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by Jannie

Introductory notes

  1. For those disputing the name Jesus, please refer to the meditation indexed “Who is Jesus Christ”.
  2. There are (excluding this introduction), seventy meditations listed in the index at the right of this screen.  (On a small mobile device, to display the index on the right of the screen, switch the screen rotation  to read horizontal in “landscape”).  Consider, for example, “Religion vs World Peace” and “Ignorance about ignorance” as an extension of this introduction?  Then be richly blessed with what you are offered in the rest as well?
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  4. In our endeavor to find truth, a truly honest, independent study is indispensable to not simply be indoctrinated by a specific set of dogma of a particular institution (Acts 17:11; 1 Jn 2:4; Gal 1:6-9). This website comprises such an effort and resultant conviction(s); and yes, the author is open to commentary and correction; but will be found so audacious as to challenge our understanding of some formulary of some schools and churches; such as the order of baptism, or the christening ritual (refer to “Baptism” in the index); the office of the dead (Jn 14, expanded on in the meditations called “Church”); and the trinity doctrine; or the idea that a nation can enjoy a special dispensation regardless of their rejection of Jesus Christ as God’s perfect salvation plan (here the meditation “Israel racism” refers).

Just as a matter of interest, according to one tradition, a school is said to originally have referred to an individual as a teacher who had pupils, literally referring to the eye’s pupil but as a metaphor of followers becoming enlightened to see what the teacher sees. Jesus of Nazareth called his followers pupils as well. So is the book Revelation, for example, considered on this website from the point of view that apocalypse in fact means to reveal and not how it is popularly used as describing destruction (The meditation, “Revelation, the Book”, refers).

The aim with the information on this website is to bury myths and bigotry and to destroy the hideous mask [used as a shield, a hiding place] called religion. Let’s hear and heed Jesus (The Word of God, Jn 1:1-4,14,17) in Mt 23?  Religion(s) are the counterfeits of the faith spoken of in Eph 6:16 [that puts us to shame if it refers to Gal 1:6-9; 1 Cor 1:17-2:2; Jn 1:1-4, 12-17; 3:3,16-21; 5:37-40; 12:47-50; 14:6; 1 Jn 2:4; especially if, speaking of shallow reading, this intended faith is what diluted into our specific haplessness (Heb 2:8) as explored in the meditation “The Testimony”.  It is of utmost importance to take note of Jesus’ statement [observation] in Mt 23:15: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, pretenders (hypocrites)! For you travel over sea and land to make a single proselyte, and when he becomes one [a proselyte], you make him doubly as much a child of hell as you are.” (Ampl) Paul reiterates this in Rom 10:1-2, “Bretheren, with all my heart’s desire and goodwill for [Israel], I long and pray that they may be saved.  I bear them witness that they have a [certain] zeal and enthusiasm for God, but it is not enlightened and according to [correct and vital] knowledge.” (Ampl).  Read verses 3-4 and the Scripture references in these meditations on this website for yourself and discover the startling fact that an accurate [deeper] knowledge of God, i.e. Jesus Christ and His teachings (Col 1:9-10; 1 Tim 2:4-5), is essential for true and truly powerful and effective discipleship. Jesus asked for disciples not proselytes, in Mt 28:19-20; even Mt 10:8 with Jn 14:12 and 17:15-20.  Contemplate 2 Pet 1:1-21 (Eph 1:3-12) to see the utter waist to be [just] re-born, or religious, without accurate knowledge [of Jesus, Jn 8:31-33]. It is this knowledge (Hos 4:4-11) that sets you free from things such as fears, despondency, ineffective prayer and false ideas of self-righteousness. Now carefully contemplate Heb 5:11-6:12?  So please don’t take the information on this website too lightly.

A crucial part of this information required for true Christianity is the discovery that it is not what you can do in attempts to impress God; but what God has done for you in Jesus Christ. True Christianity is not about heaven or hell [i.e. you and your destination and seeking perks]! The meditation “The Gospel” expands on this vital knowledge that comes as a freeing revelation to the person still trapped in religion (blind self-righteousness and a yet naïve perception of an omnipotent, omniscient, almighty God that is endless Love).

