by Jannie

Israel – racism vs God’s Chosen People[1]

In this short meditation, we’ll try to honestly and openly examine at least the following ideas:

  1. The idea that the nation from the state Israel in the Middle East today has a special dispensation and favor as God’s “special people” – regardless of whether they conform to Rom 10:9-10 and Jn 3:16, due to simply their lineage as Israelites or Jews.  Quickly contemplate Isaiah 1:2 and Hos 1:6 with Mt 21:42-46; Jn 1:11-13,17; 3:3,16-21; 14:6; even Rom 3:9-10,23,28 (Jn 1:1-4,14,17; 16:9) with Ps 14:3.  Note in Rom 10:1 that Paul’s hope that Israel would be saved, means lineage has nothing to do with the righteousness God ascribes. Even Ex 3:15 and Acts 13:16-45 states that God was a God for certain people following Him [Jesus, Jn 14:6; Phil 3:9], not automatically the whole nation due to lineage.  It even specifically says … God of Abraham (a Chaldean), God of Isaac and of Jacob…” Peter reiterated this in Acts 10:34-35 and so did Paul in Rom 9:6-8,22-27!  Jesus addressed the multitudes (also Jews and Israelites) and specifically the scribes and Pharisees in Mt 23, and hear His rebuke in Mt 23:13,15!! We will examine this in this meditation, so please read on.
  2. The belief that only “pure white” people is the true Israel (“Lost ten tribes”).

For those with a biased obsession with Jews or Israelites as if God does, first consider the following:

Read Mt 21:33-46 and Heb 3:1-19 (2 Cor 3:9-18).  Bear Jn 1:1-17 in mind and note Jesus’ words in Mt 21:43, “Jesus asked them [Jews, Israelites], have you never read in the Scriptures: The very Stone which the builders rejected and threw away has become the Cornerstone; this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes? [Ps 118:22,23] Then Mt 21:43 continues with this remarkable statement by Jesus, “I tell you, for this reason the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce the fruits of it.” Consider 2 Ki 23:27; Jer 31:32; Hos 2:23; and Rom 9:16,24-33.

This is reiterated by Jesus in Jn 3:3; 15:1-6 and people such as Peter in Acts 10:34-35 for the New Testament dispensation.  More considerable, consider carefully Jesus’ statement in Rev 16:17 and Jn 19:30 (Jn 14:6; Rev 2:5)!

Furthermore, the Lord Jesus Christ asked [us] what reward we expect if we only love those who love us and hate even our enemies, for we should have the mind of Christ and bless those who curse us! (Mt 5:43-48; Lk 6:32-33; with Lk 6:28 in essence recapped By Paul in Rom 12:14-21).  This surely requires our attention.

Carefully and prayerfully ponder Isaiah 53 (Selah), comparing the copious credited historic records of Jesus Christ with these prophecies. Perhaps refer to the meditation “Who is Jesus Christ” as well. The sobering shock to the hardened follower of Judaism will be the realization of who Jesus Christ is; that He in fact is (was as prophesied) the Messiah; and that Judaism, that commenced with Judah (Gen 29:35) as the lineage of Jesus Christ (Mt 1:3; Lk 3:33), had no further justification when the Messiah Jesus was crucified! Note that the blessing of Joseph’s sons was an act of faith (Heb 11:21) and that Jacob, i.e. Israel, not the first-born Esau, received that blessing (Gen 26:23-34; 28:1-4; 32:24-29 and that Jacob, now Israel, realized that Man he wrestled with, was God); and most importantly, that the scepter of Jacob was prophesied to be only “until Shiloh come” (Gen 49:10). The crucifixion of Jesus Christ was very possibly then “the end of the world” (Heb 9:26 KJV), “… the consummation and close of the ages” (Heb 9:26 AMPL); that is, of Judaism! Carefully ponder Jn 19:30 (Rev 16:17) with Heb 9:12,26; 10:14 and indeed Ps 118:24! Consider Jer 31:31,32 (Lk 22:20; 1 Cor 11:25); Heb 8:6,13; 10:14.  This is hoped to be cleared up in this meditation and the others in

Externalism:  ill-conceived?

Religion comprises things such as rituals, tradition and ceremony. It is external.  Hear John the Baptist in Mt 3:6-10 and Jesus in Mk 7:9; 12:24 and Mt 15:6-9; 21:42-43; 23:15,24-28; and for that matter, Mt 23:3-7,13-15,23-28.

The point is (a) that the affectivity of our prayers, for instance, could be affected by this (Jm 1:6-8; considered in the meditation entitled “Prayer”); and (b) that it could mean that Jesus [later on] probably did not wear a Kippah! Jesus very probably was made to wear a Kippah as a young Jewish boy, but this author believes that Jesus would have stopped doing so at the latest with the events that occurred around Mt 3:11-17. (The meditation “Baptism” examines what Jesus could have repented from, for it certainly could not have been sin – 2 Cor 5:21; Mt 3:11,14-17).

The Kippa, kippah or Kippot(plural) is commonly identified worldwide as traditional Jewish headwear, although it is also worn by Muslims, Buddhists, other religious sects, as well as Roman Catholic clergy. In Judaism, kippot are almost always worn by Orthodox Jews, and customarily worn by Conservative & Reform Jews at weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, celebrations and festivals. Wearing a kippah is always required by Jews and non-Jews when entering a Synagogue, and highly recommended for Jews during prayer. But hear the intent of a real temple (synagogue) according to Jesus Christ the Messiah in Jn 2:13-22, reiterated by Paul in 1 Cor 6:15-20 and 1 Cor 3:16. Read Jn 2:16 with Ps 93:5; Jn 2:17 with Ps 69:9 and Jn 2:22 with Ps 16:10.

It is believed the roots of this issue with headgear go back to Old Testament Exodus 34:32-35 Other referenced passages of scripture include Exodus 28 (high priest vestments), I Kings 20:31 , II Samuel 15:30 (mourning) referring to head coverings Other referenced passages of scripture include Exodus 28 (high priest vestments), I Kings 20:31 , II Samuel 15:30 (mourning) referring to head coverings Other referenced passages of scripture include Exodus 28 (high priest vestments), I Kings 20:31 , II Samuel 15:30 (mourning) referring to head coverings Depending on culture, theology & even political views, Jews will wear kippot to identify themselves with their beliefs and particular sect, and to differentiate themselves from other groups, and non-Jews. Often kippot fabrics , style and/or color have become a sign of loyalty to a particular sect or movement.

The wearing of a kippa head covering is described by Jews as “honoring God”, and is said to shield men from the holiness of God. So a piece of man-made cloth shields man from the holiness of God? What about the Messiah? Would Phil 3:9; 2 Cor 13:5 or 1 Tim 2:5 make any more sense to such a Jew, once they have dared to carefully ponder Isaiah 53; even just Is 53:5-6 with 1 Pet 2:24-25 or Is 53:7-9 with Mt 27:57-60; 1 Pet 2:22-23 or Is 53:12 with Lk 22:37? (The meditations entitled “The Gospel” and “Who is is Jesus Christ?” refer.  Read it?)

Furthermore we read that circumcision holds no benefit for it is the spirit and soul that matters, not the external show through clothing and traditions (Rom 2:29; 1 Cor 7:19). Note that “commandments” in 1 Cor 7:19 is from ἐντολή, G1785, entolē, from G1781, an injunction, that is, an authoritative prescription but possibly more as a precept so that the principle [intent] is to be understood (1 Jn 2:4; Acts 10:34-35; 15:8-11; Gal 2:9; Heb 4:2.  The meditation “The Covenant and the Law” and “Mixing Old and New” refers).

