A short letter to the church-goer

by Jannie

To the church-goer

Be careful of claiming to have “a simple faith” – it could be too simple!  If you, for instance, have Rom 10:9-10 as your only criteria, test your understanding with Js 2:19,24 (the devil also believes [accepts] Jesus is Lord); or 1 Jn 2:4; Rom 3:20,28; 7:4,6,10 or even Gal 5:4,18. Confused? Are you not just a little upset?  Do you think the place you go to on Sundays (or on a Saturday as the Sabbath) is the house of God? Yes? Ponder then Acts 7:48-51; 17:24-25 (Mt 7:15-23; 15:6-9).  Let us examine this a little closer, shall we?


Jesus is Lord; not Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Protestant, Dutch Reformed, or anything else so called by man.  Neither is God Hebrew, He is Spirit (Jn 4:23,24).  And no, the non-Christian Jews [at least since they crucified Christ[1]] are not of God unless they comply with Jn 3:16 – test them to 1 Jn 4:1-4 (and Jn 5:23; 14:6)!  Startled?  Well, read the Scriptures.  Who do you believe?

Neither is the church a building made by human hands[2].  Yes, saints must [will like family] congregate[3], but this should not be weekly concerts for/by play-actors.  Contemplate 1 Cor 4:20; Rom 5:2; Acts 2:22;14:3; to name but a few references to the active and powerful God we should reflect.  The very first Book of church history was called ACTS [results, not talks].  Think about it and don’t settle for a false sense of security in a hidden self-righteousness anaesthetized by mere motivational speakers with an untouchable job.  Consider here 1 Cor 4:20; Mk 16:17-20 (Jn 17:20 but read Jn 17:15-26); and for that matter, the other meditations on this website as well?  God nominated[4] a Body of whom[5] Christ is the Head (Eph 1:20-23; 2:19-22; 2 Cor 6:16).  Man cannot de-nominate what God the Father has nominated[6]!  Read the Scriptures.

If a “de-nomination”, for example, claims that a marriage between people of the same gender can be allowed, Christ cannot be the head of their institution[7].  If they periodically change their minds, again Christ cannot be their head[8].  And no, I am not afraid to say it[9].  Read the Scriptures.  Sin is to not believe what Jesus teach (Jn 16:9; Gal 1:6-9; 5:4,18-20).

Likewise, if a “de-nomination” says that God teaches you a lesson with adversity, or so forces you closer to Him, you have been told a wicked lie.  Consider the papers “Christian Suffering” and “Who by Fire” on www.gospel-truth.co.za.   God [Love] never manipulates.  He gave you a capacity to choose and to hate!  Yes, you should hate what HE hates! He hates evil and lies (Rom 12:9; Prov 8:13; Gal 5:9).  He does not use evil (sickness, death, calamity) “for good”, this is a horrific lie!! Rom 8:28 is about Holy Spirit power (:11-27, 29-39)!! You have been told a terrible lie that misrepresents God.  This is probably the single most damaging lie that religious false teachers [thieves, Jn 10] have come up with and even lead people to atheism.  Carefully study Js 1:13-17; Is 5:20; Jn 10:10; Mt 10:8; Jn 14:10-14[10]; 15:7,8; 17:15-20; and so on.  Js 1:3-4,13 does not say that trials and tribulations produces patience, it rather says that it might be an opportunity for you to exercise [prove, show, reveal] that fruit and power of His Spirit within you (Gal 5:22).  God is [the source of all] good and the devil is bad – get it?  This is a very basic and sound theology.  If you are so gullible as to swallow de-powering lies, ask God for His wisdom (Js 1:5).  Do not resist Holy Spirit [God], resist the devil!  (Jn 10:10; Js 4:7-10) Trust God and His Word.

If, for example, you deny the manifesting signs of Holy Spirit (like speaking in tongues[11]), you seriously need to reconsider your faith in the Words of Jesus Christ, Jn 1:14; 14:6; 16:9.  Be careful not to rush past 1 Jn 2:4 – your “de-nomination” might have seriously misled you into startling lies that completely misrepresents God!  Understand that this can happen without malicious intent and merely due to accepting doctrines without examining them empirically first (i.e. not thinking for yourself or fearlessly independently to know Truth as in Jn 8:32,36). Similarly if you, as a N.T. follower of Christ, are attempting righteousness by trying to follow the 10 commandments[12], you do not at all understand Gal 3; 5:4,18; Rom 3:20-27; 7:4,6,10; 8:1-3,14,15,29-39; 10:1-4; 11:6; 1 Tim 1; 1 Cor 2:13-16; 2 Cor 3:12-15; 4:4-5.  These subjects are discussed in more detail on www.gospel-truth.co.za.

