Hearing God’s Voice

by Jannie

Discerning the Lord’s voice [impartation]

Jesus said His sheep knows His voice (Jn 5:25; 10:8,27; even Dt 28:1; Ps 95:7,8; Heb 3:7-9).

Was this hearing referring to only those who could literally and physically hear Him [audibly with their ears] around 27-30 A.D. and for us today is merely a referral to an “open heart”, an acceptance and following of His teaching, precepts and demonstrations [from then]? We are probably underestimating the power and need of digesting His Word (Jn 1:14,17; 5:37-40; 6:37-41,44-51; Heb 1:1-2). Or can we, and are we supposed, to actually hear an audible guidance as a spoken voice from Him still today? Is this in fact possible today without having some sort of psychosomatic disorder or having part in the flippant show put up by the fraudulent play-acting of so many “charismatic Christians”?  Ponder here, 1 Jn 3:24 with Jn 4:23-24; 14:6,23-26.  Take special note of 1 Cor 1:17-2:2.

Referring to the meditation “Counselling and Delivering Ministries”, it is prudent to be wary of “messengers” (Gal 1:6-9; Mt 7:15-23; 15:6-11) that imply we are deaf to God’s Voice and they not (Col 2:18-19) and so need them as mediators. It is therefore sensible for every one of us to contemplate vigilantly the Voice of God, if we consider just Jn 4:23-24; 14:6; Eph 2:8-13 and 1 Tim 2:5.

Are there places where we can hear God more clearly?

We read in Gen 12:1, that God wanted Abram, the father of our faith (Gen 22:18; 12:2-3; 13:16; 22:18; 26:4; Acts 3:25-26; Rom 4:9-13) away from his family.  The context is that Abram (his name changed to Abraham when he was 99 years of age – Gen 17:1,5) was a Chaldean (Gen 11:31) and the Chaldeans were idol worshippers and diviners (Ezra 5:12; Is 48:20; Dan 4:7; 5:7,11). We see from Jer 9:4; 20:7-9 that unbelievers can pull you down (Mt 13:57-58; Lk 4:24; Jn 4:44). Still, God is omnipresent and we should grasp Jn 4:23-24.

Ignoring [not having known, not having had an intimate experience] with His [Personal] audible voice then seems to would have been self- destructive in the worst degree if it meant rejection of His message as God’s Voice (Jn 1:9-14; 3:17-21). Even then, is it quite plausible that some could not have heard Jesus’ voice audible spoken by Him in person for various benign practical reasons but could get second- or third hand a teaching conveyed by someone that did hear from Him [Jesus] directly because they could and did attend.  This would then [should] apply equally to us today (Jn 4:23-24; 14:26; Rom 8:14)!  For He is [will/can always only be] the Love, Grace, Righteousness, Eternal Life, Truth and fullness of God, and His name is Jesus Christ. (Refer to the meditation “Who is Jesus Christ”). But we have His Word today (The Bible, Jn 1:14,17 with 2 Tim 3:15-17), don’t we?

Because we obviously cannot sit physically at His feet today (but will again one day, 1 Cor 15:51-54; 1 Thess 4:13-18), can we understand that we can very well in a spiritual sense, “hear” [learn] from Him 2 000 years A.D. However, reading for instance Jn 14:23-26, we must at least suspect that there seems to be a more worldly detectable way for us to really hear from God even today?  If you are baffled, don’t despair, so were Peter apparently in Acts 10:9-22 (Jn 3:3). Please read on, we hope to get a clearer picture as we progress with this meditation and especially with all of them combined on this website.

Even if we only totally and absolutely accept [hear?] Jn 14:6,23-26; Acts 4:12 – and then Phil 3:9, will we reach a spiritual awareness that will not be the self-absorbed self-righteous religious idea to merely not end up in hell, choosing only the better “retirement village” for the self; for this instead is in contrast of now being one with Jesus Christ, and always! The meditation “The Gospel” examines this as well. “Hear” Jesus’ prayer in Jn 17:15-26; then read this meditation further, with the other meditations on this website as well. Thus, be blessed in Jesus Christ and His accomplished work on His cross for all of us (Eph 1:3-15) and even today as our Intercessor according to 1 Jn 2:1-2.

Let’s contemplate a few thoughts around this all-important matter of the genuineness of this relationship that would make the difference between a dead religion with rituals, ceremonies, tradition, chimes and rhymes, a liturgical show [hoax] and even the “imaginary friend” some people talk to on one side and on the other side a real dialogue opposing those monotonous monologues simply pretending to be prayers [but that shows no real miraculous result or powerful effect  – real healing – as Jesus and His followers demonstrated, recorded in the four gospels and the Book of Acts, and even still today]…

Sadly, most “Christians” recognize [wrongly identify, associate] the voice [tone, manner] of religious motivational speakers and some big orators not as the religious play-actors they are, but as “of God”. Consider here even just Mt 7:21-23.  Many psychologically unwell Church-goers unremittingly talk of how God apparently incessantly tells them what to do and how to do it in the finest detail as if they were given no free will by God.  (Read “The will of man, the will of God”?).  It is then justified that a warning flag go up when listening to such bigots that often are simply just acting out a religious show [by speaking “Christianese”] in an attempt to cover a poor self-esteem, some insecurity or sometimes plain uselessness [perpetually “waiting on the Lord” instead of just doing something practical and useful or work like they ought to]. Unfortunately there are even the dramatic and impressive performances of preachers whose eyes (pupils?), when you look closer, look like dollar signs (Refer to the meditation “Tithing”); even if the “dollars” are symbols of a sick obsession to get an untouchable and unsurpassed [spiritual] status. They are the ones with the air that appears so aloof to us normal folk and that are so humble that they even talk to us that are not “clerical”. The even sadder fact is that often the congregation (pupils?) give these “spiritual leaders” a status that denies Acts 10:34-35; Rom 10:12; Gal 3:28; Col 3:11; Jn 14:6 and so on (The meditations “Church” 1 – 2 expand on this).