Yarmulkes are often provided to even guests at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.  It is forbidden for even a small boy to recite any prayers or blessings if his head is uncovered. If one is in a place that is not suitable for a religious Jew to be in such as a party with mixed dancing (or perhaps even a museum or theatre) one should not remove one’s Kippah so as not to make a Chillul Hashem. In Judaism a chillul hashem (חילול השם‎) is an act that violates the prohibition in the Torah of desecrating (chillul) the name (hashem) of God. A chillul hashem occurs when a Jew acts immorally in the presence of others, either Jews or Gentiles.  Interestingly, if one cannot get a job unless one does not wear a Kippah at work, one does not have to forfeit one’s job for this mitzvah. (God can now not be revered at work?)  If they allow one to wear a regular hat one must wear such a hat. (Despite the prescriptions and disputes for a legit Kippah, an ordinary hat will now suffice?) Also, when one enters another room or the marketplace one must put ones Kippah back on even if one will be mocked – as long as there is no concern of losing one’s job…  Putting one’s hand on one’s head does not suffice to be able to make a bracha (In Judaism, a Bracha is a blessing or benediction recited at specific times during services and rituals), for one’s hand is not considered a Kippah; however, someone else’s hand or one’s sleeve is apparently sufficient?  If someone is wearing a wig with which there is a cloth underneath that’s not visible to the outside, there is a dispute whether it counts as a Kippah or not. Some wear double layers of cloth – a Kippah and a hat!

Any degree of orthodoxy in a Jewish man will have him wear a kippah, also called a yarmulke – at least visiting a synagogue. Note that 2 Sam 15:30 and Jer 14:3 speak of bare feet and covering of heads to symbolize sorrow, humiliation and shame. It is not a literal prescription of what to wear and certainly not that clothing could physically affect a real relationship with God (Jn 4:23-24; Rom 2:29; 8:14).  Note with Rom 2:29 that the reference is to Jews with such lineage, not self-proclaimed “Israelites” (Rev 2:9; 3:9)!

Compare rules such as applicable to the Kippah above, with Rom 2:29 that address the principle of spiritual matters compared to literal. Similarly, in Dt 6:8 do we find reference to what you should think and how to act and not necessarily literally what to do or wear as a ritual. This Jewish tradition also seems to contrast with 1 Cor 11:4.  But note that in 1 Cor 11:3-5 Paul explains the shallow interpretation of having to wear headgear or not. No, he says, the head [that must not be covered] of the man is Christ and a man should not pretend to be teaching, admonishing or comforting if he cannot reveal Jesus Christ the Messiah (Gal 1:6-9; Phil 3:9), the only salvation plan of God. Conversely, wives should not reveal [expose intimate things] of their husbands (their heads) publicly. Compare the ritual of circumcision as well, with Gal 5:6 and Col 2:11-23; even Jn 7:19-24.

So then, let’s start afresh by pondering the following Scriptures as well in its context:

  • “…And He shall be a sanctuary [a sacred and indestructible asylum to those who reverently fear and trust in Him]; but He shall be a Stone of stumbling and a Rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, a trap and a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem…” (Is 8:14).  Now compare this prophecy with Ps 118:2; Is 28:6; Rom 9:33; 1 Pet 2:4-8.
  • “… And do not presume to say to yourselves, We have Abraham for our forefather; for I tell you, God is able to raise up descendants from these stones!…” (Mt 3:9)
  • “… Jesus answered him, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, that unless a person is born again, he cannot ever see (know be acquainted with, and experience) the kingdom of God…” (Jn 3:3)
  • Jn 8:30 “… And as He said these things, many believed in Him.

(:31)  So Jesus said to those Jews who had believed in Him, If you abide in My word [hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them], you are truly My disciples.

(:32)  And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.

(:33)  They answered Him, we are Abraham’s offspring and have never been in bondage to anybody.  What do You mean by saying, You will be set free?

(:34)  Jesus answered them, I assure you, most solemnly I tell you, Whoever commits and practices sin is the slave of sin…

(:35) Now a slave does not remain in a household permanently; the son does remain forever.

(:36)  So if the Son liberates you [make you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free.

(:37)  I know you are Abraham’s offspring; yet you plan to kill Me, because My word has no entrance in you.

(:38)  I tell you these things which I have seen and learned at My Father’s side, and your actions also reflect what you have heard and learned from your father.

(:39)  They retorted, Abraham is our father.  Jesus said, If you were Abraham’s children, then you would do the works of Abraham.

(:40)  But now [instead] you are wanting and seeking to kill Me, a man Who has told you the truth which I have heard from God.  This is not the way Abraham acted.

(:41)  You are doing the works of your [own] father.  They said to Him, We are not illegitimate children and born out of fornication; we have one Father, even God.

(:42)  Jesus said to them, if God were your Father, you would love Me and respect me and welcome Me gladly, for I proceeded from God.  I did not even come on My own authority or of My own accord but He sent Me.

(:43) Why do you misunderstand what I say? It is because you are unable to hear what I am saying [you cannot bear to listen to My message; your ears are shut to My teaching.]

(:44)  You are of your father, the devil, and it is your will to practice the lusts and gratify the desires [which are characteristic] of your father.  He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand the truth, because there are no truth in him. When he speaks a falsehood, he speaks what is natural to him, for he is a liar and the father of lies and of all that is false…”

(Read on your own verses 45 to 59).

  • In Rom 9 we read, “… To them belong the patriarchs, and as far as His natural descent was concerned, from them was the Christ, Who is exalted and supreme over all, God, blessed forever! Amen! However, it is not as though God’s Word had failed. For it is not everybody who is a descendant of Jacob (Israel) who belongs to [the true] Israel.  And they are not all children of Abraham because they are by blood his descendants.  No, [the promise was] Your descendants will be called and counted as through the line of Isaac [though Abraham had an older son]. [Gen 21:9-12]  That is to say, it is not the children of the body [of Abraham] who are made God’s children, but the offspring to whom the promise applies that shall be counted [as Abraham’s true] descendants…” (verses 5 to 8)  It continues in verse 25-27 as follows, “… Just as He says in Hosea, Those who were not My people I will call My people, and her who was not beloved [I will call] My beloved. [Hos 2:23]  And it shall be that in the very place where it was said to them, You are not My people, they shall be called sons of the living God.” [Hos 1:10]… Read carefully, Rom 9:24-33. Note Hos 2:23 at Rom 9:25; Is 10:22-23 at Rom 9:27; Is 1:9 at Rom 9:29; Is 51:1 at Rom 9:30-33; and Is 8:14 and Is 28:16 with Ps 118:22; Mt 21:42; Acts 4:1; Eph 2:20 and 1 Pet 2:4-6 at Rom 9:33.  As if Rom 9:29 should not be sobering enough…
  • John, after having received the Revelation of Jesus Christ on Patmos, tells us in Jn 1:9-14, “… There He was – the True Light coming into the world that illuminates every [willing] person [Is 49:6]. He came into the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him.  He came to that which belonged to Him, and they who were His own did not receive Him and did not welcome Him.  But to as many as did receive and welcome Him, He gave the authority to become the children of God, that is, to those who believe in His name [Is 56:5] – who own their birth neither to bloods nor to the will of the flesh [physical impulse] nor to the will of man [ a natural father] but to God [born of God].  And the Word (Christ) became flesh (human incarnate) and tabernacle among us; and we actually saw His glory, such glory as only the begotten son receives from His father, full of grace and truth [Is 40:5]”.  Verse 17 says, “ For while the Law was given through Moses, grace [unearned, undeserved favor and spiritual blessing] and truth came through Jesus Christ.” [Ex 20:1]
  • Paul, in Rom 10:1-4, says, “… Brethren, with all my heart’s desire and goodwill [for Israel], I long and pray to God that they may be saved. I bear them witness that they have a certain zeal and enthusiasm for God, but it is not enlightened and according to [correct and vital] knowledge. For being ignorant of the righteousness of what God ascribes [that makes one acceptable to Him in word, thought, and deed] and seeking to establish a righteousness of their own, they did not obey or submit themselves to God’s righteousness.  For Christ is the end of the law [the purpose of the Law is fulfilled in Him] as the means of righteousness (right relationship to God) for everyone who trusts in and adheres to and relies on Him…”

Let’s now continue with examining this righteousness that God ascribes (Phil 3:9)

For those Christians adopting Jewish customs and names, contemplate Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9.  At the end of this meditation, the question can again be asked, but hopefully with more insight, why? (Jn 4:23-24)

Note here that a foundational Truth (Jn 8:32,36; 14:6), missed by many, is in Eph 3:5-6 (Refer to Rom 10:1-4).  Consider and apply the test mentioned in 1 Jn 1:1-3 and 2 Jn 1:7-11; then continue.