The implication of the above is so immense that it seems prudent – perhaps vital – to repeat.  We have to grasp the significance that no matter how much zeal and enthusiasm we may have for God will it only be religion [still] and of no good use to our Christian purpose unless we have a certain vital knowledge of Jesus Christ (Phil 3:9-11; Col 1:10-21), at the very least that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh as the prophesied Messiah, our only Savior and Mediator between man and God, we then also have to believe in our hearts that Jesus was resurrected from the dead – then only, when we can confess this, can we be saved!  1 Jn 4:1-3 is equally clear that no one that cannot confess that Jesus has come in the flesh (Jn 1:14), can be of God!  Only those that have this vital [minimum] knowledge of Jesus Christ [God], can be saved or even be called children of God (Jn 1:12-17; 3:3,16-21; Rom 8:14-17; 10:9-10)! But, without God’s Holy Spirit (Mt 12:31-32; Mk 3:28; Lk 4:1; 11:3; 12:10; Jn 4:23-24; 6:63; Acts 1:8; 8:15-16; Eph 4:30; 2 Tim 3:16), without being re-born (Jn 3:3), you’ll in fact only confess a Father and Son [inaccurately] and not the triune God that Jesus demonstrated to us! The Word of God [The Bible, 2 Tim 3:16-17] leaves no other option to anyone to be a true child of God other than those who accept and follow Jesus Christ as Lord (Jn 1:9-17; 14:6; Mt 7:21-26; Rev 1:5-6; 12:10-11; 21:5-8) and His Holy Spirit (Rom 8:14)!!  Not laws and rules that are none other than futile attempts of works in self-righteousness (Rom 3:20,28; Gal 5:4,18), that fail to grasp God’s mercy and grace (Refer to the meditations “The Covenant and The law” and Mixing Old and New”); but recognition of God’s rescue plan for us all – Jesus Christ and His finished work at His cross (1 Tim 2:5-6; Jn 14:23-26; Acts 2:8; Eph 1:3; 2 Pet 1:3,4); and then without manipulating us [without removing our free will]! It is a myth that all humans are children of God (Rom 8:14; Mt 7:15-23)! We are all designed [created] by God, but it is up to us to follow the Word of God – Jesus Christ (Jn 1:14,17; 3:16-21; 15:1-8), to show real results of a Kingdom on earth as in heaven (Mt 6:10; Lk 17:20,21; Jn 1:49-51; Acts 7:56) and then no other false teaching(s) or way (Jn 14:6)!

So, the implication is therefore that there is much more installed [provided for by Jesus Christ] for true followers of Jesus Christ than a self-centered aim to just be saved, for this ends up in mere superficial religion again (even Lk 9:62 as examined in the meditation “The Covenant and The law”).  The true Christian should be able to heal the sick, drive out demons (get people – including false preachers – in their right mind and not stagnant in the blind religious play-acting and rituals without any real power), and raise the dead (Mt 10:8; Jn 17:15-21)! If you openly and honestly examine “The Testimony” on this website, you’ll be shocked by the waist of only being saved (selfishly only aim for heaven and not hell)!!!

God’s Word [The Bible] is abundantly clear that God hates falsity (Prov 8:13; 11:20-21; 16:5,18; Jer 23:11-14 ) and that there is no other way acceptable to God than through and of Jesus Christ (Jn 14:6; 1 Cor 3:11) and that there will be definite consequences to what we do with this information (1 Cor 3:12-15; Rev 21:8).

There is however, much more to know that can set us free from our own [old] ignorant self, as stated in Jn 1:17 (2 Pet 3:18), and strives to move on to perfection (Heb 6:1-3).  More of this is hoped to be discovered whilst contemplating the [information in the] meditations in this website.

  1. The serious academic is humbly asked to, concerning the perhaps annoying language, format and presentation, be somewhat lenient and consider the following?