So then, is Jn 10:27-28 only applicable to those who could physically see – and audibly hear – Jesus while He was performing His ministry on earth as the Son of Man (about 27 – 30 A.D.)? Or can we [are we supposed to] literally and physically hear from God also today? Contemplate Jn 14:23-26; x 17:15-26; Rom 8:14. With a few exceptions (refer “Who is Jesus Christ”, p.6/24), people in the OT were also not in Jesus’ presence “with ears to hear” [just as we are today physically outside of Jesus’ physical period of about -4 B.C. to 30 A.D, yet we read Dt 28:1; Gal 3:8; 2 Cor 3:13-18; 11:3; Heb 7…]. Selah?

Moses (that was literate, Ex 2:10; Acts 7:22; Mt 17:3), gave us the Pentateuch (Refer to the meditation “The Bible”). It is therefore remarkable that  he documented that “God said” as found in Gen 1:3-29; 3:3,9-19; Ex 3:1-15; 4:1-30; 6:2,10,13,28,29 to name a few; for we read in The Bible of more than 1000 accounts where “God said…”

Herod “the great” (?), who also murdered members of his own family in fear of being dethroned, had John the Baptist beheaded (Mt 14:1-13).  This John was the prophet who announced Jesus as the Messiah (Jn 1:29,36).  Notice how Jesus said “He who has ears to hear, let him be listening [present continuous] and let him consider and perceive and comprehend by hearing…” (Mt 11:15; Rom 10:17).  Note how Jesus did not speak to Herod – Lk 23:9 who would not hear, welcome, value, trust, perceive and comprehend the Word of God.  Also in Lk 23:8-12, why Herod and Pilot (who “washed his hands in innocence”) became friends (Js 4:4; Jn 15:18-23).  We should take serious cognisance of this application of Gal 6:7 (I Jn 2:4; 4:2,3!).  Incidentally, note the vitally important little word “only” in Gal 6:7 – “… For whatever a man sows, that, and that only is what he will reap…” !!  This quite possibly refers specifically to immortality – see “The Testimony” by this author.  Understand this connection with Mt 3:8; and 12:34-37; Mk 8:18 (Pharisees think themselves aloof, unteachable; puffed up with knowledge [of – not from – God], even false prophets with deceiving, “well intended” doctrines of man, while ignoring His Personal Voice, perhaps hearing it but not paying attention and heeding it).

So then, why on earth would Judas the Iscariot dip his [bread] in the bowl with Jesus to point himself out as the betrayer (Mt 26:23)?  It is very possible that Judas was simply not listening [considering, perceiving and comprehending] what Jesus was saying at that moment.  Simply put, was Judas not paying attention [not taking Jesus seriously, putting Him first] and was probably completely engrossed in his own corrupt thoughts [motives, agenda] instead of listening attentively to the Word [guidance], seeking Truth [revelation from the Word].  Mt 26:22; Mk 14:19 imply all except Judas partook actively in the conversation.  Can you picture Judas exclaiming “what?… what?…” after he suddenly noticed the stunned silence amongst the eleven other Apostles (Mt 26:25)?  Think about it. See Ps 41:6,9 for what David wrote 1 000 years prior to that event…

Jn 13:20-30 seems to give a different account, but compare verse 30 with Jn 3:19,20 and consider that that  John (of Jn 13:23-25 and Rev 1:1) was probably reiterating the fact that most of what Jesus has said [is still saying, teaching, feeding] to us, passes right over our [self-centred] heads.  Think again about the Lamb of God, born in a manger (a crib is where “house” or domesticated animals feed from), and the Bread (manna) of Jn 6 (:35,48). Contemplate Jer 8:9.  See what Jesus said in Jn 12:48-50.  The seemingly different detail in this account is, just as with many others in Scripture, exactly what shows that more Truth is behind every Word written on Bible meditation – a Living, revealing word is behind those letters [stories].  Ex 34:6; Rom 3:11; 1 Cor 13:2 (God is Love).

Bear in mind that Judas the Iscariot knew [recognized, often physically heard, recognized] the voice of Jesus; but did not heed [in obedience, as a follower, in continuous dedicated submission – Mt 7:19-24; Jn 12:4-6].  Remember that Satan also knows the voice of Jesus – Js 2:14-26; Gen 2:9b (that tree of knowledge of good and evil, blessing and calamity) described in Gen 12:9…  Other Scriptures: 2 Tim 2:12; Tit 3:10; Gen 12:3 with Gal 3;29); Heb 12:25…  Let’s now continue with a short meditation on the actual Voice of God.

Is the Voice of God audible?

Is your question actually, “Is God real?” or “How can I really hear God speak to me?” … today?

The aim of this short meditation is to help get a fuller and more accurate idea of God’s Voice – Jn 4:24; Rom 8:14. The meditation “Body, Soul and Spirit of man” might be interesting in this context. Read it?

Hear Jesus in Jn 10:27-30; 14:23-26; 17:15-26; and hear how many “theologians” today say the contrary.  Perhaps think about this again when reading other meditations by this author, such as “The Testimony”.