Eph 4:5 is true, so if you talk of an “infant-baptism”, or any other as if there can be alternative “methods” of baptism, you need to get back into the Word of God[13].  There can then also be no “alternative services” suiting the likes and dislikes of the congregation[14] – you should have an anointed teacher/preacher bringing you the Word of God with power, with miracles, signs and wonders following to confirm His Word.  The devil eats the dust [the religious] of the earth[15].  A son is not his father’s child by contract, it is what HE has done, not what you attempt.

Most “denominations” fail the test of a correct foundational understanding of the Bible, namely, where does the NT start?  Before answering too hastily, consider the following illustration:

At a funeral, typically, a “denominational” “teacher” will read John 14:1-2 in an attempt to soothe the people with the idea that this poor departed soul is now moving into a house in space somewhere distant that God has build him/her.  Also, that ‘God has plucked this beautiful flower’ or now ‘needed this soul in heaven’.  Is this Scriptural and portraying an omnipotent God as the Source of all good?  It is utter nonsense! Let’s look at it a little closer, and read John 14 to its last paragraph, then in context, we will at the very least observe the following:

  1. There was an Old and now there is a New.[16] The Old was a Covenant, the New is a Testament.  A Covenant is a promise, and a testament is inherited, hence Heb 9:8-18,26!  Consider Gal 3:16,19, 25-29.
  2. The New Testament only started once Jesus was buried, ie from Jn 19:42 (no sooner than Jn 19:30!).
  3. This means that Jn 14 (and so John the Baptist as a prophet, Heb 1:1-2), was still in the Old system. This means that Jesus, in Jn 14:1-2, was still talking to an Old Covenant people of what He was shortly to accomplish/prepare for all believers [in Him and His Gospel] in a New Testament with His Blood on His cross.  It is our faith [trust, acceptance, reliance] upon His act of Love by which we are saved, not ourselves or our good performance of following Laws that were given to the Jews for a specific time period and a specific purpose (Gal 3:19; Rom 3:20-28; 7:4,6; 9:4-16) – we have Christ (Jn 4:24) in us! Carefully contemplate Rom 8:14-17,29-37.  DO NOT SKIP THE SCRIPTURES – THINK ABOUT IT!
  4. In this New Testament, what was fleeting [temporary, passing, a mystery], became lasting [permanent] – see 2 Cor 3:18.  Do you grasp what Jesus was explaining in Mt 9:16-17; Lk 9:62 (Mt 7:15-24; Jn 15:1-7)?
  5. To be in Christ, means Rom 13:14; Eph 6:12; and for Christ to be in you, we have to be His home.  His [permanent, Js 1:5-8] dwelling place.  1 Cor 6:15-20; 1 Pet 2:4-10; Is 60:14; Mt 5:14 – We, individually and collectively, is supposed to be the City of God, His Zion – right here on earth (Lk 12:32; 17:20-21).
  6. Our bodies [on earth] are then His temples, His place of worship (1 Cor 6:12-20).  The whole earth was made by God and is His (Ps 24:1) – you cannot visit God Almighty [omnipresent and omniscient and omnipotent] in a little building made by human hands, once a week (to top it all, riddled with Babylonian symbols in it and false teachers, 2 Tim 4:3-4; and see the “Bride” in 2 Tim 3:7 that is mentioned in Rev 19:7; 22:1-2; 5:9-10[17])! Contemplate Solomon’s mistake of trying to build God a “house” (Acts 7:47-51).  Don’t be obtuse, please – The Church (people who have Him dwell permanently in them, not only once a week), is God’s house [household] – see 1 Tim 3:15-16; 2 Tim 1:14; Rev 21:3; Jn 14:23.
  7. See the spiritual building/city of 1 Pet 2:1-10 and Eph 2:19-22 – we are to be living stones (Like Petros, Mt 16:18-19) in the same building.  It also is called a city of God (Is 60:14; Mt 5:14).  If you don’t see it, consider Jn 1:17; 9:28 ( 2 Cor 3:8-15; 4:-6;11:3; Jn 5:37-47).  Apply Js 1:5, and try again!
  8. So, do we see that Jesus Christ was addressing the Old Covenant people in Jn 14:1-2, and still continuing to explain to them what would be the benefit to those in a New Testament (Rom 8:14-17, 29-37).  Read Jn 14:2 with even just Rom 12:5 and get the revelation that we are likely to be the “many places” or “house of God” referred to there by Jesus; and not somewhere in space.
  9. The “Place” Jesus had to go and “prepare” for us, was done at His cross.  For them it had to [shortly] happen – to us it has nearly 2 000 years ago.  No “teacher” [that is oblivious of Jn 14:4-9] can read Jn 14:1-2 for us today as something that Jesus is building in outer space! That “place” is our hearts (Jer 17:19); our minds/mind-sets/thought-lives (Eph 4:23-25; 6:12; Is 54:13-17; 2 Cor 10:5; Rom 12:1-2; etc.).
  10. If you read verses 10-14 you must ask yourself what you think you’ll accomplish by praying in outer space for (there are no bodies to be healed)?  Yes, there is a heaven [a temporary dispensation for saved souls and spirits who have lost their bodies, but they’ll get their bodies back when Jesus returns because they should not have lost it in the first place[18] (Rom 5:12; 1 Thess 4:13-18; 5:23)!
  11. The “House” of God is us, individually and collectively, with His Spirit inside us permanently (Jn 4:23-24; Rom 8:14), not only once a week, like in the Old system.  Eph 4:3-6, only in Christ Jesus!
  12. Reading further in Jn 14, we get to verse 20, the Day of the Lord mentioned in Jn 19:30.  But, for now, observe that all these verses were leading up to the statement in verse 23 – God will make us His home.  Rev 21:3 also states that this City, Bride, Zion, is the place where “God makes His abode with men”.
  13. Yes, it is on earth, because Jn 14:26-27 continues by saying He [His Spirit in us on earth] would be our Teacher, our Counselor, Comforter, Helper, Strengthener… obviously to assist us here on earth where we should exercise [demonstrate] the authority [on earth] that Jesus Christ overpaid for. Contemplate Jn 15; Gal 4:1-12; Js 4:7; Heb 2:8-13; Gen 1:26-28 (Mk 11:24; Rom 8:14,17,29-39)…