5.1. This author is open to commentary and any input that can enhance this website. The aim is to obtain a genuine personal relationship with God through His Word, Jesus Christ (Jn 1:14,17; 6:43-51).  For corrections please feel free to contact him on
5.2. In response to a remark that the sentences are “bizarrely interrupted” (sic), the following: Accepted protocol is one thing, however, as the Creator, is it likely for the ultimate Author of The Bible (2 Tim 3:16-17; 2 Pet 1:20-21), as well as the Word of God (Jn 1:14; 4:23-24), not to be limited by one rigid and monotonous form of communication. This is touched on in the meditation entitled “Hearing God’s Voice”. The idea with “interrupting sentences” with Scripture references (!) is to have the reader experience the personal nature and reality of God without using me (another man) as the pillar and rock that only God can be (Jn 14:23-27; 15:1-12) and the fact that The Bible has a perfect ability to explain itself – if we are in the right spiritual place (Mt 13:17-23; Jn 3:3; 14:6-15; 15:18-23; 1 Jn 4:1-6; Jude 1:1-25). For this, the first step is to be humble before God and not be too lazy to in fact open His Word with ease and the serious and honest attempt to hear more from Him than what religion offers. Popular Christianese speech claims “There are more”.  There is an amazing immediate pop-up of Scripture references in the mind that can in fact confirm that The Bible is in reality one progressive unfolding revelation and that there are – indeed – more…  So, let’s see from personal experience if this is so…

  1. The context of this website is continually being attended to with care and good intent; but kindly note that palatability (that is subject to perceptions and information bias) is not the first priority, but rather to try and get to the unadulterated [Biblical accurate] truth (Jn 8:31,32,36).


Why are there so many religions in the world?

The answer is simple. Religion needs no [real] god!  For it consists of rituals, ceremony, traditions and monologues (externalism) – all with the idea to hopefully win sufficient favor with the god(s) that particular man-made system has come up with.  Mostly through man-made structures that manipulate masses with fear and so give their leaders untouchable freedom and a job with unparalleled power.  Even the majority of what is regarded as Christianity will prove to be false and ridden with errors in reasoning [misunderstanding and misquoting The Bible].  A true objective study will show only one faith to be true with real results (Eph 4:5; 1 Cor 4:20; Gal 1:6-9). Ponder the meditations on this website to see if they make sense to you.  Be open and honest.  Be prepared for some life-changing revelations.  For instance, the Law [of Moses] was not given to follow as a measure to save yourself; but instead to show the opposite!  The meditation “The covenant and the Law” expands on this (Gal 3:19).

It is unlikely that we are wiser than Solomon was.  Yet, Solomon apparently went lost (1 Ki 11:1-11).  This is expanded on in meditations [topics] in this website such as “Rapture raptured, p. 10/25; that gives a very plausible explanation for the mysterious 666.  As Scripture refers to Scripture [is self-explanatory], we discover that Rev 13:18 can be understood perfectly well with 1 Ki 10:14,19-20 and Dt 6:5-8.  In short, it probably refers to Solomon as a prime example!  Our admonition is thus to be very wary of a haughty spirit and pride, of self-righteousness that ultimately culminates in lust and greed, the sign of a beast. A beast is self-conscious [soul] but not God-conscious [spirit].  This is the spirit that has to be born-again so that we can function in a trinity to the image of our Creator-Father again.
Be careful to not be your own worst enemy due to ignorance and [self-allowed] misinformation! Ps 119:104 says that through God’s precepts you get understanding, and that you should hate every false way – like He does! He is Truth, Life and Love – the only right way (Jn 8:32,36; 14:6)! Let’s see if we can know Him more accurately, and not fall into the trap of empty religious self-righteousness, unknowingly devoid of an accurate knowledge of Jesus Christ [God, Rom 10:1-4]!                                                 

What is foremost in your mind right now?  To be respected?  Do you seek acknowledgement and admiration?  What are we demanding (expecting) respect for? Can we call this longing a need to be loved?  Or is there a step further we want to go, for instance to be admired to the point of being worshiped, or is it just that we are in short supply of genuine love and truth.  Can it be that our perception [unbelief, ignorance] is our most limiting factor? Why, for we have a promise of the one absolute way, the Truth, Life?  Are we tired of falsity and disappointments?  What, also, is it in us that wants to remain, to stay, if not physically then we pie ourselves with a remembrance that should linger in the minds of those still here on earth?  If these questions resonates with you, then a hearty welcome to you, friend!  May you find [right here] Love Himself!  The decision is up to you!