On a few occasions, I’ve had visits from very religious person(s) – basically only to get money – with a big display and repeated statements of “The Lord send me…”  and “The Lord told me…” and “The Lord said to me that…” But, when we started talking about the Lord Jesus Christ and His precepts, especially when I asked them to expand on exactly how God spoke to them and how His Voice sounds, they became progressively less comfortable, less coherent and less articulate until they, a short while later, left – never to be seen by me again.

From the Bible [of 2 Tim 3:16-17], we find numerous examples of (a) an audible Voice from God, (b) a voice in a dream (vision) and (c) impartation, such as man has named a mere good “conscience”, “intuition”, even “perception”.  Contemplate Rom 1:17-22.  What do you make of verse 19?  Yes, God speaks to all humans, atheists and us alike!!… Peter’s observation in Acts 10:34-35 is perhaps closer related to Mt 16:15-19 than we might think.  We’ll later look at the wisdom [guidance] to distinguish between what is of man and what is of God (Js 1:5; Phil 3:9).  Note that the same Peter practically directly after receiving his revelation-knowledge from God [Holy Spirit] apparently heard from Satan (got the thought to hinder Jesus in His commission) in Mt 16:21-23!  For a start should it be clear that an accurate and full knowledge of God [Jesus Christ] is essential to help us know [from] who we are hearing at a particular time/circumstance (Rom 8:4-11; 10:2-4; Hos 4:4-11; Is 5:18)

Evidently, it becomes clear that even “ideas” so found by man often originated not from own thought but in fact was imparted from the spiritual realm (2 Cor 3:5; 11:3; Gen 3:1; Is 54:13-17; Js 4:7!..).  As discussed in the meditations “Lucifer” does this author believe that demons often manifest [attempt entry] as thoughts in our heads, hence Scriptures such as Is 54:13-17; 2 Cor 10:4-5; Eph 4:27; Js 4:7.  Even the expression “Don’t plant any weird ideas in his head” are often heard today.  The original generation of a concept/idea are therefore often not from within, not even from the one [human, angel] who “planted” it!  As we grow in faith, we’ll more readily acknowledge what God had/has to say and be more open but only once we know God more accurately; hence Jn 4:24; Rom 8:14; 1 Jn 2:4; and so on…  Please consider studying “The Will” regarding God’s non-manipulation.

The horrendous fact is that many a professing “Christian” are merely talking after false teachers who has no real relationship with Jesus Christ [God] and can tell you nothing remotely accurate about God’s Voice, or will, some even denying Holy Spirit (Consider 1 Cor 14 as an example where Paul had to again try to put right wrong perceptions, v 39).  This is why we also find Scriptures such as Hos 4:4-11; Is 5:18-20; 2 Tim 4:2-4.

Today, the majority of professing “Christians” and “Theologians” rationalize their ignorance and lack of a real relationship with Jesus Christ (Holy Spirit) by mixing atheist’s evolutionary notions that allege humans today are much more [spiritually] intelligent, “enlightened” (Jn 1:1-4,9-13?) and “advanced”.  This probably, not so.

A question arises whether it is true to claim that our modern technology and perception of knowledge can reason away credible records of those “ancient” people’s ability to talk with God and actually hear from Him?  Is the “modern man” not just incredibly (!) arrogant to assume that those [less “evolved”?] people were dumb and superstitious? Evidence in reality reveals rather information lost in many spheres of human endeavours, especially concerning Jn 8:32,36. Even as “recent” as around 2 000 years ago, in Mt 3:17, and on the Mount of Transfiguration (Mt 17:3,5; Mk 9:4,7; Lk 9:30,31,35) and to Paul (Saul) on the road to Damascus (Acts 26:12-18) have we accounts of God speaking in an audible voice.  It is noteworthy that God had said we must listen to Jesus, not Moses (representing Law) or Elijah (representing prophets; Heb 1:1-2) [since Heb 9:16-18].  Over and over Jesus authoritatively (Phil 2:9-11) reiterated that “… It is written but I say unto you…” (Mt 5).  The meditation “Mixing Old and New” expand on this; but for now consider at least Jesus’ words in Mt 9:16,17; Lk 9:62; Rom 10:2-4.  This is not a contradiction to Heb 13:8.  God re-instated our authority on earth in Jesus Christ (Gen 1:28 with Ps 2:8; 115:16[1] and then Mt 28:18; Rom 5:12; 1 Cor 15:45; Gal 4:4,5) but we fail to manifest it out of unbelief in Jesus’ accomplished work and provision (even Eph 1:3 and Heb 2:8; Jn 16:9). Only look at 1 Pet 2:24 and hear how most “modern” religious leaders pray, “God, if it be your will, please heal…” in direct conflict with Jesus in Mt 10:8; Mk 16:16-20 (Jn 17:20)!