Beware of too hastily or superficially skipping the scriptures above in an attempt to “get the point” by facetiously scanning only the text in this little meditation.  The following introductory clarification is offered as found thus far from the Word of God (2 Tim 3:15-17):

  • Only by believing – and following – Jesus Christ [His precepts, teachings], can anyone be called a child of God.  There is no other way to God the Father.  (Jn 1:12-13,17; 14:6)
  • Anyone not believing That Jesus was God in the flesh, and the promised Savior, is not of God (1 Jn 4:1-4).  There is no other way to be saved (Rom 10:9-10; 1 Jn 2:4; Acts 4:12).  This was/is God’s only salvation plan for mankind (1 Cor 3:11; Eph 1:3-12; 2:13-21; Phil 2:8-11; Col 1:11-20; 1Pet 1;18-23; Jn 1:1-4; Rev 13:8; 17:8; 21:6-8).  God is omniscient and thus knew from the start who would love and follow Him truly… (Jn 4:24; 14:23-26; Rom 8:14)…
  • The kingdom was “taken away” (as a result of their own choice and actions) from the self-righteous “Jews” (Israelites) and given to “those who bear the fruits thereof” (Mt 21:43; 10:8; 15:6-9; 28:18-20.  Also, 1 Sam 2:30; Amos 8:2 with Rom 9:31-33; 11:20,21; 1 Cor 10:5; Eph 1:17-23; 3:1-6 (Gal 1:6-9); even Heb 3:16-19. Observe Ex 32:9; 33:1-5; Dt 9:6,13 with what is summarized when Stephen was stoned (Acts 7:37-39,43,51-53). There are more so read on.
  • God has no special dispensation [other way] for some persons or nations (Acts 10:34-35; Jn 14:6; Rom 9:30-39; Phil 3:9; 1 Tim 1:4; 2:5).
  • Only a re-born [Christian] will see the Kingdom of God (Jn 3:3,16-21).

We will now continue by considering these statements…

We might want to start by not trying to rewrite the Bible, but to rather re-read the Bible!

We should also be cautious what we use as our source[2].  Do you for instance, think highly of “The star of David” portrayed by Israelites/”Jews”? Then research and contemplate Acts 7:43 (then the whole of Acts 7).  Read your Bible and listen to Jesus Christ!!  Start now with Is 1:3-4; 29:13-16 and Mt 21:43; 23:13, Jn 3:3,16-21; bear Heb 1:1-2 in mind and then please continue.

If you believe [have been told/taught] that (a) [only] Israelites/Jews are God’s special people; and (b) God blinded them to Christ as if they had no choice, you will be shocked out of your religion by an honest and open look at Scripture.  This is discussed in a little more detail further on under that heading on page 4.

The Israeli nation with their land in the Middle East today are often referred to – and apparently understood by many to be – the Kingdom of God.  Is this correct?  Why, because of a historical connection with Israel? Gen 35:28-30 will reveal that “Israelites” (Israel’s descendants, with Jacob – or “Israel” – having lived around 1859 – 2006 BC for 147 years) appeared long after the father of our Faith, Abraham the Chaldean (Gen 11:27-12:1), lived (Rom 4:16; Gal 3:16-17)!  Hearing Jesus Christ [God] in Lk 17:20-21(with just Acts 10:34,35-43; Gal 2:6; 4:26,27; 2 Cor 4:6-7,17-18; Eph 2:16-22), it should be clear that the kingdom of God [what God has in mind and prepared for us in Jesus Christ], is a Spiritual realm wherever we as children of God might be (Lk 17:20-21; Jn 1:12 ; Rom 8:14), Jew or no Jew; but rather as a re-born Christian (Jn 3:3)!  The kingdom of God is thus not a restricted geographical area in the Middle East!

First, honestly and prayerfully contemplate Acts 10:15,28,34-48 (repeated in Acts 11:9,10-18 and 28:25-31)[3].  The same message is found, for example, in Dt 9:6 and explained in Phil 3:9.  We will do well to carefully study Acts 6-7 with Heb 8:13; 9:8-14.  Then consider the meditation “Mixing Old and New” by this author, if you will.  See who Saul (the ex-Pharisee, Jew) were to be freed from in Acts 26:17,18 after his re-birth (Jn 3:3; 14:6; Rom 8:14)… yes, their eyes – the Jews and gentiles – had to be opened and freed from the power of Satan (Acts 26:18)!  This might be a shock, but bear in mind that the Book of Acts is the documenting of the start of the Christian Church history (called “Acts”, not “Talks”) with miraculous results following (Mk 16:16-20; Jn 17:15-20). No person’s lineage brings any human salvation.  Only a re-born follower of [the precepts of] Jesus Christ can see the Kingdom of God (Jn 3:3; Mt 7:15-23; Acts 4:12)!

Take/make the time to carefully contemplate Eph 2 and remember who Paul was talking to (Eph 1:1-4) … see who had to be enlightened about misconceptions of “lineage”…  compare Eph 2:8-9 with Rom 1:17; 3:20… Phil 3:9… God’s Grace does not mean that you (some) are a “pure white race” and because of this lineage is saved from hell; God’s Grace applies to all who believes God’s plan of salvation – Jesus Christ – whoever you are! Don’t be obstinate and reject this Truth outright, be honest and read this meditation in its entirety to its end – prayerfully (Js 1:5-8).

God is Love, and He so loved the world… but you so hate certain ethnic groups?  God loves us allHe says “all” repeatedly and you rather trust your prejudiced understanding and men who tell you those original Greek Scripts were wrong?  Gen 12:3 was made to Abraham, not Moses or Judah.  Jesus Christ is the Seed of Abraham (Gal 3:16).  Thus, does the Church [Body of Christ, Eph 1:19-23] inherit the promise made to Jesus Christ (Gen 12:3; Gal 3:29; Rom 8:14-17)!  Get the revelation of Jesus Christ, not theories of thieves that steal sonship (Jn 10:1-10).  1 Cor 3:17 means exactly the opposite as what “Israel-preachers” propagate! Over, and over again, the Bible speaks of people in Christ that are His from the foundation of the earth!  No other foundation can be laid than Jesus Christ (1 Cor 3:11).  See Gal 3:8; 1 Pet 1:18-20; Heb 8:13; 11:10-13; 2 Tim 2:19-21 (and note the whoever in v.21); also Eph 1:4-23; 2:20 (note in Eph 1that Jesus Christ – not Judah, Moses, or your father or your religious preacher – is far above the rule and authority and power and dominion and all other names).  Any honest reader of the above Scriptures, will note that God has not “changed”, but that this was God’s fore-knowledge [and salvation plan] from the foundation of the world – that whoever believes Him [that Jesus Christ is your righteousness, your Redeemer and Savior – not Judah, Moses, or your ethnic lineage], are the ones God choose and they will be [in their hearts] the real people of God by faith [not ethnic lineage].  Only those who are being led by His Spirit will be His children…