We must first realize that we cannot demand “respect” while in stubborn conceit – Rom 3:23; Acts 10:34; Jer 17:9; Mk 7:21-23; Rom 8:14; Eph 4:11-16,22-25; Phil 3:8-10.  Still, we have real Love available to us as we are!  Also, if we are still seeking, we cannot be absolutely “right” yet, not so?  It seems that this search of ours is often at a brink of despondency, of giving up, is it not?  Why, we see “Christians” not really the “more than conquerors” they profess to be. They all seem to die (loose life) just like unbelievers.  But why then, are we so blindly still looking at people – in reality and in the end – just like us?

What if there is a Person that was sent for us that is the only one we can really use as our example – and Savior – that paid with His Blood to place us back into the right relationship with our Creator-Father that made us [wants us] to be in His image – Love? What if Adam’s sin [unbelief] was to instead go for self-love and so lost God’s image, Love – until Jesus Christ showed – and paved – the way for us again…  to experience true Love? No one else has this claim that Jesus Christ has!  Try 1 John 3:18-24 and Romans 8:29-39!  Forget self-condemnation and find Christ!

However, be very careful with your concept of love. God is Love. This love is not the syrupy play-acting and histrionic, salient, “pious” speech hypocrites come up with. Rom 12:9 admonish us, “Let your love be unfeigned, hate what is evil [twisted, turn with horror from wickedness], but hold fast to what is good…” We should then hate what God [Love] hates! Yes, the capacity to hate should be applied to loathe what is not of God! To see what God hates [loathe, detest, despise], contemplate scriptures such as Proverbs 8:13; 11:20,21; 16:5… A shock awaits those with false dogma in just 1 Sam 15:22-23; Ps 40:6; 51:16,17; 78:1 (1 Jn 2:4; Jn 14:6); Mt 5:24; 7:15-23; Jn 5:37-47. (What scriptures here have you skipped? Why?) Hos 4:6 does not say “My people go lost due to a lack of love”; it speaks of a fatal lack of certain knowledge. The enemies of God (in Heb 10:13, preventing His return) are then most probably false preachers (Hos 4:4-10)!! Selah with Heb 11:6.

Note that it is not at all what you or I attempt, but what Jesus Christ has proved and accomplished for us! But, this is what we should have knowledge [experience] of. Righteousness does not come from man; it has come – in Jesus Christ – to man (Jn 1:17; 1 Thess 5:9)! No one else has this claim! We should have a more thorough [accurate] knowledge of God [Love] through Jesus Christ and His Spirit inside of us as a Guide, Teacher, Counselor; Friend… and then in a deep-rooted and sincere knowledge of a genuine relationship with HIM [Love] – Rom 10:1-4. The meditations on this website aim to expand on this Love that offers us His righteousness in His grace and mercy through Jesus Christ; and that it is a done deal! These papers hope to make more sense of an otherwise confusing set of religious rituals, ceremonies and tradition (all mere empty monologues and externalism aimed at self-righteousness and self-condemnation).

So instead, people today, in this search, are tragically and unbelievably, running to their own alternative version[s] of a certainty, a faith.  A religion that poses as science to make it believable and fact in the minds of those that fall for the lie that God and His Word has failed and is mere fiction and not true.  What fatal error!  For us, as the pinnacle in the creation of God, to deny Him in our ignorance and pride and then have the audacity to try and formulate our own alternative(s) without realizing our error is plain banal and absurd.  The real problem with us has – just recently in history – been in that Book (The Bible) all along, but missed by us because God has been largely misrepresented [ironically, by exactly this] by religion (systems of man consisting of tradition, ceremonies and rituals that are external).  The revelation we hope to expose first on this website is that our [biggest] problem is ourselves.  It is called self-righteousness.  This requires our undivided attention and a serious [genuine] investigation.  This is what this author wants to share with you – the answer.