Today we are told to rather believe the “Modern Christian” who claims those were mere illusions or a form of figurative expression even as some form of poetry? Just consider here Scriptures such as 1 Cor 4:20; 2 Tim 2:12; 3:5; 1 pet 2:1-2 (Heb 6:1-3); Mt 4:23; 10:7-8[2]; Mk 16:17-20; Jn 14:12-14; 15:7-8; Rom 15:19; Acts 5:12,16,32; 6:8; Js 5:16…  Comparing these alone to what so many “teachers” and religious speakers say today, we are reminded of our Lord Jesus’ words in Mt 7:15-23; also 1 Jn 2:4 and Gal 1:6-9.  And if you think liars are not in dire trouble, contemplate Rev 21:8 and the example of self-righteous Jews who were said to believe Jesus is the Christ (Jn 8:31-42), yet Jesus identified them in vv. 44-47 as from the devil (Acts 26:18).  Observe that they (even “believing” Jews) then continued to accuse Jesus as being demented and from the devil (vv. 48-53).  Astonishing!  The meditation “The Testimony” on this website will show the extent and significance for us today who also fail to hear, fully grasp and believe [trust] Jesus Christ, in the very Jn 5:39-40; 6:48-50; 8:51; 11:26; 12:49-50…  it astounds how theologians and “believers” today shun this by contradicting Heb 10:38; 11:1.

God as a Spirit is supposed to indwell us permanently [continuously, uninterrupted, at all times and all places] and guide us from within with HIS Voice collectively as a church and individually.  This is true for those who are really re-born (Jn 3:3; Rom 8:14) and only those who cling to Him will be the true followers of Jesus Christ [Holy Spirit, God triune] that will make Eph 4:4-5,12-16 and 1 Cor 4:20 plain for all to observe.  Instead, today, we see thousands of splinter groups that, according to Gal 5:20 (vv. 4,18-21), are in nothing but their own man-made empires apposing God!!!  The enemies (plural) of God are also all these wrong factions, whether they call themselves “church” or not (Heb 10:13).  Observe the seven churches in Rev 2-3 who seemed to have had major differences and then ponder Rev 13:1; Mt 5:14 with the contextual possibility of this whole Revelation of Jesus Christ as His accomplished provision on His cross, to John on Patmos.  Note Rev 15:8 with Heb 4:16; 10:19-21 and Rev 16: 17 penned by the very John who, about 65 years later in hindsight, mentioned Jn 19:30 as the only apostle to have been present at Jesus’ cross.  Also, compare Rev 4:1 (by the very John) later confirmed in John 10:7-10 (Acts 4:12).  For a fuller exegesis please read “Church” (Acts 26:18; Rev 3:9) and “Rapture raptured”.

If it seems a little quiet from God’s side; perhaps consider what was touched on in Scriptures (2 Tim 3:16-17) such as Job 35:2,13,16…  Paul made a momentous confession in Phil 3:9…  Note similarly, how Asaph had a change of mind [insight, Rom 12:2-3] when he changed from self-conscious self-pity to giving God a chance and opening up to Him in Ps 73:17.  Observe the change in perception right there in reading Ps 73 and consider this with his words prior to verse17 with Mt 12:33-37; 7:15-23…

God’s Voice – is it merely a figure of speech?

The other meditations by this author, such as “The Trinity”, “Who is Jesus Christ?” and “The Will “ expands on God as our Creator, Father, Sustainer, Saviour, Intercessor, Friend, Guide, Counsellor, Lord, and so on.  But for the purpose of this short meditation on God’s means of communication with us, we’ll only point to the obvious.

God is real.  God is the Creator and Source of all that is good. It is therefore logical that our means to communicate, reason, perceive and especially discern correctly, was designed by God and given to us as part of our functioning as human spiritual beings (see the meditation “Body, Soul, Spirit of man”).  We can safely assume that there are a myriad of things we just don’t know [yet] about this creation, even ourselves.  A closer and honest study soon reveals that we are spiritually dwarfed and only through our own ignorance, arrogance, haughtiness [before God], pride, and self-righteousness. This is expanded on in other meditations on this site.  For the purpose of this discussion on God’s Voice, we’ll stay on this subject only.

When we look at the Bible (of which the unequivocal credibility thereof is discussed in meditations such as “The Bible”), we find in excess of 2 000 well documented examples of God’s communication with us; top of which is the Bible itself as His Word, and then ultimately Jesus Christ as Son of Man (Jn 1:1-5,14; Col 1:11-20; Heb 1:1-2).  Jesus was our demonstration of how God [Holy Spirit, Jn 4:24; Rom 8:14) can operate in a human.  The meditation “Body, Soul, Spirit” gives a fuller account of us as God’s intended children [followers], church, family.

Some obvious examples regarding God’s Voice, from the Bible, are at least the following:-


An audible Voice

We read in the Bible of instances where God apparently (logically acceptable) spoke with an audible voice.  Examples in the OT are numerous; suffice to point to the following:

Adam (Gen 3:9), Eve (Gen 3:1,13), Adam + Eve (Gen 3:3,13), Moses (Num 12:4-8); Noah (Gen 6:13; 9:1,17); Noah and his sons (Gen 9:1,12,17), Abram/Abraham (Gen 15: 4, note v6, 9,13-16,18; 17:15; 20:6; 21:12; 22:1[3] onwards, etc), (note how Esau lied in Gen 27:20 by falsely telling Isaac how God helped him), Moses (Ex 3:4,6,14-15; 6:2; 7:1; 9:1,13; Lev 20; note Joshua and Caleb’s confirmation in Josh 14:6); Aaron (Ex 4:27); Ex 13:17; Balaam (Num 22:9,12,20; 23:4); young Samuel (1 Sam 3); 2 Sam 23:3; 2 Ki 1:3; David, 1 Chr 28:3; Satan? (Job 1:7; 2:3); Ezekiel (37:3,9; 43:18; 44:2); Jonah (Jon 4:9); at least 50 times in Mt, Mk, Lk, Jn (as Jesus Christ, Jn 1:1-4,14; 5:19; 10:30; Paul (Acts 26:15); John (Rev 1:1; 22:6; 19:10).