You have to admit that you were probably taught wrong by your “denomination” on at least the meaning of Jn 14:1-2.  It is not a license for a doctrine on the office of the dead, or how to pie the beloved ones who has to hear from their preacher what the situation is, so they can try and make [non]sense of it!  The Bible says, “… and their minds were darkened…” (even 2 Cor 3:13-18).  Selah.

Jesus nowhere held “a beautiful” funeral service!  He said Jn 1:1-4; 10:10; and He commanded Mt 10:8; and He demonstrated this in Lk 7:11-17 (Jn 11:41-45; 12:9-11).  Can you handle Jesus’ words in Jn 11:25-26; 12:48-50?

May you be blessed in Jesus’ name [not Moses, or some other man] – and see the Light (Jn 1:1-17; Col 1:11-23).

Peruse www.gospel-truth.co.za and contemplate those few subjects, if you will (dare).

Peace and joy in Christ – Phil 4:6-8 and 1 Thess 5:23 to you!


[1] The Jews had Jesus crucified with their temple police, the Romans found no guilt in Him – Jn 19:7,12-18; Acts 2:22,23; 3:13-15; 4:1,10 (with Mt 26:47-57).  Romans actually saved Paul from Jews – Acts 21:31-36; 22:22-24,30; 23:20,21,27-31.

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[6] Rom 15:19,20; 1 Cor 3:10-23; Eph 1:4-12; 2:20; Heb 11:10; 1 Pet 2:1-10

[7] Homosexuality is condemned by Scripture (Lev 18:22; 20:13; Rom 1:26-28), and contrary to the Gospel (Mt 19:4-6; 1 Cor 6:9; 1 Tim 1:10; 1 Thess 4:4-7; Rev 21:8).  Contemplate the paper “Homosexuality” on www.gospel-truth.co.za.

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[13] See the paper entitled “Baptism” by the same author – a decision [of trust in Christ] is involved, not a covenant.

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[16] See “Mixing Old and New” on www.gospel-truth.co.za.  Also, if you think Num 16:30 contradicts Eccl 1:9, read # 24.1. in the paper called “Apparent Controversies in the Bible” on the same website.

[17] If you are part of a group that want to relegate Revelation to a distant future, seriously and carefully consider Rev 15:8 with Mt 27:51; Heb 4:16; 10:19-21; and Rev 16:17 with the “ended” in Rev 15:8 and Jn 19:30 (same author, John 21:24).

[18] Refer to the paper “The Testimony” on www.gospel-truth.co.za.  The “Good News” only gets better and more awesome!