive work (Heb 2:8-18) – God’s plan is to have many sons.

[2] Note the possible metaphorical speech when considering the two lines of Abraham’s descendants, one like stars from above like light unto the world and the rest from below like dust (Gen 22:17; Gal 4:21-31).  “Dust” (H 6063) are often interchangeable with “rubbish” as in 1 Ki 20:14 and 2 Ki 23:12.  Now consider a possible thread joining just the following scriptures: Gen 3:14,19; 28:14; Job 22:29; 30:9; 44:25; Ps 22:29; 30:9; 103:14; 113:7; Is 47:1; 52; 65:25; Ez 26:4; Dan 12:2; Mt 10:14; Mk 6:11; Lk 9:5; 10:11 and when Jesus’ disciples recalled His words, Acts 13:51-52…

[3] God’s sovereignty means He is above all, not that He does all or manipulates all!  God gave man[kind] authority on earth (Gen 1:26-28.  So much so, that He gave it away to man – on earth) and man then gave this away to the devil unnecessary (Js 4:7 with Christ inside of you, Jn 1:1-4).  The Last Adam (1 Cor 15:45) won this back to mankind as the Son of Man (Mt 28:18) – with Christ in us who welcome Him in us.  In Job God could not just take back that authority on Job’s behalf [yet]! But, Satan had to acknowledge [ask] the Creator.

[4] How could Satan reflect the Light [Life everlasting] of God as a destroyer (Jn 10:10; 1 Jn 3:8)?