Via our conscience/intuition

From Gen 4:10 we can understand that a “voice” can implicate either (a) both an audible sound from God speaking and also a communication via the human conscious [created by God]; or (b) that God only communicated to Cain via Cain’s conscious letting Cain realise that (i) Cain did wrong, (ii) God heard Abel’s plea [is at any rate omniscient; Ps 139; Jer 23:23,24], (iii) Cain could from there reason with Godly insight the results of his actions (vv. 11-12), reaping what he [Cain] had sowed.

In hermeneutics normally, in the same sentence, the choice is for one interpretation only.  It is probably forced out of context to attribute both figurative and literal interpretations to the same sentence/statement.  Because of the mention of the voice[4] of Abel’s blood that was “crying”[5] to God in Gen 4:10, we can reasonably assume (a) that God’s level of awareness of the murder is beyond our comprehension/knowledge and (b) that God’s ensuing communication to Cain was probably through Cain’s conscious.  Verses 13-16 following can still perfectly fit in with this understanding of a grieved or shameful (embarrassed?) Cain that felt he had to leave that place physically and spiritually.


Humans, on their own, is not as noble as we would like to think [of ourselves] – see just Jer 17:9; Rom 3:23. It only follows logically then, that we need impartation from the Source of all proper and good morality, -ethic, -discipline and goodness to behave in a godly way and be useful in God’s Kingdom [plan] on earth right now.

Small voice

The “small” voice in 1 Ki 19:12 possibly offer more than what we might think.  That voice of God is by no means dwarfed by natural events, but gentle, calm, certain and perceptive for a discerning and appreciative heart. If you continue Rom 3:23, from verse 24 to 28, and Rom 8:29-39; the induction is that a certain supernatural peace can only fill us as guidance if we are in faith accepting God’s forgiveness and righteousness in Jesus Christ and His guidance (consoling, teaching) in Holy Spirit.  We then better grasp Phil 4:7; even Col 1:2,10-22; 3:15; 1 Thess 5:23; and so on (there are at least 429 Scripture references where “peace” can imply more than just a state of safety, but a psychological and spiritual rest [spiritual communication of righteousness in Christ and guidance heeded correctly, producing a feeling of certainty, trust, safety] more than mere physical respite.  See also Jn 1:17; 14:26.  Selah?

The Bible

Ponder 2 Tim 3:16-17; Rev 22:18-19 (Jn 21:24-25; Acts 3:23); with 2 Pet 1:21; Rom 1:32-36 and 1 Jn 2:20.  If someone can’t accurately understand God’s Word (even Jn 1:14) from The Bible, it is unlikely that that person can then be truthful (Jn 14:6) when claiming to be hearing from God with statements such as “The Lord told me…”  A sobering effective example is found in Lk 16:8.  Refer to the discussion in “Apparent controversies in The Bible” # 5.30. (Lk 16:1-17; Mt 7:15-23; 15:6-9).

The meditation “Apparent Controversies in the Bible” in gospel-truth.co.za expand on this wonderful legacy of God – The Bible.  Look at the following example that sufficiently demonstrates how easily we [negatively] influence our “hearing” by our own prejudice (the self, 2 Cor 3:14):  Read the magnificent Gal 3:29.  Most preachers will now have you turn to Dt 28:1-14.  Now observe the following:

  1. Dt 28:1 speaks (a) of the VOICE of God you should listen to, not what was written on stone – Rom 3:20,26-29; 7:4,6; Gal 5:4,18; Rom 5:15; Jn 1:17; 9:28; (b) it has provisions, not grace (Rom 11:6;2 Cor 3:6 ); (c) most readers conveniently skip verse 15 and the curses that continues up to verse 68!
  2. Observe how Deuteronomy was written by Moses. Gal 3:29 asked you to look at Abraham, not Moses! (2 Cor 4:4-5??)  Abraham (Rom 4:16-5:2) is the one who’s Seed is explained in Gal 3:16.  The Seed of Abraham is Jesus Christ (not Jews), and those in this Christ is the Church of God not the Jews/Israelites (Rom 9:6-11,25-27; Gal 4:21-31).  Gen 12:3 was made to Abraham, not Moses or Judah.  Jesus Christ is the Seed of Abraham (Gal 3:16)!  Thus, does the Church [Body of Christ, Eph 1:19-23] inherit the promise made to Jesus Christ (Gen 12:3; Gal 3:29; Rom 8:13-17)!  Get the revelation of Jesus Christ, not theories and perceptions of thieves that steal sonship (Jn 10:1-10).  1 Cor 3:17 means exactly the opposite as what “Israel-preachers” propagate! – study the meditations “Israel Racism”, “Mixing Old and New” and see how the self can blind and make us “deaf” to hear FROM GOD – when reading the Bible!
  3. So many miss Gen 22:17 and is not in fact part of the stars but the sand, not connecting with the children of promise (Gen 22:17); some like stars (Num 24:17; Jdg 5:20; Job 25:5; Dan 12:3; Jude 13; Rev 12:1), but like dust (Gen 3:14; Job 4:19; Is 52:2; Mt 10:13,14; Lk 10:8-12; Acts 13:50-51; 1 Cor 2:2,5-9; Ps 102:14). Some are above [in Christ; Is 60:14; Mt 5:14], others below in none else than camouflaged self-righteous law, the devil or plain self.