His name is Jesus Christ.  Please don’t give up now, this soon, read these meditations in its entirety and you’ll hopefully discover the biggest revelation you can get – what it is in you that longs to remain… and why…

So then, may we all hear and follow the Voice [precepts] of the one and only Creator God – Jesus Christ… continually (Col 1:13-20; Jn 10:27-28)…

Don’t be offended, but please realize that this website will not work for people too lazy, false or conceited to get into the Word of God themselves.  This is not an insult to the reader, it is a fact that will become clear.

Let’s do a test-run:  The meditations on this website are freely presented (Mt 10:8; Rom 8:32; 1 Cor 2:12) with the intent to obey Jesus Christ [God] above all else by being actively involved in our commission in Mt 28:19-20, heeding Jn 4:24; 14:6; 1 Jn 2:4 (Jn 3:17-21, Rev 22:10-13,18-20) and thereby intent to uncover and keep Truth [Jesus Christ] and to strive for unity in Christ. The author of this site does so in humility with Scriptures such as 1 Pet 5:5-6; and 1 Tim 4:1-7 in mind [with freedom as in 2 Cor 3:12-13, stripped from arrogance and pride by his own shortcomings, knowing we should not be thinking too highly of ourselves], then Eph 4:12-16!…  You see, we might think we are OK by just confessing Jesus is Lord (Rom 10:9-10), but still without following Jesus Christ (Jm 2:19-20 that ties in with Phil 3:9; Jn 1:17!!).  Note just Rom 3:20; Gal 5:4 – If we heed Jn 4:24; 14:6 (1 Jn 2:4-6) and understand Rom 12:9, we’ll understand Prov 8:13; 11:20,21; 16:5… and genuinely grasp Truth (Jn 8:32,36) and the enemy to a true Spirit-Life (Rom 8:6-8,13; 1 Cor 6:15-20) – the self!

This author will therefore not spoon-feed by writing out the Scriptures the reader can [should] contemplate him/her self, and pertinently avoid misuse of shrewd literary techniques, such as an excessively forced restrain, to avoid merely gaining the readers’ trust and so misuse God’s Word for own personal gain in whatever way, shape or form.  This is not about yet another man and his empire but all of us personally knowing the same God and Savior in Truth.  So, these papers aim to candidly and accurately discuss with all who also desires to be spiritually more mature, what this author perceives as the genuine unadulterated Biblical Truth and the knowledge of [a personal relationship with] Jesus Christ; and where information seems to be faint in the Bible, attempt to deduct [hear, and point] honestly, obediently and accurately to Jesus Christ, God Triune… with Jn 4:24; 10:27-28; 14:26 and 1 Jn 2:20 in mind…  God [Holy Spirit] give us the opportunity [acknowledge us] to use the intellect and faith in Him, that He designed and provided, to do this effectively.  If you find this author to be wrong, and can prove it contextually with Scripture, please let him know (this invite, and contact details, are repeated at the end of this introduction and several meditations on this site).

A kind and humble note to the serious academics tearing this author’s writing style apart:  perhaps rather focus on the contents and discover a new respect for the Bible’s ability to explain itself and its one, interwoven, progressive revelation of Christ in us when we apply Jn 14:26-27 (refer to “The Bible” on this website)?

The BOTTOM LINE to be remembered

Most people claim to be “bottom line people” (too lazy to bother with detail?).  Here is the bottom line I found in the Word of God (Jn 1:14; 8:32,36; 14:6!) – Mankind’s problem, i.e. for every one of us, is the self!