Note at 2 Sam 7:24. Take care to understand correctly a statement such as “… to be Your people forever…”  Read also statements such as Hos 1:4 and consider Mt 21:42-43 and Rom 9:6-8,22-27.  First, words or concepts such as “forever” need deeper insight for a fuller and more accurate contextual understanding. Always take careful note of who is speaking.  For instance, when reading “… the Lord loved Israel forever…” the reader should realize it was spoken there by the queen of Sheba (1 Ki 10:9).  There are also verses such as Dt 9:6; 31:27 or Jer 17:20,23. Another example is the misquote from Job 1:21 (35:16; 42:3 – expanded on in the meditation “The Testimony” note (a) on p.7/27).  Second, a statement such as “… And You have established for Yourself Your people Israel to be Your people forever, and you, Lord, became their God” (2 Sam 7:24), does not mean God is [a] God exclusively for a certain group of people and none else!  It merely states what He is for/to them as he was to Hagar or later to/for anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, be they Greeks or South Africans (Col 1:26-28; Eph 1:3-13; 3:3-4,9-12,14-21; Jn 3:16; Rom 10:9-10). Some statements in scripture are plainly misread.  An example here is 1 Ki 9:5, where the proviso “If they… then I…” is missed by some.  This is why Rom 8:14 says that only those who follow His Spirit [Christ in us] can be called sons of God (Jn 1:12; 4:24; Acts 4:12; Rom 9:7-11,24-27).

Forever?  Refer to the Hebrew concordance for H5703, H5704, H5329, H5331, H5769 and H5956. There are references implying literal eternity [never ending], as in Ex 15:18.  But, there are numerous instances in The Bible where the word “forever” is used with the meaning that address a lasting effect or result that cannot be reversed but was/is limited to a specific time and purpose.  It basically points to what cannot be ignored, or altered, or repeated even though it has stopped, like a sort of memorial or lesson to others.  Observe here, for example, Ex 19;19 with 2 Tim 4:2-4; or translations that says a servant shall serve his master henceforth “forever” when it obviously means for the remainder of his life on earth, not eternity [heaven as well] (Ex 21:6).  The meditation “Hell” expands on this concept. The wonderful grace of God can also be seen in comparing the Old with the NT in Christ as in Dt 23:1-3 that said who were to be excluded from God “forever” but now have Gods promise as in Jn 3:16-20; Acts 10:9-10; even Acts 10:34-35.  Take special note of 1 Sam 2:30 that goes on to verse 31 and eventually leads to scriptures such as 1 Pet 1:18; 1 Jn 4:1-3; Jn 1:17; 9:28; Mt 7:15-23; 21:42-43; Acts 4:12 and so on (expanded on in the meditations “The Gospel”, et al).



A huge error.  It is a fatal mistake to think all people [created, designed by God] are God’s children, even for merely being a Jew!  Contemplate just 1 Sam 2:30; Ps 91:14; Prov 8:17; 16:5; Jn 1:1-4,10-12,17; 3:17-21; 8:31-47; 14:6,21-26; Rom 8:14; Js 1:5 to see what [Who] the  Truth is (Jn 8:32,36)!

See the short meditation “Who is Jesus Christ” by this author, and contemplate any obsession with OT curses and other OT figures.  By the way, note that Balaam erred (Jude 1:11,19) and in Num 24:17 also points to Jesus Christ as our only Savior (Gen 49:10; Ez 21:27; Is 9:6-7; Jn 14:6).  Think about Joshua (Josh 1:1-3) that was a foreshadow (prophecy) – Heb 9:8-10:23. It might be enlightening to contemplate Gen 49:10 with the statement that “… the sceptre will be with Judah until Shiloh [The Messiah, the Peaceful One] comes to Whom it belongs, and to Him shall be the obedience of the people.”  (Emphasis mine; consider also 1 Tim 2:5; and Num 24:17 and Ps 60:7 with Gal 3:19; Rom 3:20.  Now contemplate Ez 21:27; Rom 5:12; 1 Cor 15:45 with Gen 1:26-28 and Mt 28:18 with Phil 4:13.  Do you get it? This is why the Bible have claims such as Mt 28:18; Phil 2:9; 3:9; Col 3:15-18; Rev 2:13; 3:8,12; 14:1.  Take very careful note of Rev 22:18,19…

We should first check ourselves for a hardened heart [towards the Word/Truth of God].  Be careful for doctrines of man that make racism make sense, and not the Word of God.  Do not get confused or misled.  The moment you have to start adding words to what the Bible [Jesus] clearly [sufficiently] state, so that the scripture can fit your doctrine, you should seriously rethink Jesus’ words in Mk 7:13; and Rev 22:18-19.

And just in case you are quick to say that your heart is not hardened towards God, let us again [first] hear Jesus in Mk 8:1-21,33-38. Just prior to this (Mk 6:52), Jesus pointed out that any insensitivity, or lack of perception or understanding of the Spiritual meaning of His words, is an indication of hardness of heart towards God (Jn 4:24; 6:63; Mt 12:30-37; Rom 8:26).  As an example, if signs and miracles of God – today – amazes [surprises] you, it is because your heart is [was] hardened towards God!  We should not be surprised when miracles happen but rather when they do not happen [after prayer].  Be real, and think about it.

Question:  If you are a child of God by nature of your birth as a descendant of Israel [Jacob, or Judah], and you follow the ten commandments; and if only the descendants of Jacob [Israel] can be saved; why did God have to manifest in the body of a Man as Jesus Christ and pay with His Blood on His cross at Golgotha?  Why did this Jesus say that God so loved the world, that “whosoever” and “all” who believes Him can get everlasting life and be called children of God in His name and by His authority (Jn 1:12-13; Mt 28:18-20)?

If you are a child of God anyway by your own blood [and that of your lineage], why need the blood of Jesus Christ?  If only blood descendants of Israel are saved by their genealogy, what did Jesus have to pay for?  What did Jesus say [has He done that for]?  Are you saying God made the biggest blunder in the universe?

Furthermore, 1 Jn 4:8 clearly says that God is love. It continues to verse 21 saying that if you don’t love one another (even your enemy, Mt 5:43-48), you are not of God and does not know God [Love]! Jesus gave us a command to love one another as He has loved us (Jn 15:12).  Now, God so loved the world… (Jn 3:16)…  And if you think black people are omitted here, consider just Symeon (a black prophet and inspired teacher of God) in Acts 13:1-2.  1 Jn 4:13 says, “By this we come to know (perceive, recognize and understand) that we abide (live and remain) in Him and He in us:  because He has given (imparted) to us of His Holy Spirit.” So this Symeon was recognized by Jesus’ disciples to be a re-born brother in Christ, filled by God’s Spirit.

Do not continue before openly and prayerfully [honestly] contemplating the following: Jn 3:3; 2 Cor 5:15-21; 10:2-11; Eph 4:23-31; Col 1:13-23; 3:1-17.