At the mount of transfiguration Moses (representing the Law) and Elijah (the prophets) impressed men more than Jesus fulfilling both (in Mt 17:5 Father – Jn 1:12,13; 14:6 – said we must listen to Jesus; Jn 16:9; Heb 12:2)!  Even today we grieve His Spirit this way (Heb 1:1-2)… and we want to get all we ask?  Perhaps try Js 1:7-8 with Mk 11:24; Jn 14:12-14… Mt 12:31?…

Via our perception

Consider Ps 18:13; 1 Ki 18:21-39 (Mk 16:16-20); 19:9-13,15-18.  Observe Jezebel’s mere threat (“voice”, 1 Ki 19:1-2) was sufficient to let Elijah flee (vs. 3-4).  Note in vs. 5-7 that an angel (Heb 1:14) helped Elijah in a physical way.

Job 38:1-40:1,6; then Job had to submit in Job 40:3-5; 42:1-6. Contemplate Job 42:5 (see footnote[6]).

Jdg 6:22; but observe 6:36-40 with Lk 17:20-21; 23:8; Jn 6:26,32,48-50 (Again, discussed in “The Testimony”).

Via other people, even angels

We find here, due to man being a free moral agent (see “The will of man, the will of God”), that the Bible [God, 2 Tim 3:16-17] gives us a number of examples of false messengers as well as those who are true (see only Jer 7:4,16; 9:3-6; 10:14-16; 23:9-22,25-40 to know that this is true).  Note at Jer 23:9-14,17,29-40 that one can simply form your own idea and then wrongly claim to have heard [that idea] from God.  We read of this again in Jer 29:23, and it continues to mention even a false school of prophets (v. 26) who “qualified” with “credentials” false prophets who claimed to have been of God; all while Jeremiah was “unqualified” by them and looked down upon by mortals who stated the opposite of the truth (v. 27).  We read in Jer 1:5,9; 29:30; 30:1-2 that Jeremiah was in fact the true prophet, not those such as Shemaiah of Nehelam and Zephaniah, who were probably even popular amongst many people (Hos 4:6) but false (vs.31-32).

If, like Pharaoh in Ex 5:2, we don’t acknowledge [know, follow] God, we’ll deny any means of communication or even perhaps the possibility of a message in whatever form, from God as the Supreme I AM (Ex 3:14).

Job (Job 1:1) heard from his wife (Job 2:9!) and his three friends, yet God spoke through the youngest, Elihu (Job 36:2), probably showing that Elihu was just more open to [accurate knowledge of] God than Job at that stage when it was very possible that Job was absorbed [overwhelmed] by his own situation (Job 35:16; 42:3; and as we now should know, 1 Jn 3:20-24).


Through a dream (vision)

First, consider Job 33:14-17; Num 12:4-8; and carefully Jer 23:21-40; Joel 2:27-32; Acts 2:17-21 (later compared with the meditation by this author, entitled “Rapture raptured”).

Now look at the following dreams to Abimelech (Gen 20:3,6); Jacob (Gen 28:10-16; 31:10-11); Laban (Gen 31:24); (Joseph’s dream in Gen 37:5-10 is not pertinently stated in the Bible as from God); Joseph could explain the meaning of the baker and butler’s dreams (Gen 40) as well as Pharaoh’s dream in Gen 41 (note Gen 41:25); Jacob (Gen 46; 48:3); observe how Gideon “heard” [recognized] correctly the guidance in Jdg 7:13-15; Solomon (1 Ki 3:5; 2 Chron 1:7,11);  then of course THE dream of Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel chapters 2 and 4 – see the meditation “Rapture raptured”); Daniel (Dan 7); Joseph (Mt 1:20; 2:13,19,22); the magos (Mt 2:12; see the meditation “Who is Jesus Christ”); Pontus Pilot’s wife (Mt 27:19); Acts 10:10-47; 11:5-17. Amen to Acts 11:17!


Via circumstances or nature

Rom 1:18-22.  The previous reference to Pharaoh is again, a good example of how God used The 10 Plagues because each of them was revealing their false gods to be fictions of their imagination.  For example, did they seem to regard frogs as supernatural because they traversed from one medium to another (water to land).  Heathens use animals that are to them, representing their properties observed, such as seen in Babylonian symbolism.  They all point basically to self-righteousness and the common trait [also to humans exhibiting this “sign of a beast”] and this trait can be summarized as lust and greed.  Even today people slaughter animals for parts of their bodies to be consumed, thinking they will so obtain their properties – how utterly crude and idiotic!  We see a Peacock that resembles pride, self-righteousness, puffed-up (1 Cor 8:1-3), vanity; a dog that resembles immorality, shameless self-satisfaction and eating of any vomit and excretions; a pig that resembles gluttony, surrender to bodily cravings; a turtle/porpoise that resembles self-reliance [self-protection in any form such as money, witchcraft, astrology, etc.], a slow response [to the Gospel]; a leopard that resembles savageness [no mercy or grace or forgiveness], revenge, offense [taken in pride and anger]; a frog that resembles greed [self-fulfilment]; a snake that pumps poison into the hearts of people, suggestions of distrust and lies such as Gen 3:1; a cockerel that announces the sun [for sun-worshippers].

Ridiculous rebellions against God and His creation idea, such as homosexuality, even ritualistic religion (Mk 7:13; 12:24), are addressed also in Rom 1:18-32, even Jer 23:9-14,17; for we could just look at nature to see the obvious. (See the meditation entitled “Homosexuality” on www.gospel-truth.co.za.).