This is expanded on in the meditation “Lucifer Part 1”.  Part of our design by God (in our DNA?), is to not want to be wrong.  This is a saving mechanism when in Christ Jesus; but when it is in stubbornness a blind resistance [fear, twisted faith is wickedness] to merely not be wrong, it will destroy us and not save us!  As an analogy: in our race we might be running very hard with perfect style, technique and good fitness; but what good will it serve if we’re going the wrong way? In a Spiritual sense, this means we should drop our “laziness” and “business” and make the time to check our ideas with that of God [Jesus Christ] first, and then make up our minds [choose right]!  Note how the average “Christian” hear “destination” and immediately resort to ideas such as “heaven” or “hell” one day… as their own destination (advantage to self). This is not at all what 1 Thess 4:13-17; 5:23; 1 Cor 15:51-55 says!  (Wait till you earnestly consider “The Testimony”!!!).  Observe how this is the same mechanism at work!! A total blindness to self because the self is blind to itself – and this can also be an institution indoctrinating pupils with ideas of men!

The bride is not supposed to be married (“connected”) to the Bridegroom for the house she is going to live in, or the perks; she is supposed to have a real and meaningful lasting RELATIONSHIP with HIMthe Person – in faithfulness and commitment and uninterrupted continuation … for better or [to get out of] worse, for richer or [temporary] poorer, in [temporary] sickness (Mt 10:8; Jn 17:15-20; 1 Pet 2:24) and in health…  as long as she shall LIVE…  Does a bell ring somewhere?  Observe how many “spiritual leaders” are mere empire-builders in the hope of gaining a good position themselves and how many “Christians” give to get – all in fact just for the self to gain while in shocking ignorance to God’s plan [idea, teaching, precepts, demonstration, Word]! Please read with this author through these papers and really be blessed, in JESUS’ Name (not our own or that of a “denomination”) – Phil 3:9!

Note that the “daily bread” (Mt 6:11) is probably God’s Word (Spirit in us, Christ, Jn 1:14; 6:33,48-51; even Jn 8:32,36 and more shockingly, Rom 8:11 as examined in the meditation “The Testimony”). It should be a continuous process of digestion and feeding and not merely a ritualistic tradition consisting of pious externalism (ceremonies at the times that we set apart and call it dedication, prayer or worship…)

Credentials of the author of this website

Jesus Christ (Rom 8:14-17,29-39; Jn 1:12; Col 1:17; 2:3).  Would it not be great if people could say about us what Acts 4:13 shows was said about those followers of Jesus Christ?

The aim/purpose of this website

This site will upset the backwardly obstinate or intellectual/philosophical snobs.  Not intentionally, but by its nature (Jn 15:17-23).  So if you are upset – good!  Let’s be genuine and honest.  Don’t expect to find here a next Moses, pope, or priest.  Jesus Christ is your High Priest… continuously – Heb 9:11-15; Jn 14:23-27…  To persons rolling their eyeballs when reading some of these meditations, I would like to quote someone who said that, “In all humility, what if I’m not out of my mind; but out of yours?”  You might just find here – really for the first time – a Perfect Father above all presumptuous and brazen human suspicion; a Guide to any who is teachable in Truth; a Friend when everyone close to you flee from dedication to fearless Truth as a Person; a Savior to all who crucify all self-righteousness; a Counsellor not in it for Himself to have a status and a job; an unparalleled Teacher Who is gentle yet the Source of all intellect, creativity, goodness, grace, Life and Truth…

So then, in contemplating these meditations on this site, might you just get to know God more accurately and for the first time see Who He is and who He is not.  We will read about Him until we meet the Person and start having real dialogues with Him in a real and lasting relationship.  Please dare to read on!…

The idea is for us to go [back] to Jesus Christ, and stop leaving our first Love for a futile pre-occupation with self (1 Tim 2:5). This self-righteousness is camouflaged and ingrained into humankind more than we like to admit.  People want to follow commandments given to the “Jews” (them, Rom 9:4; Gal 3:19), even modern preachers, and so let Christ [His Spirit supposed to dwell within us] pass right by.  God will not manipulate!…

This author will not be an accomplice to anyone’s laziness to study his own Bible daily.  Therefore will this author not attempt to feed you regular daily/weekly thoughts.  The daily Bread is a Person (Jn 6:33,48).  Too many books and internet blogs become replacements for the Bibles of too many busy people that prefer these easy palatable spoon feeds of daily/weekly thoughts, often totally unscriptural.  This author has no ambition to look good or to make anyone feel dependent on him for guidance and insight.  This is one reason why this site avoids smoke, mirrors and fanciful gimmicks; the sincere intent is to get to the plain and unadulterated Truth.