Allow the author as an introduction, to give a short, plain and simple explanation on this subject; and then to point you to Jesus Christ Himself, and Scripture passages, to apply Jn 10:27-29 and experience – perhaps really for the first time – Jn 8:32,36.  Note here who Jesus was talking to (Jn 8:31,34,39-59); and carefully re-consider 1 Cor 3:11; 2 Cor 4:4-7; 1 Jn 2:2-4.  God is [the Source of] Love and does not manipulate.  You have [some, selective] love; but God is Love and His grace and mercy endures foreverJesus Christ reconciliated all believers to God (Rom 5:12,17-18; 8:1-3), you or your preacher cannot close that door (Jn 10:9; Rev 3:8; 4:1).  God choose those who [He knew beforehand would] choose Him (Jn 3:15-21), and they who believe [follow/trust] Jesus Christ to be their Savior, not those who is so self-righteous that they reason themselves righteous by following traditions of men (Mk 7:13; Jn 4:24; 14:6,23-27); or rationalizing hatred towards other people.  Note that God through Jesus Christ either referred to “The Law of Moses” or to “My Commands”[4].  If you know Jesus Christ, you will know the old is gone and a new has come (Heb 8:13).

A glaring observation here: All who subscribe to the pure (mind you) white people as the lost ten tribes of Israel, and who sides with Israel/Jews as being God’s elect today [despite their fruit, words from their lips]; they all exhibit the same resistance to Holy Spirit as those mentioned in Rom 9 (note vs. 7,8,16-33 and Acts 7 (note vs. 51-60).  Do you remember John in Mt 3:11 and Jesus’ words in Mt 12:30-37; 14:23-26? So do all of these believers in this “Israel-teaching” today still act the same way to anyone who says what Jesus and His followers said (Mt 21:33-46; Acts 7:51-60; Rom 9:5-8,25-33; and so on).  And you don’t see it?

Carefully, and slowly, contemplate Heb 10:26-39 with Jn 16:9; and Rev 2:9; 3:9 with Acts 26:13-23.

Note at Mt 3:9. Carefully reconsider Jn 8:31-45; Rom 9:4-8,25,26; Acts 10:34,35. Don’t skip these scriptures!  It is not the blood of our forefathers [ascendants] who determine our heritage [sonship]; but [anyone’s] acceptance of the price paid with the Blood of Jesus Christ, the Seed of Abraham, the Heir to Whom the promise was made (Ez 21:27; Gal 3:16).  Those who [whosoever] trust on Jesus Christ to be their righteousness, has in the name of Jesus Christ the authority to be called a child of God – in other words, not because of what sperm and blood [DNA] of man you are born from, but whether you are born of God’s Seed [His Word] and the blood of Jesus Christ (Jn 1:13,17; 3:3-12; Mk 7:13; 1 Pet 1:18; 1 Cor 15:45-51; 2 Cor 5:14-21; Rom 8:14-24; 9:1-33; 10:1-21).

When God created Adam, He did it already as a Father [everlasting, even Jesus in Is 9:6!], our roots go back to God creating us in the beginning (around 4 000 B.C.), not merely Abraham that lived post-flood, in around 2 000 – 1825 B.C. (Adam lived 175 years – Gen 25:7 – and the flood was 2 349 B.C.).  We are today supposed to be in crafted to the Tree of Live – Jesus Christ – and not the [a] tree of knowledge between good and evil [mixed] or blessing and calamity (Is 5:18-21?).  Only in Christ can we be true children of God (Rom 8:2,14; 11:17-22; Acts 4:12).  The tree (any person, Mt 12:33; Mk 8:24; Lk 13:6-9; Mt 21:43-46; Phil 3:9) is either dead – like the cross Jesus paid on with His blood; or is Life [everlasting] – Jn 3:15-21; 14:6; Col 3:4; Rev 2:7; 22:14!  Adam gave our authority away in a [the] garden [paradise] but Jesus Christ, our last/second Adam regained our authority in a garden (Rom 5:12; 1 Cor 15:45; Mt 28:18; Phil 4:13…).  We are to be rooted in [go back to] God, not a man, even be he Abraham, a Chaldean who fathered the Israelites and the Jewish nation (Acts 10:34-35).  Therefore are Christians (even Jews that should be Christians too, Acts 4:12; Rom 9:6-8, 25-27!), not refer to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; but to Abba [real, able, active, willing] Father (Rom 8:14-17, 29-39)!

We do not pray to [have a living, continuous relationship with] the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob [only]; we are sons [co-heirs, spiritual children] of God as our Father if we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and when we follow His teachings (Mt 6:9; 1 Jn 2:4). Those OT people did not have Jn 1:12 (Rom 8:14-17) to read yet, so they talked about “the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob” – who were a Chaldean (Gen 11:27-12:1), and sons who both were not the first-born! Selah. Hear Jesus in Jn 8:31-47-59; Mt 21:42-45; (Mt 19:28-30).  If Jesus says whosoever, or all [any] who believes… It is exactly what He means.  Paul also thought so (Gal 2:13-16; 3:10-12,16,19,24-29; Rom 10:9-21; and so on).  See the difference between a doctrine that makes racism make sense as apposed to the Truth that Jesus Christ as the Word of God declares!  Be careful here.

Note that this was God’s plan from the foundation of the earth, namely that man was supposed to have a personal relationship with God; not that man should have religion (rituals, ceremonies, traditions), and certainly not that man should be self-righteous in vain attempts to follow his own knowledge between good and bad, blessing and calamity.  No, we should be clothed with Jesus Christ (Rom 13:10-14).

The issue of mentioning the two sons (Ishmael and Isaac; and Esau and Jacob), can be better understood by studying Gal 4:21-31; and Rom 9-10.  Note that Ishmael and Esau respectively, were the firstborn, but not the inheritors (Gal 4:1-12; Jn 15:1-8).  Note also that God referred to Isaac as Abraham’s only son, despite the fact that Ishmael was already born of Abraham’s sperm and blood (Gen 22:2), that is, of a human desire/idea and not the promise of God in Isaac (that Jesus would come).  One Bridegroom stays faithful and committed to His Bride.  Jesus Christ stays committed to His Church, His Body, the people in whom He dwells because they [whosoever] welcomes Him habitually and continually and unconditionally into their thought-life; He does not favor ethnic groups (Acts 10:34-35). Have you grasped Gal 1:6-16; 2:4-6,13-16,19-21; 3:1-29 yet?  Seriously and quietly before God, go now and slowly read and contemplate and comprehend Eph 1:3-23; 2:1-22; Gal 5:4,18; Col 1:11-29; Rom 11:11; Jn 14:6; and yes, Jn 3:15-21; Col 3:8-11!

Note how self-righteousness [law] blinds one to the Spiritual Truth of God ( 2 Cor 3:1-18; Js 1:22-25) with human reasoning, accepting lies from thieves (false teachers) that [even unintentionally] steal our true sonship from God the Father (Jn 10:1-11).  Have you heard the spiritual blind in Jn 9:28 (Jn 16:1-3; Mt 7:15-24)?  Let us go back to what Jesus Christ has taught, and those first disciples in His Name.

Contemplate – very carefully – the following Scriptures: Ez 21:27 with Rom 3:10,20-30.  Note that Rom 3:31 now is then the result of Rom 8:14.  Study the meditation “The Covenant and the Law” by the author.

Consider also, very carefully, 1 Pet 1:18; 1 Pet 2:1-10; 2 Cor 5:14-21; 6:14-18 (Rom 8:14-39).  Bare in mind that unbelievers are any who do not believe Jesus Christ, “church” or not (Jn 14:6).  Also Rev 22:18-19…

Schools of thought that emerged under this “Israel” heading can be categorized as:

  1. The teaching that the pure white races in the world are the lost tribes of Israel and that [certain] black people are unable to be saved [“go to heaven”, obtain eternal Life].
  2. That the Jews [A.D.] are God’s select special people that can be saved by some special dispensation [without having to believe that Jesus Christ has come as the Savior].
  • That there is a curse on those who are anti-Jew [“anti-Semitic”], more than those who are anti-Zulu.
  • That the Jews will fulfill Biblical prophecy by re-building their tabernacle
  • That any Jewish festivals or rituals or Hebrew words , holds a special blessing, if still observed today

Let us look at Scripture and put these lies to rest.