Incidentally, no real Christian can refer to “mother” nature, as this is talking after atheists and Pantheism.  Nature is not your mother – you did not evolve from rocks or other life-forms!  Consider the meditation entitled “Evolution” on this website and open up your eyes…  hear the Truth, Jesus Christ.  (Jn 8:32,36; Mt 19:4; Mk 13:19).  Then, also, the majority of “Christians” today talk thoughtlessly after an ignorant world when they refer to the “deep” mentioning of man’s “mind, soul and body”; seemingly unaware that the mind is part of the soul! They don’t know the difference between the spirit and the soul?  See the meditation “Body, Soul, Spirit” for more.

Via perception and accurate knowledge of God (understanding in the heart/mind, see the meditation called “Body, Soul, Spirit”), as a mechanism and means of communication between God and man, can we express this in music, art, poetry – just like God has given us in nature through wondrous sights, phenomena and sounds.  Hear a David, a Solomon, and ultimately Jesus our Lord Himself, when pointing to God’s wonderful creation and how we should be able to “hear” [recognize, perceive, understand, enjoy] how much more He loves us as a perfect [active, able, willing] Father and Friend, Counsellor and Guide… but alas, only if we are not so obtuse to deny and refuse the subtle, gentle and absolutely magnificent means of communication of the Source of intelligence and creativity that, by His very Almighty nature, want us to be multifaceted, rich and stimulated beyond a mere [monotonous?] audible tone of voice.  God offers [endowed] us with infinitely more than we credit Him.

A practical test

Occasionally someone claims to have, for example, fasted (mind you) to hear from God about a specific situation and then offers a “word from God” as if it is a prophecy passed on directly from God via them to the “ordinary” people (ignoring Acts 10:34-35?).  It is typical that impressive “Bible language” is then used in such words, such as “… like fire [from heaven]” or “… like rain [down from heaven”].  In most cases however, when we compare such “word” properly with the Word of God, The Bible, obvious anomalies appear.  So, let’s look at two examples:  one where someone claims that God has supposedly told this person that He will soon send His fire to cause a revival in a certain country; and a second where God supposedly is punishing a certain place by withholding rain from that specific place.

First, do read 1 Kings 3:9-12 with Js 1:5-8; especially Mt 12:38-42 and 11:11. This someone greater than Solomon (v 42) is unlikely to be anyone else than Jesus Christ (Jn 1:14; 6:32,33,45-58!).  This same Jesus also stated to the Jews who believed He was the Messiah (Jn 8:31), the sobering fact mentioned in Jn 8:32, 36, 41-47 with Mt 7:15-23!!!  For those claiming to be a modern day prophet, carefully ponder Heb 1:1-3 and the discussion on prophets on page 8/9 of the meditation “Church part 1”?

Now then, as far as these occasional “words from God” concerning revival(s), as in our first example, the following:  Note that Jesus pointed out that the lost son had come to his senses, got up and went back to His Father (Lk 15:17-18).  It was not the father who had to bewitch his son back to him.  It is logical to reason that revival is necessary when apostasy has taken place.  Revival implies repentance.  Repentance is what man must do, not God.  Neither must God still cause repentance as if man is waiting to be equipped for it. The blame for the apostasy then and the responsibility [choice] for revival therefore rest squarely on the shoulders of man [us]  (2 Pet 3:9). God did not cause the apostasy and is thus not guilty of not having caused a “revival” [yet] just because He has yet to pour out some spiritual empowerment!  This type of reasoning is shockingly disappointing. We must take responsibility for our own deeds.  (Refer to the meditation “The will of man, the will of God”).  A must read here is Eph 1:3-14; 2 Pet 1:3-10; not omitting Jn 17:4 and 19:30 (Rev 16:17; Gal 1:6-9)! Warning:  it is pointless to continue without reading these Scriptures!  Having read these Scriptures (Rom 10:1-3; Hos 4:4-10?) should make it clear that such a “word from God” (that He “… will soon send His Spirit of revival like fire from heaven”) is in fact rather bordering on blasphemy for it in effect accuses God of not having done enough yet (so that revival can take place) and even more so that He lied in at least just Jn 19:30; Eph 1:3; 2 Pet 1:3 – and this is absurd!

The second example is often heard.  When a place suffers a drought, even through complete lack of planning and foresight by inept officials, God is now supposedly sending a message by this punishment.  What about Jesus’ statement in Mt 5:45?  Furthermore, what about 1 Thess 5:9? Note verse 22-23 in Heb 10:14-23, that clearly says we must [again] draw near to Him… He has done all that He could as Love [that never manipulates]!  Re-consider Jn 3:14-21 with Jn 12:32; and please observe that it has happened on Jesus’ cross at Golgotha (Jn 12:31,32-33; Col 2:15)!  By the way, observe in Rev 2 -3 that the very first assembly [church] had already deserted Jesus, their first love (Rev 2:4) and that they were admonished to repent, i.e. by choice and their initiative, just as Heb 10:13 shows that God [Jesus] is waiting on us, not we on Him! – Rev 2:5…  Selah.