Consider also the meditations by this author such as “Prayer”, “Christian Suffering” and “The Testimony”, if you will…  This will convincingly reveal how we have even the basics wrong and is the only logical explanation why we are so splintered (Gal 5:4,18-20; Eph 4:5) and without spiritual authority as “Christians” on this earth – yes, because of what was [also] mentioned in Hos 4:4-10! Because the “church leaderships” are guilty of Rom 10:2-3; Mk 7:13; 12:24; is Eph 4:11 attempted without achieving God’s goal with it (Eph 4:12-22)!! We have the wrong idea about even God and the devil (Mt 7:21-23): the devil wants us dead (Jn 10:10; Mk 3:4; 1 Cor 5:5 is explained in the paper “The Testimony”)! God Triune wants us alive and well on earth (Gen 1:28; Dt 30:11-19; Jer 29:11 with Jn 17:15-20; Jn 1:1-4; 3:16; 5:24,37-47; 6:32,48-51,57; 8:51; 11:26; 12:48-50; Rom 8:2,11,14)!!!

Contemplate 1 Cor 11:23, 30 with 1 Jn 2:4; Jn 14:6,9-12! (What “greater things” can you do today than Jesus did then, except not have to lose your body??! Is this why we have Heb 9:27 that clearly means that Jesus had to die so that we can/may live (the word men there, is anthrōpǒs [444] and is from anēr [435], a primary word actually indicating an individual man, a husband!  Look it up in a Greek concordance).  Is this why we were given Jesus Christ’s instruction in Mt 10:8 (Jn 17:15-20; 1 Pet 2:24!)?  Hence 1 Cor 11:30 and Jn 3:16?!…  What a fantastic blunder if “The Church” have had it wrong since the very first “division” (Rev 2:4; 22:18-21?) because we have even our definition of faith wrong by our own admission (claiming to not “see” people remaining until Jesus’ return/second coming – 2 Cor 5:7; Heb 10:38; 11:1; Indeed, Paul [actually, 2 Tim 3:16-17], this author agrees… 1 Cor 15:26 (Heb 10:13) and 1 Thess 5:23 to us all!

This author therefore believes (hears) that God has given us two sacraments so that we should grasp and remember to (a) Follow Him and His teaching/precepts/Word only [have ourselves be baptized], hence Mk 16:16-20; and (b) communion, hence 1 Cor 11:23-31. The feasts were for a different reason for a different people in a different dispensation [time] – Rom 9:4-8,25-27 (see the papers by this author about Israel and mixing the old and new – Mt 9:16-17; Heb 8:13; 9:8,14).

God help us! (But God did offer His Help – Jn 3:15-21; 11:26; 14:26; Rom 8:2,11,14; 1 Pet 1:3-5; 2 Pet 1:2-4; Eph 1:3!!!; … it is us who stubbornly choose to ignore Scriptures such as Ps 118:8 and Hos 4:4-10)!!!…

Self-righteousness is ingrained – by definition – in humans much more than we would like to think.

Refer to The meditations on this website by this author such as “Mixing Old and New”, and so on for a fuller exegeses.

