by Jannie

Humility is not thinking lowly of yourself; humility is not thinking [firstly, only] of yourself!

Humility is not a weak, whimsy, religious attitude of the false “political correctness” that

the world [system] profess.  Humility is utter, complete dependence on God [only].  Humility is absolute submission (obedience) to God [whether you understand it, or not].  Humility is the way you see your self [in relation to the Lord and other humans also made by Him].

Humility is not humiliation.  The barrier to true [Scriptural, Godly] humility is pride [self].  Humility leads to willingness to serve unreservedly, to be submissive, to be obedient, and usable by God as your Creator.  Mostly, by God as your Father, Who only wants to improve you [let you grow through trust (faith) in Him] – Lev 11:45; Ex 19:6; Phil 2:15; Heb 12:2; etc.

Authority can only come from God (Lk 7:6-8; Mt 28:18; 1 Cor 11:3; and so on), yet Jesus “clothed Himself” with humility (Mt 3:13-15).  Moses, that servant of God, also saw himself as most humble of all he knew (Moses wrote Num 12:3).  So, Moses who knew God’s ways [Voice, not merely law], revealed himself to be humble! The One Who reiterated Dt 6:5;10:12 and Lev 19:8 in Mt 22:37, said of Himself something of great significance in Mt 11:29. The Apostle Paul grew in his humility, as he grew closer to Jesus, identifying progressively more with Him.  Paul’s statement in 1 Cor 15:9,10 was made ten years before his [physical] death; his view of himself in Eph 3:7,8 was expressed about three years before his death; and finally, just before his beheading, he stated 1 Tim 1:15.  (Remember 2 Tim 3:16; and Gal 1:11,12).

Now see how this Paul taught Rom 13:14 [Eph 6:13 in prayer (Jn 14:12; Phil 4:13)!].  Paul also possibly stated Rom 12:3 because he grasped the connection between Mt 3:11-17; 11:29; 28:18 with 1 Pet 5:5,6 [bearing in mind Jesus is the Righteousness, Love and Truth of God].

Note on Mt. 5:5: The archaic meaning of “meek,” which was dominant during the time of the King James translation, was “kind or gentle.” It was not a term of weakness, as we can see in Matthew 11:29 where Jesus said He was meek. Jesus had all power, but He would not use that power to promote Himself; so meekness includes humility, submission, kindness, and gentleness. Other scriptures on meekness are Num 12:3; Ps 22:26; 25:9; 37:11; 147:6; 149:4; Is 29:19; 61:1; Mt 21:5; Gal 5:22-23; and 1 Pet 3:4.

Note on Ex 3:1.  “There was something more than humility here; there was a tone of self-depreciation which was inconsistent with a true faith [trust, following] of God’s selection and appointment.  Surely it is God’s business to choose His special instruments; and when we are persuaded that we are in line of His purpose, we have no right to question the wisdom of His appointment. To do so is to depreciate His wisdom or to doubt His power and willingness to become all that is necessary to complete our need” (F.B. Meyer, Moses, the servant of God).

Remember that God did not give us a spirit of timidity and fear (2 Tim 1:7), which means  a fawning fear, craven, cringing, cowardice; especially towards the religious or unbelievers.

Understand that shyness and arrogance are both overly aware of the self [that should have been self- crucified (exterminated) by the renewed mind of the re-born follower of Christ].  Overly self-consciousness has [two] extremes:  “shyness” and “arrogance”; and both are placing more [undue] focus on the self, than on Jesus Christ and His victory over sin [and death].  When the Word instruct us to “clothe” ourselves with, it implies you must [accurately] know what [true] humility is [look like] to be able to “put it on” [make it part of your lifestyle by own free choice].  “Put it on” implies a positive, pro-active effort by your self – by your intellect [part of your self-centred soul], by applying your [own] will that was given to you by Love [God].  Love, that does not manipulate.  Love, that works by faith.  Faith is taking God seriously.

Love [God] requires your faith [trust in Him] – Heb 11:6.  Note how your perfect heavenly Father has put your will smack bang in the middle of your self-centredness [to show He – the Person – IS Love].  He is Who He says He is.  And we can love [trust] Him for Who He is, He never changes.  He remains committed and faithful by His own will.  This Person gave you your will, so all the universe can see His Righteousness.  He does not bribe [with blessings].  He is the Source of righteousness.  You can therefore, not be in your right mind and ever be “cross” with Him [you may however, put requests to Him – Js 1:5.  Be cross with your self  for abdicating authority or at religious play-actors or at people losing control in ignorance and unbelief towards Jesus Christ [with flesh, unrenewed thought-processes, or listening to Satan; but never – in ignorance – think you can be cross with Love].  God can do nothing wrong! Consider the meditation “The Will” to ponder God’s sovereignty more accurately – to understand the thought processes perhaps a little better that dare place doubt on God’s Perfect character…

There can be a false humility in saying things like “I have no glory, all the glory belongs to God”!  Why?  Consider Jesus in Jn 17, and note vs. 1-6, 17-22; also Rom[1] 8:17-18,29-30.

I return [reflect, give also to You] Your love, o magnificent Father, Friend and Guide.  I love You and therefore thank You, whether I think I enjoy your things or not.  I seek [a continuous personal relationship with] You, not Your gifts.  Your grace and mercy and my choice is Your magnificent gift, and I thank You for it.  Just as I thank You for my everlasting Life in Jesus Christ.  I will use Your gifts to glorify You.  Please help me with wisdom and insight so that I will never think too highly of myself (1 Pet 5:5-9; Mt 20:25-28).

Thank You for the glory You have given, and continue to give me as well.

Whether I recognize Your amazing blessings, or whether I am too hardened of heart[2] to see and hear You, I love You.  So, I hate what You hate – thank you for this capacity to hate [evil]!

Thank You, Jesus, for Your exchange and provision on that cross.

I am humble because You are Lord, Jesus – my Savior, my God, my Brother and my Friend!

Thank You!


[1]  Gal 1:11,12,16; 2 Tim 3:16; 2 Pet3:15,16; 1:20,21

[2] Jesus’ [God, Jn 14:9-11,24]  idea of “hardness of heart”, is not what most people think it means.  Contemplate Mk 6:52.  See Mk 16:14 (Ampl). Do you better understand Jn 1:18; 5:37?  Try 2 Cor 4:4.  Self-righteousness is the god of this world that will blind man to the Spirit of God (Jn 6:67-68!).  The moment you grasp [accept, trust] that Jesus Christ is your [only] righteousness, you will be free.

We will do well to hear and see Eph 4:12-25.

Jesus, as Intercessor, gets along fine without your help (Gal 3:19-20; 1 Tim 2:5; Heb 7:25; 2 Cor 5:19).

Remember, Jesus + anything = nothing; but Jesus + nothing = everything.