We are wonderfully and fearfully made (Ps 139) and God’s pinnacle in His creation.  We are made [meant] to have a meaningful and lasting relationship with God and it is [made] possible in/through Jesus Christ. He demonstrated that we as humans, with God [Holy Spirit, Christ, God’s anointing, Life, power] inside of us is capable to [should] constantly only say what we hear God the Father say and do what we see Him do (Jn 5:19; 8:26,28,29; 10:30; 14:7,10,20,23-26; 15:1-8; 17:15-26; Col 1:13-20).  Also the Last (second) Adam (Rom 5:12; 1 Cor 15:45).  Jesus is the only One (Ez 21:27) Who could represent all mankind as well as God simultaneously.  Only His Blood could pay as the Lamb of God to redeem us from ourselves.  Contemplate Heb 1:1-2; Eph 1:3-14,19-23 and be at the feet this awesome and gracious God that is a Father and [the Source of agape] Love – Heb 10:13?…  Then contemplate Heb 2:8; 1 Thess 5:23.  Ask yourself, why not [remain]?

Consider the meditations “The Will” and “Church” to grasp how we can more correctly perceive God’s Voice by absolutely trusting [believing] Him and His Word, not that of man contradicting God in their self-righteousness, so absorbed in their own empires’ dogma and useless liturgical traditions that they have become so immensely arrogant that they claim to be “of God” whilst are none less than false prophets.

Do you hear God?  Talk with Him.

Open up your heart and be blessed [anointed, equipped, passionate] to show results!

Phil 4:7; but consider verses 4-9,13,19,23…


[1] Ps 24:1; 89:11 is no contradiction.  It merely acknowledges God as our Creator (Ps 24:2-10; Ps 33:5-9; 65:9-13; 104:24).

[2] For those claiming it was only for the disciples of Jesus at the time of His ministry in around 27-30 A.D., contemplate Jn 17:15-20-26 with Lk 9:1 (Jesus gave them authority and power over all demons) with verse 40,41.. Ponder Jn 16:9.

[3] Note.  The word “tempt” in Gen 22:1 is from (H5254) נסה nâsâh, a primitive root; to test; by implication to attempt: – adventure, assay, prove, tempt, try.  God is therefore not “tempting” Abram (Js 1:13-14; 1 Cor 10:13; Is 5:18-21!) but is in the old language merely putting forward to Abram (later Abraham) the opportunity to physically experience a foreshadow of Jn 3:15-18!  Idol worshippers offered their children to Molech, so for Abraham (a Chaldean, Gen 11:27-12:1), to be certain that he heard from God to offer his only [true, promised] son, must have been due to a very close relationship with God (Gen 24:40). For Abraham to think they would both be back after three days, he had to believe God would raise Isaac from the dead (Rom 10:9-10).  We see a role-play of Abraham as the father [his son dead in his mind for three days]; Isaac the son [obedient unto death, carrying the wood on his back up to his place of offering, asking “where is the lamb?”, but being the Lamb Himself]; and the servant Eliezer of Damascus (Gen 15:2), whose name is not mentioned again but rather put the spotlight on Isaac the bridegroom for whom he had to find his bride… (Gen 24; Jn 3:29,30; 14:26; Rev 21:2).  This place was possibly also where David later stood (Ps 121:1).  Indeed, this is likely to be the very place Paul referred to in 1 Cor 1:21-2:2!  God is not a manipulator!  See also the meditation “The Will”, if you will…

[4] H6963, קל    קול qôl  qôl; from an unused root meaning to call aloud; a voice or sound: –  + aloud, bleating, crackling, cry out, fame, lightness, lowing, noise, + hold peace, [pro-] claim, proclamation.  Thus also a statement by mere fact/result.

[5] H6817 צעק tsâ‛aq; a primitive root; to shriek; by implication to proclaim, gather.  Hence also proclaim by consequence.

[6] The story of Job could very well have happened in a much shorter time than what most theologians assume(d) – as short as two weeks but very possibly less than 9 months (the children in 42:13 appeared after the “restoration” in 42:10-12).  Observe also that everything living that was Job’s were doubled in 1:3 compared to 42:12; except his seven sons and three daughters.  This point to an after-life, heaven, for counted with the first they were exactly double (spirit + souls).  As a matter of fact, v 15 seems to imply the later three daughters were even better-looking than the first!). Observe also, that (a) the word (H930) בּהמות behêmôth (a plural of H929בּהמה,  behêmâh), but really a singular of Egyptian derivation from an unused root (probably meaning to be mute); properly a dumb beast; especially any large quadruped or animal (often collectively) was wrongly translated as a water ox, or hippopotamus or Nile horse.  This is wrong because (i) knowledge of Dinosaurs was not yet available to those translators, and (ii) was God pointing Job here to all the big and impressive things He created. (iii) The description of the tail and visible sinews (v 17) of a behêmâh fits rather something such as a Brontosaurus than a hippopotamus that does not have a tail like a cedar at all. (b) Similarly, was the word (H3882) לויתן livyâthân From H3867; a wreathed animal, that is, a serpent (especially the crocodile or some other large sea monster); figuratively the constellation of the dragon; also as a symbol of Babylon.  See the internet on articles of the “super croc” skeleton (Sarcosuchus imperator) found in the Sahara desert in 1940-1950, measuring up to 40 ft, and probably weighed 8 tons.  These gigantic proportions fitting more accurately the description of Job 41:1-7 than the crocs we see today.  The dates attributed by the “scientists” are of course ridiculous – see the meditation “Evolution” on www.gospel-truth.co.za. (c) Job made a grossly inaccurate assumption in Job 1:21 and this wrong statement – that Job admitted to later in Job 42:3 (35:16; 38:1,2!), was taken out of context and introduced to theological institutions to create a false dogma (Jn 10:10).  See the meditation “The Testimony” on www.gospel-truth.co.za for a fuller exegesis on this issue about our ideas on life and death.