Self-righteousness is the problem of mankind for it is a wicked [twisted] application of the free will God gave us.  This causes us to completely and utterly and catastrophically miss what Jesus was pointing out in Mt 7:12.  The following [mechanisms, traits, phenomena) are all based on [as a result of] self-righteousness:

–          Not understanding God correctly (as in Is 45:7; Ex 13:3) because we fail to even realize that we’re given a conversation between God and a man there (like us?) who could converse with God while we can only seek ideas and explanations from other men (Jn 14:26-27? Rom 8:14?)?  We are caught out.  We are none else than [first] self-righteous play-actors!  (See example 5.30 in “Apparent Controversies in The Bible).  Just listen to the syrupy motivational [empty] sermons today without the power of God demonstrated (Mk 16:16-18,20; Jn 14:12-14 with 15:5; Eph 2:6-10; 1 Cor 4:20; Heb 2:8…)… Mt 10:8 (Jn 17:15-20); Gal 1:6-9…  Where are we?  Are we absorbed in ourselves like Judas Iscariot was (see the paper “The Last Supper”)?  Perhaps we need a serious and radical mind shift all while we think ourselves enlightened and a true Christian (Rom 12:2; Col 3:16).

  • Law misused as retaliation instead of compensation [only!] (Rom 12:17, 19).  Even Rom 3:20; 7:4,6,10; Gal 5:4,18…
  • Acceptance of the “fact” that military capability [should] determine the pecking order amongst peoples; or thinking “democracy” is wonderful! (The majority decides right/wrong?)
  • Religion (instead of a genuine relationship via Jesus Christ) – especially the false quoting of this fact!… !… Having said this, we take cognizance of Jm 1:27; but also in context Jm 1:6-8; 4:4-8 and Rom 12:2 with Mt 6:1-4. In other words, we have to grasp the distinction between a show of falsity, of futile attempts at self-righteousness and ulterior selfish intent (Mt 6:1-4; Phil 3:9; Jm 4:3). Note that Jesus pointed out that those who really did well, had done so without any expectation of any benefit for themselves in any way, shape or form (Mt 25:34-45; Lk 14:12-15; even Prov 14:32; 17:5)
  • Religious institutions with their leaders as mediators between man and God – 1 Tim 2:5-6; Jn 14:6; Acts 4:12; Mt 1:21… with congregation members blinded by ignorance [self-righteousness] – Hos 4:4b-11…
  • Trying to earn our way into God’s Kingdom, even just for ending up in the better place (for  and to our advantage only?)… “Good” people even – in fact – “give” to merely get [gain]…
  • Failing miserably to understand Who God is and who not (Is 5:18).  Even today’s scribes (scholars) – just as many before them – fail to realize that they in effect teach people to be suspicious of God whilst pretending to “love” Him! This by suspecting God of being a sadist, murderer, [even underhanded] manipulator!  Reading through these short meditations on will make this clear.
  • This list can be added to ad nausea (Rev 3:15-17?); however, trusting God (Jn 4:24), we’ll stop here… in an attempt to clear this up, we’ll continue to the discussions in this website.

Perhaps we have become so full of ourselves (1 Cor 8:1) that we argue our perceptions and ideas with blind conceit but simply fail to hear God’s Voice, even if He uses quite clearly symbols such as trees.  We so miss yet another golden thread such as connected by just Dan 4:14; Jer 2:20; 3:6,13; Mic 4:4; Zech 3:10; and yes, Ez 6:13 and again in chapter 28 pointing to Jn 1:48-51 and Acts 7:51-56 (this enormously momentous incident is expanded on in the papers “Rapture raptured” and  “The Testimony”. We are supposed to see the heavens opened [realms of heaven and earth connected] with Jesus Christ on the throne… our Tree of LIFE covering all of us who follow Him without end…  Read more about the specific trees in the Garden of Eden in “Genesis to revelation” p 2-3/14.

If the above was tiring or against your belief, bear (bare?) yourself for something fresh/challenging to come.

Following, are a few general subjects under discussion.  Check it with your Bible and Jesus Christ Himself.

If you find this author to be wrong in THE BIBLE, please let him know so that he can be corrected at (2 Tim 3:16-17).

May we all allow Holy Spirit to be our Guide, may we all hear Jesus Christ, our Father’s Voice

… enjoy the Gospel of Jesus Christ…