  1. Does Scripture teach exclusion of certain ethnic groups from God’s kingdom?


The church history, as noted in Acts 2:2-4,16-21(fulfilling Joel 2:28-32) –22-45; 13:1-2,26 (Ampl); and 1 Cor 8:1-3; or Eph 1:5-15; cannot be ignored (2 Tim 3:16-17).  Neither can anyone following Jesus Christ ignore the words of Jesus Christ.  Contemplate Scriptures such as Jn 1:11-13,17; Jn 3:15-19; Mt 28:18-20.  Neither can one ignore teachings such as Rom 9:25-27,30; 10:9-13; Gal 2:15-21; 3:8-12,16,29; 4:21-31; Phil 2:9-11; Col 1:21-29; 1 Tim 2:7; Heb 4:2 (Gal 3:8; 1 Pet 4:6); 2 Pet 3:9; etc.  “All” means all, and “whosoever” means “whosoever”!  Amazingly, many people stubbornly insist on reading with pre-conceived ideas.

Considering the prayer of Jesus Christ just prior to His crucifixion in Jn 17:15-20, and read with His commission afterwards in Mt 28:18-20; we must conclude that the disciples with Him [and us believing Jesus and responding to His call], were/are not demented, and so the account in Acts 8:25-38 where Philip brought the gospel [of Jesus Christ unto salvation to those who believe – Rom 1:16] to a black Ethiopian eunuch should tell us something.  Would Philip do this if the Ethiopian could not be saved as a “black” person?  And on what basis is an Ethiopian “black person” different from another “black”?  See Ps 84:12.  If you consider Dt 23:1 and study Dan 1, you will see that even though Daniel was made an eunuch and had a name-change, God was still with him [who seeks Him] because of a personal relationship, not because of religion [ceremonies, rituals, tradition, law], or ethnic identity.

Also, consider the fact that Obed-edom was a “black” man (a Gittite – v. 10), then read 2 Sam 6, and see that Obed-edom was fit to house the arc of the covenant for three months while the Jew Uzzah was struck dead touching the same arc.  (“playing” before the arc in 2 Sam 6:5,6 implies more a shallow, flippant, arrogant ignorance than praise, and was not the way God’s glory was to be restored.  They did not seem to understand what was happening anyway[5]).  What is more, Obed-edom and his household was so blessed by the Lord (v. 11) that David was moved to go back and get the arc [seeing God’s grace and righteous towards these “black people”].  This Obed-edom helped David make music [Psalms] and partook in praise and worship to the Lord (1 Chron 16:1-7,16,20-23; 26:8).  Then 1 Sam 16:23; and Rom 10:9-13 is also of interest here.

Also, see Acts 13:1-2.  Symeon was called Niger (black) and was a prophet, an inspired interpreter of the word of God and a teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, in the church at Antioch.

Any racist view also ignores obvious Scriptures like Acts 10:34-35; Jn 3:15-17; 14:6,23-24; Mt 28:18-20; Mk 16:16-20; and so on.  And if you think “all the nations” are only referring to Israel, try a dictionary.

  1. Another form of “racism” [God’s supposed favoritism] is the pre-occupancy with “Israel”, specifically Jews (or those in the lineage of Judah, playing with terminology and words).

Test this view with Mt 3:9; 21:42-46; Rom 2:9-11; 9:7,8,25-27; 10:1-21; 1 Cor 3:9-21; Jn 3:16-21; 9:22,28.

And especially Mt 19:28-30 with Mt 21:43…

Ask a Jew if Jesus Christ has come in the flesh as the Messiah, then test the answer to 1 Jn 4:1-4.  Also, carefully consider Acts 2:21-45. Yes, friend, those Israelites wanted to know how they could be saved!

Throughout history the Israelites seem to have missed the Father of Love, Grace and righteousness and tried self-righteousness (apply own knowledge/effort as a means to obtain righteousness – Gen 2:9c – and only when it suited them – Acts 7:51; Jn 1:17; 9:28).  If 1 Kings 6:13 rule your thoughts, try it with Scriptures such as Rom 9:4-8,25-33, with Gal 3:16.  Also remember Jn 14:6 and read Prov 17:13,15; 24:24; Lk 11:48; Mt 21:42-46 (Mt 19:28); then take into account the self-declaration of the Jewish people in Jn 19:6-7,12-15 (1 Sam 8:7,18) and so on… and then that the Romans handed Jesus over “to them” (the Jews, Jn 18:36; 19:16) to be crucified [by their Jewish temple police, the same who arrested Jesus in Gethsemane[6]].

In the meditation “The Covenant and The Law” it is mentioned that a covenant can cease to exist if broken by one of the two parties involved (Jer 31:32 with Rom 9).  Contemplate this principle observed in Zech 11:10-11 with 2 Sam 1:19; Lam 2:1-22-32 (Compare Js 4:2-7 with 1 Pet 3:7 and Js 1:5-8 and Phil 3:9!); Ez 16:14-15,25 and Mt 21:42…

The promise we inherit (not work for, Heb 7; Gal 3:29) was made to Abraham – not Moses.  This Moses is in Dt 28, and this Abraham is found in Gen 12:3; 22:17.  Now study Eph 1:4-2:22; 2:16-20 and you will see that we who follow Jesus Christ [His teachings, His Word, Spirit], are the true Israel, the Body of Christ, His Church [city] in Whom He dwells continually and habitually.  Hear Jesus in Jn 5:37-47; 8:31-59.

By the way, Abraham was a Chaldean (Gen 11:27-12:1; 15:7), and Elijah a Tishbite (1 Kings 17:1), not Israelites (Gen 32:28) or Jews (descendants from Judah).  For those boasting on being circumcised, see 1 Cor 7:19.

  • Gen 12:3 was made to Abraham, not Moses or Jews. Jesus Christ is the Seed of Abraham (Gal 3:16,29).  Thus the Church [Body of Christ, Eph 1:19-23] inherits the promise made to Jesus Christ (Gen 12:3).  1 Cor 3:17 means exactly the opposite as what “Israel-preachers” propagate!  Then also, contemplate Mt 23:28-39; 27:16-25 (Josh 2:19); Jn 5:23,30,30-47; 14:6; 6:48-59; 8:23,52; 9:28-30,39; 10:19,20; 18:36-37; 19:7; even Rom 2:9-11 with Is 5:18-21; Jn 3:17-21…
  • Jesus said Mt 12:6,7; Jn 2:19-21[7] (Acts 7:48). See 1 Cor 3:16-19; 2 Cor 6:16-18; Rev 7:15.
  • Heb 8:13; 9:8; 7:12-17,24,28; 10:12-14; Gal 4:5-11,19-31; Eph 2:15-16,22; avoid this world[8]

Did God blind them [Israelites/Jews] and hardened their hearts?

Carefully consider the following.  Also, why only some seem to have been “blinded” and “hardened” for numerous other Israelites/Jews were converted, re-born and followed Christ!  Saul (Paul), was but one…

The meditations “The Will” and “Apparent Controversies in The Bible” paragraph 5.2 expand on this, but for now, know that God’s sovereignty means that He is above all – not that He does all!  God is Love and Love never manipulates!  You have to understand Who God – as a perfect Father – is and who He is not before jumping to conclusions about Scriptures such as Jn 12:40.  You have to realize that God took responsibility for the free will He has given us (Jn 3:16; Heb 4:11-16) but in true [timeless] “Bible language” talk to people who has to first drop their self-righteous haughtiness to “see” what He is really saying!  Don’t be shallow [or offended!] by not contemplating at least the following as well: 2 Cor 4:3-4; 3:13-15; Jn 9:28,39-41.  Do you see the choice they had made??  Even Ex 8:32 says that Pharoah had hardened his own heart [mind] out of his own choice [but because God acknowledge that He had given him that will/choice and so does a Perfect Father say He had done it!!!]. Please get the revelation!

The Samaritans & Ten Lost Tribes

Are the 144 000 in Rev 7 actually 12 000 literal Israelites from their 12 respective tribes? Even though this belief is common it quickly becomes obvious that this is simply impossible. Even a casual look at the OT reveals this important clue. The 10 northern tribes gave themselves completely over to idolatry.  God allowed the Assyrians to carry them away in 722 BC 2 Ki 17:6).

When the tribes of Judah and Benjamin were later carried off to Babylon, after spending 70 years in captivity, thousands returned. But with the 10 tribes, history never records any mass exodus from Assyria back to Israel. Instead, the King of Assyria transplanted an assortment of people from pagan nations in the land of Israel in the region of Samaria (2 Ki 17:24).

The King of Assyria did send one Hebrew priest back from Assyria to teach these transplanted pagans about the God of Israel, but not from the exiled 10 tribes (2 Ki 17:27). They eventually became known as the infamous Samaritans. As is evident even in the NT, the Jews detested this group because they were no longer pure Israelites in blood or religion. History also records that long before the time of Jesus, the 10 exiled tribes intermarried with the Assyrians, therefore losing their distinct identity. Today, a genealogist would be hard pressed to find even one vaguely pure descendant from the tribe of Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Manasseh, or Simeon – much less 12,000! In fact, these tribes were thoroughly scattered around the world and assimilated by their host nations.

Who Is a True Israelite?

On the surface, it still might be easy enough for one to believe that the 144 000 are from the 12 tribes listed in Revelation 7. But a closer reading quickly reveals that from the time of Jesus, most of the prophecies speaking of Israel are focused on the children of faith – or spiritual Israel regardless of whether they were Jew or Gentile by blood. Here is a small sample of the many texts that establish this truth: Rom 2:28-29; 9:6-11, 24-27; Gal 3:29; Ex 19:6; 1 Pet 2:9; Js 1:1. The content of James’ letter is clearly addressed to Christians, and yet he plainly refers to them as spiritual Jews from 12 spiritual tribes.

How Many Tribes?

A short lesson on the OT tribes might be necessary for clarity. In reality, there were actually 13 tribes! The 12 original tribes all came from the 12 sons of Jacob, whom the Lord had later renamed Israel. When Joseph’s older brothers sold him into slavery, it was the beginning of a long and painful separation from his family. After reuniting with his father, Jacob promised to compensate for Joseph’s years of separation by adopting two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, as his own to be numbered with his sons in place of Joseph (Gen 48:5). Thus, when Joseph’s two sons were counted as tribes in the place of their father, it counts as 13 tribes, technically. One reason that you still continue to hear of only 12 tribes through the Bible is because, after the Levites were chosen to be the priests for all Israel, they were excluded from receiving any specific territory as inheritance. Instead, they were to defuse among all the tribes as teachers and priests (Num 1:49).

As a connected point of interest, we can also ask how many were seated at the Last Supper. The answer is 13 – the 12 Apostles, and Jesus sat among them as their high priest. During the Passover, 13 tribes presented themselves: the “regular” 12 tribes and then the Levites serving as the priests.

Also, if it were important to the Lord to only use the 12 different literal tribes in equal numbers to comprise the 144 000, wouldn’t we expect Jesus to choose His Apostles in a similar fashion? But it does not appear to have mattered to Jesus that his apostles were from the 12 different tribes of Israel, for most of His apostles were from the tribe of Judah. The exceptions are Matthew-Levi, who was probably from the tribe Levi, and Paul, who was from the tribe of Benjamin (Rom 11:1).

Additionally, the 12 tribes in the OT were very unequal in population size. Judah was very large, while Benjamin was very small. Indeed, God divided the Promised Land amongst the tribes according to the proportion of their population needs. Yet with the 144 000, it’s exactly 12,000 per tribe across the board. This is another strong clue that it is not speaking of the literal tribes of Israel.

Note on Jn 12:40.  (a) The word “blinded” is from (G5186) that means to obscure.  This is from (H 5185) and (G 5187) to explain as an analogy what it is to be enveloped in smoke, or to be so self-inflated by self-conceit and pride that you cannot look beyond your own self-righteousness!  The word “hardened” (G4456) means to be stupid or callous.  Consider Mk 6:52; Jn 5:37-47 and hear Jesus in Mt 21:42-45; Jn 5:37-47; and Stephen in Acts 7; and Paul (the ex-Pharisee/Jew) in Gal 5:4 and Rom 9…  Even Nehemiah (9:16), Jeremiah (7:26; 19:15), David (Ps 78:8), or Moses (Ex4:9), or even God Himself (Ex 32:9; 33:3,5; Acts 7:48-52…)!!!

Then anyway, is Jn 12:40 followed by verse 41 that says “Isaiah said this because he saw His glory and spoke of Him” (Is 6:9,10).  Now try to get Gal 3:19.  Consider the meditation “Mixing Old and New” as well.  Read the meditation “Who is Jesus Christ”.  Many “Christians” still preach a “gospel” prior to Jesus’ cross!!!

Be careful to not totally miss Jesus Christ and still be trapped in an old BC system (Heb 8:13).


  1. Church is not a building [made by human hands]. (Acts 7:48-53; Ps 127:1; Isaiah 66:1,2; Heb 9:1; Acts 17:24)
  2. Church is the Body of Christ, the people in Whom He dwells. (Eph 1:22,23; 2:18-22; 4:12; 5:32; Col 1:24; 1 Tim 3:15; 1Pet 2:5; 1 Cor 3:16; 1 Jn 4:16; Heb 3). Note: “dwells”, not “visit”, or [occasionally] “work”, not an office, but His ecclesia.
  3. This is His heavenly city (Jerusalem – Gal 4:21-31; Is 60:14b; Mt 5:14), the true Israel. (Amos 8:2; Mt 21:43-45; Acts 10:35; Eph 1:22-3:6,18-21; Rev 21; 1 Cor 3:9,16; and so on). You are already a citizen of heaven if you are in Christ -Eph 2:19; Heb 12:23; 1 Cor 2:13-16; 2 Cor 10:5; 1 Jn 4:17; 5:4-5; Jn 16:33!  Gen 11:4-7; acts 2:1-6; Rev 21:1,2,24; Heb 11:10,13,16; 12:22; 11:39,40 (Is 60:14; Mt 5:14;  1 Pet 2:4-10)
  4. Jesus Christ is the Head of the [His] church, it cannot be “de-nominated”[9] in [from] Truth. (Col 1:18; 2:19; Eph 1:22; 4:15; 5:23)
  5. God’s kingdom is for believers, not achievers [it is by God’s grace, not our merit, lineage, or law] (Is 1:18; Acts 13:39; Rom 2:28-29; 3:19-28; 6:14-17; 7:4,6,9,10; 8:3; 9:7-9,16, 25,26; 10:1-4,12,13,17-21; Gal 2:4-6,13,14,16-19; 3:7-13; 4:21,30,31; 5:4,18,25; Heb 8:12,13; 1 Jn 3:20-23; Rev 12:11) Consider Rom 11:6.  The Grace (unmerited favor) of God cannot be conditional!

So, brother and sister in Christ Jesus, be free [from the law, of self-righteousness, eating of that tree…]!

Go for Mk 11:23-25; Eph 4:12-17; 1:3-23; Rom 8:11-15!  Believe Heb 8:13.  Do you realize What Heb 9:8 (Lk 9:62) says?  Bless you and your loved ones in Jesus’ name (not Moses, your father, or some de-nomination’s dogma)!  God nominated a church where Christ is the Head, and men de-nominated this.

Note on Jn 17:9.  Have you thought about Mt 23:13,15?  And Rom 10:11-13?  John 17 was Jesus’ intercessory prayer (1 Tim 2:5; Rom 5:17-19).  Read Jn 17:10, 15-20.  No one who says opposite of what Jesus said [is saying], can glorify Him (v 10); and any who ever come to believe Jesus Christ through those original disciples (v 20) are the ones not of the religious world [dust] that Jesus is not the king of (Jn 18:36). Carefully contemplate Acts 2, especially verses 22-24 – note v 21 with Joel 2:28-32 and Rom 9:27; 10:11-13!

The Temple of God

Don’t be a parrot talking after mindlessness about a temple that must be prayed for to be re-built [in the natural Jerusalem situated in the Middle-East]; rather take your Bible and read the following verses:

Mt 12:5-8; Jn 2:18-22; 1 Cor 6:17-20; Eph 1:19-23; 2:15-22; 3:19-21; 1 Pet 2:4-10…

Now try Heb 8:13; 9:8-28[10]; 10:1-14-26-29…  That [Jewish, old system] temple can never be re-built for a Christian!!!  We [our bodies] are supposed to be the temples of God individually; and collectively, we are supposed to be living stones in the same building/city that Jesus Christ is the most important Stone.  Ultimately Jesus Christ demonstrated the temple (Body) as a permanent dwelling place of our Father-God.

Reconsider Jerusalem by contemplating Mt 21:42-43; Mk 6:10-11;  Lk 10:10-12 with Is 60:14; Mt 5:14 and the meditation “Church part 1”.

Note at Gal 4:10.  There are two “systems” mentioned in the Bible.  An Old and a New.  The Old is actually not a “Testament” but a “Covenant” and the New [only] is a “Testament” (Heb 8:13; 9:15-18).  The Old had fleeting [passing, temporary] glories for certain tasks and situations and the New is supposed to have [manifest] a lasting glory because, for the first time, can God (Jn 4:24) now indwell His people (Jn 14:23-27; 15:1-7).  Consider the meditation “The Covenant and the Law” by this author for perhaps a better understanding.  The covenant (Gen 15; 17) was that God would manifest in the flesh as Jesus Christ.  The “Seed of Abraham” was Jesus Christ, not Israelites/Jews (Gal 3:16).  Thus do those [anyone] who invites/allows God (Jn 4:24) inside of their thought-life permanently [not only certain days, times, geographical places], inherit the same promise of being blessed and empowered – whatever race, creed, background or color (Gal 3:27-29; Col 3:11; Acts 10:34-35; Rom 2:11; even Dt 10:17; 2 Chron 19:7; and so on). No external adherence to any religion [ceremonies, rituals, tradition] will/can ever replace the way through Jesus Christ (Jn 14:6)!!

Religion needs no god/God, it is a monologue with attempts of self-righteousness.  See Phil 3:9!! Here Israel failed – Rom 9:31-33 (Is 51:1; 8:14; 28:16); Rom 10:1. There is only one Truth and saving grace – Jesus Christ (Jn 8:32,36; 16:9).  See the meditation “Who is Jesus Christ?”, if you will…


For a better exegesis on this Old and New, consider the meditation “Mixing Old and New” by this author.  Also, 2 Cor 3;18 – the move is from [one, single, momentary] fleeting “glory-system”; to a new lasting “glory-system” [place]! God as Love will not manipulate and therefore leave the choice [result] up to us (Heb 9:8; Rom 8:19)!  We however, must wake up and make our choice who to follow:  self, [false, misled] teachers or Jesus Christ (Jn 14:26; 1 Jn 4:4)?  You can, with Heb 9:1, consider Jn 8:23; 13:1 (Also Mt 19:28-30; 21:43; Jn 17:9; 1 Jn 3:1; 5:9; Rev 3:1014:17); Jn 14:17; 18:33,36,37; heb 9:8-18.  Also – very important – Rom 3:20-28; 8:29-39!  And then, if you really want to press forward to perfection, try Heb 2:8; Rom 8:2, 11-20; Jn 11:26 and the meditation “The Testimony”!

Peace, joy, and grace to you!


[1] Consider meditations by the same author, entitled “Church”; “The Will”; “Mixing Old and New”, etc. – with your Bible

[2] See the meditation entitled “The Bible” by the author for a discussion on the authority of the Bible, looking at some facts and myths about translations; as well as the undeniable deity [and supreme authority] of Jesus Christ.

[3] Also Is 44:3 with Mt 3:11; Mk 1:8; Jn 1:26,33; Acts 1:5; 19:4; 28:28-31 (Ps 67:2)… with Acts 15:4-19 (v.16 with Amos 9:11,12).  Also study Acts 6:8-15 (and Stephen’s reply in Acts 7) with Heb 8:13; 9:8-14.

[4] The meditations “Mixing the Old and the New”; “The Covenant and the Law”; and so on, expand on these great truths.

[5] Study Heb 7; 8:13-10:14; and Jer 3:14-17 will make more sense, remember Is 60:14; Mt 5:14; 1 Pet 2:4-10.

[6] Jn 7:32; 8:42-48,59; 10:31,39; 11:47-57; 12:9-11; 16:2-3; Acts 2:2:22-23; 3:13-15; 4:1; 12:11; 13:38-41; 17:13; 26:14-18; Rev 3:9…  1 Cor 2:7-8 refers to Jewish religious rulers of the synagogues, the fig tree.  Adam & Eve covered [clothed] themselves with that self-righteousness that bear no real fruit in Eden, instead of Rom 13:12,14; or Eph 6:11a that would have helped them with Js 4:7.  This is why 1 Jn 3:8 refers to the beginning (Gen 1:1; 3).  Yes, the apostle Paul probably knew it (2 Cor 11:3,6,12-15; 2 Cor 3:6-16; Heb 8:13; 9:8 with Jn 5:37-47.  See it?

[7] His Body is His Church, the people He indwells – Eph 1:19-23; 2:20-22; 1 Tim 3:15; 1 Cor 3:16; 6:19.

[8] Of law, of self-righteous attempts to obtain blessings through efforts – it only produces guilt (Gal 3:10-14).  Carefully contemplate the whole book of Galatians (Ampl), pausing at Gal 1:6-8; 2:4-6,13-3:5,11,12,19…

[9] 1 Cor 3:11,17-23; Heb 11:10; 1 Pet 2:4-10

[10] Note at Heb 9:27.  The word men there, is anthrōpǒs [444] and is from anēr [435], a primary word actually indicating an individual man, a husband!  Look it up in a Greek concordance.

Even just reading the context of Heb 9, you should have noticed that the very next verse (28) states that so it is with Christ, having offered to take upon Himself and bear as a burden the sins of all once for all…  The judgement then, for all sin, was thus on Him that took it [death] on our behalf!  It is saying that Jesus is the Lamb of God and the only Savior of all that believes this outrageous deed of love!  He had to die so that we can live.  Live for God, don’t pretend to die for Him!  Read His Word. LIVE!  What honour, what grace and what mercy is there in death?  Can you see grace, honour and mercy in life?  So, why die?  At any rate, when reading Heb 9:27, have you noticed verses 11-18 in that same chapter?  Check the context with Scriptures like 1 Thess 5:9-11; Rom 5:8-11; Col 1:20; 2 Cor 5:15-21; 2 Tim 2:11-17;  Gal 4:4-12; Mk 1:15; Ps 30:5; and you Zion (Is 60:14; Mt 5:14) in Ps 102:15-28; 118:17-19…